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Personal Attention from a Pinterest Expert

I help online business owners and bloggers attract Pinterest traffic with my tested and proven strategies.

I run several Pinterest accounts for my own blogs and have analyzed 100+ client accounts in the past 5 years. I have successfully grown Pinterest accounts from scratch, not only in lifestyle blogging (recipes, DIY, mom niche, health, diets) but also in business-related niches.


Some of the results I achieved with Pinterest organic (free) traffic: 


300,000/monthly pageviews to my blog (90% of traffic from Pinterest)

10+ Million/mo
Over 10M average monthly viewers on Pinterest account
3.3 Million/mo

3.3M monthly views on my pins for blog (recipes, health, mom niche)


Email list: 50-60 new sign-ups per day for my sequences on online marketing tips


1:1 Pinterest VIP-Accelerator (30 days)

I will ask you via email or FB chat the most important questions to understand how you are running your account and will also suggest improvements or a completely new strategy based on what I see on your account + on your blog/ online business.

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New Pinterest Account Set-Up + 30-min Strategy Call
You know that Pinterest could bring you more clients or traffic to your blog, but you are overwhelmed and can’t focus on learning Pinterest while managing your business? I can help you set your new Pinterest account from scratch and manage your account within the first most crucial 4 weeks + give you the detailed guideline for your future Pinterest activities and the entire strategy to grow your traffic fast.
What's Included in This Pack?
Marketing Research
Marketing research for your niche/business to identify your target audience and create a first-priority keyword list your account will target.
Pinterest SEO
SEO (search engine optimization) of your Pinterest account (your profile and the newly created boards).
Optimizing Boards
Optimizing 10 board titles and board description to rank high on Pinterest’s search engine targeting the list of keywords that will help you grow your business or blog.
300 Repins
300 high-quality third-party repins added to 10 boards 30 pins to each board to build the right keyword context faster. Total of 300 repins over 2 weeks period.
30 Branded Pins
30 original branded Pinterest optimized images created for your blog or business by a professional graphic designer to generate traffic and engagement.
Branded Board Covers
Design for first 10 board covers included. Template design for your cover boards to increase engagement and make your profile look more professional.
Pinterest Strategy
Strategical recommendations that will help grow your Pinterest following, engagement and traffic using your website, marketing materials and other socials media platforms.
30-min Strategy Call
Initial strategy call (30-min) to answer all your questions about Pinterest and set your strategy on Pinterest the right way from starters.
Malorie Nicole of
Mindset Coach + Course Creator Podcaster + Speaker

Anastasia doubled my viewers in 4 weeks and helped me re-establish my pinterest for a new niche.

She was fantastic to work with and her pin images she designed are converting very well.


Kara, of Dollar Mommy Club

Hey Anastasia! I am so excited to share with your some awesome numbers. After I applied what I learned from our call and email my traffic and income exploded!

In Mediavine income jumped from $243.06 to $1313.73!

My sessions in April was: 73,318 and my May traffic jump clear up to: 101,351.

When we talked I was at 1.8M monthly views on Pinterest and now I am at 2.3M.

I just wanted to thank you again for your advice it made such a difference!

Mie Eg Damgaard

I ordered a Pinterest Audit from Anastasia, after having watched several of her Youtube videos.
I spent a lot of time on Pinterest but I was not seeing a lot of results, even though I had really studied and done a ton of research about Pinterest. My account actually had a lot of monthly views, around 3 million, but only 70 website visitors a month!

I knew I was missing some elements, since I was not able to get the traffic I wanted.

After ordering the audit, I got a quick response from Anastasia and we scheduled the time of the audit.
On the audit itself, I could really tell that she was super well prepared and had studied my account in detail. She had all the answers for me on why I was not getting traffic to my account. The one hour went so fast and she was so clear and well organized. She really helped me and now I am starting to see the positive effect it has on my account and my website visitors are increasing, as well as impressions on each pin.

If you are wanting to get good quality traffic from your Pinterest account to your website, I HIGHLY recommend that you do the one hour audit with Anastasia. Pinterest can take a lot of time to manage so make sure you are not wasting time and that you are doing it correctly. You will really get all the help you need from Anastasia.

Shaunda Necole,

Anastasia delivers gems beyond her Pinterest SEO course!
Unlike other courses where you have to dig for the "good stuff," Anastasia delivers the gems from the beginning (and doesn't stop!). Our one-on-one session made me feel like she was sitting at my desk, showing me exactly how to level-up my Pinterest strategy.

And the personalized guidance she prepared specially for my site was practical and easy to implement— exploding my site traffic even more!

Roger Tran of

The one-on-one consultation I had with Anastasia was worth every penny. Here’s why.


I loved how she did a thorough analysis on my blog and figured out different methods to monetize my blog. This was great because for the longest time, I felt like I hit a wall with my website and felt pretty close to “giving up.” But with Anastasia giving me recommendations on how to monetize it through our consultation, it gave me hope and motivation to keep at it!

During the consultation, Anastasia taught me how to effectively use Pinterest and gave me tips on what I was doing right and wrong. As of right now, my Pinterest is growing rapidly and that is translating to more consistent views on my blog. I actually refer back to the notes and screenshots that Anastasia took for me during the consultation, as well as the video call that we did. There’s a lot of information that I learned during the consultation and I always use that as a reference whenever I’m looking to do or try something on Pinterest.

For me, what stands out with Anastasia is how she genuinely wants to help you out and succeed with your online business.

I am now part of the Facebook Pinterest students group where I ask for advice fairly often. And every time I do, Anastasia Goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me out whenever I need it…and that is amazing for me to see.

Many coaches I've worked with don't care about you much after they get your money. In my experience, once you buy their product/service/coaching, they stop caring to help you afterward. Anastasia is the complete opposite; even after the consultation, she has helped me out so much…technically for free! I've never seen a coach or expert do this before, and it makes me really happy and appreciative that someone does this.

I highly recommend the one-on-one consultation with Anastasia. Once you get the hang of Pinterest and learn from Anastasia’s course or coaching, you’ll find that Pinterest is an effective way to get traffic to your blog or ecommerce website!

Get Organic Pinterest Traffic

1:1 Pinterest VIP-Accelerator


30 Days
  • Personalized Pinterest Strategy
  • 4 Weekly 1:1 Video Consultations
  • Ask me questions for 30 days
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Get Organic Pinterest Traffic
Pinterest Account Audit + Coaching


One-Time Payment
  • Email / FB Chat
  • Pinterest Account Audit
  • 1 Hour One-on-One Coaching
Book Now!Available!
Pinterest Account Setup


One-Time Payment
  • Email / FB Chat
  • 30-min Strategy Call
  • Pinterest SEO Marketing Research
  • 300 Repins on 10 boards
  • 30 Pin Graphics
  • Board Covers + Templates
  • Custom Pinterest Strategy
Sold OutNot Available
Pinterest Management
Monthly Payment

A 3-month contract with a 30-day termination notice.

  • Email / FB Chat
  • Pinterest SEO Marketing Research
  • 300 Repins/month
  • 30 Pin Graphics/month
  • Tailwind Management
  • Custom Pinterest Strategy
  • Monthly Reports
Sold OutNot Available
Sam of Great Cleaning Gear

It was a great experience working with Anastasia for Pinterest Account Set-Up + One-on-One Coaching. It saved me the time of setting up boards and Pins at the beginning. During the coaching call, I got much more tips & tricks that I’ve never known before.

What I love is the custom Pinterest strategy only for my site. Of course, she did some research on my site and my niche as well, to see what area of improvement is required. What she delivered is beyond my expectations.

I believed Anastasia is a go-to for Pinterest marketing. She is also a great coach!

Saurabh Ankush of saurabhankush

I have been working with the help of Anastasia on my new blog from last 1.5months now. I had no idea about Pinterest absolutely! My pinterest Account analytics were showing 2 when I joined her. Within almost 1.5months I reached from - Pinterest 2monthly views to 477.6k monthly viewers. My website was getting 5-10visitors per day. Now I am getting 200-400 visitors counts.

Today its 7PM and I am at 439 unique visitor count on my blog. She is a wonderwoman for me, I ask her way too many questions and she never refuses to answer me! Being her student has been one of my best decision I am guessing. I never worry about anything these days, she gave me an exact plan to work on, and I simply follow it. I use to think Pinterest is tough and I may be late to join the party, but Anastasia is the boss! She knows everything about Pinterest really well. I am going to give her 10/10stars. Well worth the investment!

Get Pinterest Ads Traffic


One-Time Payment
Minimum ad budget of $10/day - $2/day per ad

Set up of initial Promoted Pin campaign and the following:

  • 20-min Strategy set-up call to determine the campaign goals
  • 4-week campaign with up to 5 ads
  • Design for 5 original pin graphics for Promoted pins
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Weekly email check-ins with a report on the progress
  • 30-minute call with guidance for the future ads strategy
Sold OutNot Available
Monthly Management


Monthly Payment
Minimum ad spend $2/day per ad

Ongoing monthly management, you first need to get the Set-up package

  • Continued campaign monitoring and improvement of those ads which were created in the Set-up month
  • 2 Additional ads per month can be added to the campaigns
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Bi-weekly email check-ins with a final monthly report
Sold OutNot Available
Pinterest Ads Consultation (1h)


One-Time Payment

Complete review of your existing campaigns and/or a new Pinterest ads strategy suggested

  • If you have current Pinterest ads: review and analysis of your existing campaigns and Promoted Pins strategy (I’ll check your pin images, targeting settings, keyword targeting, etc.)
  • If you don’t run any Pinterest ads: I’ll suggest a strategy specific to your niche/ website we can set up a sample campaign during the call.
  • A video recording of out Zoom call (helps because you will miss or forget some details and get back to them later).
Book Now!Available!
Jewels from

My Pinterest consultation with Anastasia was phenomenal. I gained a deeper understanding of my account's performance and left with actionable steps to make my Pinterest even better. I left our session feeling confident that I can make the necessary changes to drive more traffic to my blog.

I highly recommend her consultations to anyone who wants personalized support for Pinterest.


If you would like to discuss these services in more detail you can email me at hello [at] - we might also schedule a quick FB chat or Skype call for 10 min to clarify your questions about the Pinterest services I provide or find a custom package for you.