Wanted to know me better?

I’ve been working 9-6 jobs in digital agencies for about 9 years now, my experience and knowledge in digital marketing, SEO, online ads, social media, blogging is so vast that it’s hard to believe that I’ve always been working only for the sites of clients and not for myself!

In January 2017 I decided to build a blog, which will represent my experience in bringing sites to online success. Here is how I started my blog in detail – you can do the same!
I’m going to share the story of growing this blog’s audience and give my recommendations on various matters that can help other bloggers improve their online presence.
This blog may also cover some non-professional topics, like my everyday life, my family, and dog, things that I’ve tried and liked.

By the way, my right hand in making this blog is my boyfriend Nuno, he is a web designer and knows a lot about web development too.
My left hand is Yoshi the Dog, she is mostly sleeping next to me when I’m writing my posts, and sometimes posing for the photos 🙂

We live in the evergreen California of Europe – Portugal (I post about it from time to time too)! If you haven’t visited this blessed country yet – I highly recommend you start packing!