20+ best paid online surveys sites. Get paid for surveys! Online surveys for money, Online surveys that pay, Paid online surveys. Get a list of Best online surveys in the US, Canada and the UK!

28 Best Paid Surveys Sites – Get Paid to Take Surveys in 2023!

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Taking paid surveys online is a legitimate way to make extra money while doing relatively easy work, which doesn’t require any special skills or experience.

I must be honest, you will not make millions with online survey sites, but you can easily make extra $350-1000 per month for completing surveys (the total income depends on how many survey sites you subscribe for!). It’s not bad at all taking into consideration the job itself. The more survey sites you join, the higher are chances that you’ll receive at least a few surveys per week.

If you want to make online surveys your side hustle, check out my recommendations on steps you need to make and follow the links to the best online survey sites that offer surveys frequently and pay well.

Make sure you sign up for ALL the best paid surveys sites that I listed here. It’s better for your earnings!

20+ best paid online surveys sites. Get paid for surveys! Online surveys for money, Online surveys that pay, Paid online surveys. Get a list of Best online surveys in the US, Canada and the UK!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Since you probably never tried to take surveys for money before, you should register to all the recommended online survey sites from the beginning to avoid disappointment that I went through. Once I started doing online surveys for money about 4 years ago, I registered in just 2 sites and was waiting and waiting forever to receive some survey invitations. I wasn’t happy at all and after about, one month wasted for nothing, I figured out that I should have signed up to many more sites to get paid for surveys regularly!

Each survey company might send you a few online surveys that pay per month, so imagine you register in 20+ websites instead of just five, will it make a difference? Sure, you’ll receive about four times more surveys! 🙂

When you click on the links to see each online survey sites, please pay attention to the country notes because if you click on USA links while you don’t reside or are not currently in the US, most probably you will not be able to see the correct site and sign up for it.

Join Swagbucks and Earn Up To $35 Per Survey

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Members receive $5 just for joining! Swagbucks is known for giving out fun, top-paying surveys.  And you can also get paid to play games and watch TV! And yes, you are paid in cash via PayPal! 

My Recommendations on Paid Surveys

  1. Provide Only Your Real Data to the Paid Surveys Sites

I have to warn you about a mistake some people make trying to fake their personal information when signing up to sites where they get paid for surveys. When you provide your data on registration step, be honest! It’s for your own good because the online survey companies will offer your surveys based on your demographical category, and if you lie, you’ll be unable to answer the survey questions.

  1. Make Sure the Paid Surveys Site is Legitimate

We don’t live in an ideal world, and it’s true that some survey sites have a fame of being no so legitimate. But don’t worry, these sites have no chance to get into my list here! All the sites I recommend you, are legitimate and actually the best online survey for money sites.

Just for your future reference, if you later come across a paid surveys service that I haven’t listed in my post, I’d pay attention to the following alarming signals of a not-so-legitimate site:

  • If a site is promising you earnings comparable to an average full-time income in your country, you should be worried. It’s not normal for online survey platforms as they are supposed to give you a side hustle revenue and not to make living.
  • Are they asking you to pay something to sign-up? Well, that’s definitely a scam. You should never pay to register on a survey site, it’s you who will get paid to take surveys.

3. Check your email regularly (!)

After you complete registration, usually it takes some time until you receive your first invitation for a survey. Survey companies might send you an invitation at any time, and for many surveys the number of invitations is limited, therefore it is important to check your email regularly. It is really important for you if you want to actually start earning from survey sites and not just waste your time for the registration process and then forget about them.

To increase your survey income, you actually need to pass surveys! You might think, why on earth does she need to emphasize it? Isn’t it obvious? But believe me, a lot, a lot of users spend time registering on multiple survey sites, they do this initial effort… and then never get back to those survey sites to actually make money! 

Now let’s get started with your registration because all the sites listed below are FREE to join and it will take you about 10 minutes to sign-up.

When you click on the links to see each online survey sites, please pay attention to the country notes because if you click on USA links while you don’t reside or are not currently in the USA, most probably you will not be able to see the correct site and sign up for it.

Best online survey sites

US and Canada online survey sites – use your desktop or laptop!

  1. Harris Poll Online (for the US and for Canada) – sign up to this site to influence important decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. You can help shape the policies, products, and services they offer you!
  2. Swagbucks.com (Sign up here and get $5 for joining) – join one of the largest online rewards site and receive free gift cards for your online activities, such as Taking Surveys, Shopping, Searching the Web, Watching Videos, and Playing Games. You are paid in cash via PayPal! 
  3. VIP Voice (for the US and for Canada for Canada only if you are 18+). For each survey you complete, you will earn VIP points, which can be used to get prizes, such as vacations, electronics, appliances, and much more.
  4. PineCone Research (Sing up here) – evaluate products before they hit the shelf and earn $3 per survey!
  5. InboxDollars (Sign up here for the US) – pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New users also receive $5 just for joining.
  6. Nielsen Rewards (for the US only) – start earning online rewards just for using the Internet! For installing the Nielsen App on your computer, you will automatically be entered into our sweepstakes. There are opportunities to earn even more rewards by registering more devices and staying with us longer. By using the internet as you do every day, we invite you to make a difference – and you can win prizes! Nielsen gives away $10,000 each month.
  7. PrizeRebel (Sign up here) – is a website where you get rewarded for performing various online activities. They can range from surveys, watching videos, signing up for trials (products or services). You can redeam the points in cash via PayPal.
  8. SurveyJunkey (US and Canada) – take surveys and get paid! The most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts.
  9. Survey Voices (US only) – you can make $800/week completing surveys! All you need to do is instantly qualify, then view exclusive offers in exchange for your opinions and get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and part-time work offers!
  10. Angus Reid Forum (Canada only)  This platform allows Canadians to share their opinions on subjects from politics to products. In return for their participation in surveys, users receive points to redeem for gift cards to their favorite retailers.
  11. Vindale SOI (for the US only) – Join Vindale Research and earn up to $50 per online survey completed. This company offers you to cash out with PayPal!
  12. Earningstation (only for the US) – it’s a ‘Get-Paid-To’ site where you do exactly- get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games, and shop online. Earningstation pays the highest amount online to its members and offers unique ways to earn you won’t find elsewhere. With EarningStation – you choose how you earn.
  13. iSay Survey Panel (for the US, for Canada) – this is one of the largest market research panels in the world, with decades of experience! Join today to start earning rewards for surveys.
  14. WebPerspectives (for Canada only) – Once your account is credited with $20 worth of rewards you can exchange them for gift cards with some of America’s leading brands.
  15. SurveyClub 1 (for the US only) – Sign up to SurveyClub – it’s absolutely FREE! Start making money each time you take part in a paid survey, your opinion will be used for research. Receive easy payments into your PayPal account.
  16. SpringBoard America – when you join one of the leading online market research communities in the US, you will receive points for completed surveys to redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailers. Join this platform here.
  17. ACOP Panel Recruit – American Consumer Opinion (only for the US) –  you should sign up for this online survey site if you want to make your Opinions Count, as well as earn money online. Register and evaluate new products, test new ads.
  18. PineCone (only for the US) – register to this survey site only if you are Male (any age), or you are Male/Female of 18-24 years, or if you are Hispanic (Male/Female of any age). Otherwise, you will not qualify for the demographic groups needed in this survey site, and I don’t want you to waste your time for nothing!Surveys Factory (only for the US) – Take the short survey for EXCLUSIVE access to Coupons/Freebies/Deals!
  19. MySurvey (for the US and for Canada) – complete paid surveys and get rewarded in PayPal and Amazon e-certificates as well as electronic, home and personal care items.
  20. Daily Survey Portal (for US, CA, UK, DE, FR, AU, IT, ES, SG, MX, IN) – Participate in all types of consumer and employment surveys which affect your day to day consumer needs. You will be entering to a survey based on your demographics that best qualifies you. Surveys take 15-20 minutes on average!
  21. Panda Research (for the US) – Complete paid surveys, offers, and market research studies for cash….. You will get paid in cash for each successful offer/survey completed! Earn Additional Income for every email you read!
  22. Global Test Market (for the US) – give your opinion in online surveys, earn points, and redeem points for cash or rewards
  23. UniqueRewards (for the US and Canada) – I recommend this site because what they ask you to do is the easiest job ever. Actually, you are doing it all the time anyway. They ask you to check sites, read emails, click on ads, listen to the radio, etc. and get paid for this. Can any job be more easy that that? I doubt 🙂 Taking surveys is also a type of work you might be asked to do by this platform. Join them and start earning!
  24. SurveyDownline (for the US, Canada, UK, Australia) – take paid surveys and earn cash for their opinions. SurveyDownline is 100% free to join and you may cancel your account at any time.
  25. QuickRewards – membership is 100% free, members are taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc. Join the site  Here.
  26. NPD – VIP Voice  – sign up for US & CA (please note, this survey offer is only for female users).
  27. Cash Survey Bonus – sign up for the US only. Get rewarded for taking quick surveys! Complete registration and take your first survey today.
  28. MindsPay (only for the US) – sign up only if you are 18+ and get paid to take surveys, as well as evaluate products and services. Earn up to $100 for each completed survey. Earn extra cash – up to 25¢ to read emails.

US and Canada online survey sites

Paid Surveys UK – best online survey sites if you live in the United Kingdom

  • InboxPounds (for the UK) – Earn CASH when you read emails, take surveys, watch videos and more.
  • 20Cogs (for the UK) – “What’s 20Cogs?” It’s a site that allows members from around the UK to turn simple online tasks into rewards. You can choose from a great range of Competitions, Offers, Games & Surveys.
  • YouGove (for the UK) – If you are 18+, join YouGov to take part in interesting surveys and earn points and rewards!
  • UniqueRewards (for the UK) – The site will ask you to check sites, read emails, click on ads, listen to the radio, etc. and get paid for this. Can any job be more easy that that? I doubt 🙂 Taking surveys is also a type of work you might be asked to do by this platform. Join them and start earning!
  • The Panel Station (for the UK) – Participate in our online surveys regarding new products & services. Share your opinions on healthcare, finance, consumer goods, technology and help brands improve their products. You can redeem the earned points on PayPal, Amazon and many other platforms.
  • MySurvey (for the UK) – Users can join the My Survey research panel and earn anywhere between £1 to £5 per completed survey! Subscribe, take surveys and get your cash via your Paypal account or exchange for Amazon vouchers or Facebook credits!
  • Respondi Mingle (for the UK) – online opinion platform run by respondi AG, a leading company in the market research industry. Mingle has over 300,000 members throughout Europe. As a mingle member you can participate in online surveys or test products at home in return for mingle points which can then be exchanged for vouchers or cash.
  • Sample Cube (for the UK
  • GreenPanthera (for the UK)
  • DigitalPulse (for the UK) – we found a new opportunity for people interested in taking surveys online for actual prizes! Many companies want to know what you think and they’re willing to pay you or reward you with gifts for your opinion! Check out Digital Pulse, here’s some information: You can earn gifts and prizes just by answering surveys online. Members receive points for each survey they complete and are redeemed for hundreds of different gifts in an online shop, including electronics, cosmetics, movie tickets and more. Remember, it’s INVITE ONLY! So you complete the form to apply, and if accepted you’ll receive a confirmation email and a first survey. When you complete the first survey, you will earn your first points to jump-start your earnings. Click here to request an exclusive invitation. See if you qualify today. Hurry!!!

Well, we are coming to the end of the list of sites I would personally recommend you. This list will be updated whenever I find a great opportunity for you to make money with surveys.

If you know other online survey sites that you’d like to recommend to other side-hustlers like you, share in the comments below!

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Make money online. 28 best paid surveys sites. Get paid for surveys! Online surveys for money, Online surveys that pay, Paid online surveys. Get a list of best online surveys in the US, Canada and the UK! Make money at home, make money online | Make money on the site | Make money ideas | Best Survey Sites


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