Air Fryer Side Dishes – The Best Recipes to Cook in Air Fryer

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What are the best foods to cook in an air fryer?

Probably the best thing about air fryers is that it can cook multiple dishes at once within minutes! So if you are someone who is always in a hurry, then an air fryer is going to be your best friend. Aside from this, the cleanup process is definitely quicker and easier since you will be using very few cooking supplies. 

Now, with that being said, I know you may be tempted to cook almost anything there. But do know that there are foods that work best in an air fryer and those that are not. For example, you should avoid cooking a whole chicken in an air fryer because it most likely will not be fully cooked. Furthermore, any food with wet batter is not recommended along with cheese since it can make quite a mess in it. 

So, what can you cook in an air fryer? Did you know that you can healthily fry your french fries in just 12 minutes? And baking cookies in an air fryer takes less time than doing it in an oven! Air fryers can also grill and roast a selection of foods as well. If that still does not convince you, here are some of the best foods that you can cook in an air fryer:

  • Frozen food becomes nice and crispy in an air fryer within minutes and without using any oil! 
  • Chicken breasts in an air fryer are also a great alternative from baking it in an oven for a long time. 
  • Bacon becomes healthier and leaner and the cooking process requires no mess.
  • French fries in just 12 minutes (or less!)
  • Cookies and other baked goods. No need to preheat! 
  • Vegetables 

What are the benefits of having an air fryer?

Have you been considering getting an air fryer lately? If you are, then this post is going to convince you on why air fryers are worth the expense. First of all, air fryers are a great alternative to deep frying (or simply pan-frying) mainly because it retains the health benefits of your food from not dipping it in oil. Air fryers cook your food through hot-air circulation without requiring any oil. With no oil means you will be presented with low-fat meals which is also beneficial if you are on a weight loss journey.

Air fryers can cook multiple dishes at once within minutes so if you are someone who is always in a hurry, then an airy fryer is going to be your new best friend. Aside from this, the clean up process is definitely way easier since you will be using very little cooking supplies. Did you know you can (healthily) fry your french fries in an air fryer in just 12 minutes? 

But aside from frying, you can also bake on an air fryer! Yes, baking cookies in an air fryer takes less time than doing it in an oven! Air fryers can also grill and roast a selection of foods as well. 

Healthy air fryer recipes

It’s time for you to use a healthier way of cooking your foods! Less oil in your food can already give you lots of benefits. With that said, here are healthy air fryer recipes you will surely love.


15. Healthy Air Fryer Eggplant [Oil Free]

No breading and no oil required for this tasty air fryer eggplant. Immensely flavourful bites that make a wonderfully delicious, low calorie and low carb alternative to roasted potatoes.

Check it here.

14. Air Fryer Cauliflower + How To Cut and Core a Cauliflower

Curious as to how to make crispy cauliflower with an air fryer? Here’s how you can quickly make this simple Air Fryer Cauliflower!

Check it here.

13. Air Fryer Green Beans

This simple side dish recipe makes tasty air fryer green beans in about 10 minutes! Quick and easy these garlicky beans make a delicious healthy side dish for dinner.

Check it here.

12. Air-Fried Caulifower and Beets

How to make air-fried cauliflower and beets using the Philips Airfryer for a delicious, fall salad with arugula and radishes.

Check it here.

11. Air Fryer Twice Baked Potatoes

These easy air fryer twice baked potatoes are a creamy and cheesy side dish that is a perfect addition any meal.

Check it here.

10. Homemade Air Fryer Vegan Chex Mix | Oven Instructions Too!

5-minute Homemade Vegan Chex Mix is a savory air fryer snack that you can munch on anytime! Made with whole grains and by adding nutritional yeast, it makes for a healthy, high-quality source of protein!

Check it here.

9. The Best Air Fryer Fries

These air fryer fries are the easiest homemade french fries you’ll ever make! They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and absolutely delicious. Don’t have an air fryer? Make them in the oven instead!

Check it here.

8. Air Fryer Crispy Seasoned Potato Wedges

Crispy Seasoned Potato Wedges —wedges of fluffy potatoes seasoned with an incredible mix of spices and made crisp in the air fryer.

Check it here.

7. Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Air fryer Brussels sprouts turn out perfectly tender in the center with crispy leaves around the outside. And they take just 15 minutes to cook!

Check it here.

6. Crispy Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Crispy on the outside, and perfectly tender on the inside, these air fryer Brussels sprouts are going to be a hit! Here’s how to make Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts!

Check it here.

5. Air Fryer Spaghetti Squash [Healthy+Low Cal]

Perfect air fryer spaghetti squash, every single time! It’s simple, with just a few ingredients required, and it’s ready in 25 minutes or less.

Check it here.

4. Easy Air Fried Chicken Breasts Recipe

The cold days looks like never ending. So instead of complaining the weather, I decided to enjoy that by making some Easy Air fried Chicken Breasts.

Check it here.

3. Air Fryer Broccoli Cheese Bites

These Air Fryer Broccoli Cheese Bites are perfect for Christmas or New Years Eve appetizers. Simple to make, healthy and delicious.

Check it here.

2. Air Fryer Asparagus [Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo]

This easy-to-make 2-ingredient air fryer asparagus cooks in less than 10 minutes and is the perfect side dish for any occasion! It’s also extra tasty topped with our vegan hollandaise or vegan béchamel.

Check it here.

1. Loaded Tater Tots Appetizer Recipe

Craving something crispy, cheesy, filled with flavor and perfect for parties? Let me introduce you to my Loaded Tater Tots Appetizer recipe! Everyone will love enjoying delicious handheld cups of crunchy tots that are filled with classic toppings like sour cream, bacon bits, and chives.

Check it here.

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