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Why Pinterest Ads? Why Now?

Why Pinterest Ads? Why Now?

Traffic & Revenue with Pinterest

The platform is in active growth stage. You will be an early adopter of Pinterest’s advertising system. Competition is lower, ad cost still pretty low.

Promoted pins are cheaper than Facebook and Google ads (if they are managed in a smart way).

Buyer Intent. About 50% of Pinterest users buy products after they see a Promoted Pin.

67% of people discover new brands and products while browsing Pinterest.

35% of Pinterest users make more than $75,000 per year.

90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

Advertisers on average get $2 in profit for every $1 spent on Pinterest.

Why Do You Need Help?

Pinterest ads (Promoted pins)

Are a relatively new and underestimated marketing tool in the digital space. That also means that few people have tried, tested Pinterest ads, few people know how to manage them, and even less information is available to learn how to run Pinterest ads.

Learning Curve

It can be intimidating to learn a new platform, advertising terms, set up all the stuff to track the conversions from your ads, and make wise decisions about your ad budget when you have no idea what you are doing.

Profitable and Smart Way

That’s why people often prefer to ask for help with ads. After all, it’s your ad budget that can be either wasted with zero results, or spent in a profitable and smart way.

Why Anastasia?

Anastasia is an experienced Pinterest marketer who knows all ins and outs of the platform. Anastasia’s areas of expertise are Pinterest SEO, Pinterest ads and she managed Pinterest ads, created efficient pin design for own online business, and for dozens of clients.

“I’m focused on ROI in everything I do, so your ad budgets will be spent wisely, while you can focus on other aspects of your business!”


Being a Pinterest SEO expert, Anastasia makes sure you don’t get just some clicks from Pinterest ads - you get targeted audience interested in your products or services.

Real Results from Pinterest Ads

Email Sign-up conversions at $0.6 - $0.8 per sign-up.

Get Pinterest Ads Traffic



One-Time Payment

**Minimum ad budget of $10/day - $2/day per ad
Set up of initial Promoted Pin campaign and the following:

  • 20-min Strategy set-up call to determine the campaign goals
  • 4-week campaign with up to 5 ads
  • Design for 5 original pin graphics for Promoted pins
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Weekly email check-ins with a report on the progress
  • Continual Improvements Via ROI Tracking
  • 30-minute call with guidance for the future ads strategy

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Monthly Payment
**Minimum ad spend $2/day per ad

Ongoing monthly management, you first need to get the Set-up package

  • Continued campaign monitoring and improvement of those ads which were created in the Set-up month
  • 2 Additional ads per month can be added to the campaigns
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • Bi-weekly email check-ins with a final monthly report
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Pinterest Ads Consultation (1h)


One-Time Payment

Complete review of your existing campaigns and/or a new Pinterest ads strategy suggested

  • If you have current Pinterest ads: review and analysis of your existing campaigns and Promoted Pins strategy (I’ll check your pin images, targeting settings, keyword targeting, etc.)
  • If you don’t run any Pinterest ads: I’ll suggest a strategy specific to your niche/ website we can set up a sample campaign during the call.
  • A video recording of out Zoom call (helps because you will miss or forget some details and get back to them later).
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Note: some niches can be advertised and in line with Pinterest’s Community Guidelines. Have any doubts that your business or products can be advertised on Pinterest? Contact me first at hello{@} with a subject line “PINTEREST ADS MANAGEMENT INQUIRY”