How to make Pinterest Images that Drive Tons of Repins and Traffic. FREE Pinterest Image Templates! Ideal Pinterest Images Size, Pinterest Image Tips.

How to Make Pinterest Pins That Go VIRAL | Ways to Create a Pin (2023)

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Today I decided to write a post that will answer a question many of my readers have – how to make Pinterest images that attract attention and generate repins, as well as traffic to your website or blog. 

How do you make your product or service attractive and click-worthy through a Pinterest pin? How do I attract users to visit my Pinterest profile?

As for me, Pinterest brings about 80% of the traffic, and it blows my mind!

Why You Should Create A Pinterest Business Account

I know that many bloggers have similar statistics. According to research made in 2015 by Shareaholic, Pinterest was the second social media traffic referrer following Facebook. Even more interesting, in 2015 it was driving about 5 times more traffic than Twitter!
And focusing on designing beautiful Pinterest pins should be the main priority in your Pinterest marketing strategy! If you visit some successful Pinterest users, you will see that they have eye-catching pins with high-quality images on their Pinterest feed or page!
If you are reading this post, you probably already know that Pinterest works as a great traffic generator for many niches, and you don’t have to write only about recipes, crafts, and fashion.
Knowing that Pinterest is essential for growing your blog, perhaps you were wondering, just like me at the start of my experience with this platform, what are the Pinterest Image Tips you should follow for the best results?
How do I create a pin on Pinterest this 2023? Here are some of my best practices when it comes to pin designs.

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The first question you should answer to yourself – what is the ideal Pinterest image size? What is Pinterest’s preferred image aspect ratio?
There are several image size suggestions for new pin you will see out there, but most importantly, you must go for tall images and vertical! About 80% of users browse Pinterest boards on mobile devices, which is why Pinterest prefers images with an aspect ratio of 2:3.
For example, your images can be 650 pixels wide and then the height should be 975. In Pinterest’s official guide, the recommended minimum width of images is 600 pixels. In the most recent guides, we can find the recommended Pinterest pin size 1000*1500 pixels
Longer pins are better for getting more repins and traffic as they occupy more space on the feed, making it hard to pass for shorter pins.


Who should we listen to when looking for Pinterest Image Tips? We could look through some of the most popular pins and try to make our own conclusions, but to get an objective opinion, we’d have to analyze too much data.
Luckily, this job was done for us by a startup called Curalate. In 2013 they conducted a research based on the analysis of 30 different visual characteristics (for example, colors, sizes, textures, the presence of faces, etc.) with an impressive sample of 500k images on Pinterest!
The most significant Pinterest Image Tips based on the results of this examination include:
  1. Pinterest Images with faces receive 23% less repins.
  2. Your image should include at least a few vibrant colors – yellow, pink, red, etc. Images with red, pink tones get on average twice more repins than images with blue tones!

Most effective pin images

3. It’s recommended to use a contextual background when you choose an image or create pin as opposed to a simple monocolored background (for example, plain white). The background should add some meaning to the pin!

4. Too dark images receive 20 times less repins than images with medium lightness. Don’t use too dark photos or wholly white images as a background for your pins often as users prefer the golden middle.

Additional Pinterest Image Tips from the platform itself:
  • Keep a balance with branding elements. When your logo or site domain occupies too much space on the picture, it looks like a direct advertisement and users avoid sharing such content.
  • Quality! Well, no need to comment on this, images of high resolution look better and get more repins.
  • If you do not have photos taken by yourself, then it is safe to use stock photos or royalty-free images.
Now, as you know all the theoretical parts of creating the most efficient Pinterest graphics, I’ll answer our initial practical question, which is how to create Pinterest images, which tools to use?


Most of the times, you can’t just use a picture or photo as it is, and upload it to Pinterest. First and foremost, you need to add your post title as a text to this image.
Adding text is a part you should never skip because when you scroll down the Pinterest content, most pins that don’t contain any text, remain completely invisible, they just don’t catch your attention.
For me, they look like something unfinished, something that appeared in my feed by mistake.
If you already know how to use Adobe Photoshop, at least the basics, it will be quite easy for you to create custom and tailored Pinterest images. If you don’t know yet, you can scroll down this post, I added a very simple tutorial that allows you to edit in a couple of clicks the FREE Pinterest image templates Nuno and I offer here.
If you don’t know anything about Photoshop and don’t want to get into any details, you can use these online image editing tools with ready made Pinterest templates:
  1. Canva
  2. PicMonkey (you can see here more Canva alternatives)

Both tools have free (limited functionality) versions, but you can always try and later upgrade to a pro version. If you sign-up for PicMonkey using my link, I might receive a small commission (only if and when you move to the paid version).

As for Nuno and I, we use old-school, solid Photoshop, you can check here their monthly subscription plans, quite affordable.

Now let’s get to the best part – the FREE Pinterest Image Templates.



How to make Pinterest Images that Drive Tons of Repins and Traffic. FREE Pinterest Image Templates! Ideal Pinterest Images Size, Pinterest Image Tips.

With Photoshop, you can create Pinterest pins using these free templates and edit the color of the titles, background, text boxes, images, etc. You can change pretty much everything if you want to. Or you can change just the text and your domain name, and keep everything else as in the template. Nuno is a professional graphic designer, and you can trust his taste in choosing the best combination of colors, fonts, and backgrounds, but you can, of course, customize the template for you specific post.
Want to know how I drive over 300,000 PAGEVIEWS/MO to my blog from Pinterest? And how organic (free) Pinterest traffic allowed me to make $20,000+/MO with my blogs? Learn how I do it with a FREE PINTEREST MASTERCLASS >>
All the elements of these images are saved each on separate a layer, which makes it easy to find and edit whatever you want to, without messing around with other elements of the image. You will find Layers in the right menu window.

To change the background color, select this layer:

Edit Pinterest Image Templates in Photoshop

If you wish to change the opacity, so the image becomes slight visible, you can do it here:

Edit Pinterest Image Templates in Photoshop

0% will have no color, 100% makes it entirely opaque.

0% will have no color, 100% makes it fully opaque

If you want to change the background of a color layer, for example, the background box of the text, Right-click on this layer, and go to Blending Options.

If you want to change the background of a color layer

You can select the color clicking here:

To edit the text, just select the Text Tool (T shortcut) by clicking on it on the Toolbar.

Then, go to the text you want to edit, hover it with the mouse and click.

To move freely in the canvas any of the layers, just select a layer, and then in the Toolbar select the Move Tool (V) – then just drag and drop.

Now you are ready to use the free templates, you know the theory and the with the instruction above can edit templates.

To download a pack of FREE Pinterest image templates that are made professionally, following all the recommendations for Pinterest images, leave me your email in the form below, and I’ll send to your inbox an archived folder with editable PSD files. You will open them in Photoshop and edit text, colors or anything else you want to change for different posts.

Download a FREE Pack of Pinterest Image Templates!

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Just as I have mentioned before, you can make your pins in Canva for free and in no time! With the platform’s endless beautiful templates, you do not need to create your pin from scratch.

Canva can help you create gorgeous pins without needing to have experience in graphic design so you can just focus and grow your business.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to create beautiful images for Pinterest on Canva:

  • Create a free account on Canva either on a desktop or their mobile app.
  • Once you are at their homepage, you will see the “What Will You Design?” header. Click on the search bar under it and type “Pinterest templates”.
  • You will then be directed to a results page filled with gorgeous Pinterest pins templates that you can use.
  • Choose a template, change the text overlay and change the image to something you prefer.
  • Click save, download, and you can schedule your pins or upload them directly to Pinterest, optimize your pin by adding a pin description and pin title.

Font Recommendations for Images for Pinterest

Technically, pinners can use anything as a font for their pin. However, it’s a good idea to use bold fonts since they work best as it immediately catches the attention of a Pinterest user and will be more engaged to click on the pin. And yes, you can use free platforms like Canva to create pins with fonts already provided.

Here are some font recommendations I personally use that can help make your pins look engaging:

  • Helvetica
  • Montserrat Classic (Canva)
  • Apricots (Canva)
  • Abril Fatface 
  • Clear Sans Regular
  • Oswald
  • Lato

Bonus: Go Viral With Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest is a great app for business owners because it is an innovative platform that always provide new features. Idea pins is one of them. Idea Pins is Pinterest’s new feature where you can post or record multiple videos, add images, lists and custom text in a single Pin image.  Like other Pins, Idea Pins will stay on your boards once you’ve published them. If you want to learn how to create a board, you can check my post here.

Once you’ve published at least one Idea Pin, the Pin will be displayed on your profile at the top of your Created tab along with all of your Idea Pins.

According to Pinterest, you can use idea pins to:

  • Create a step-by-step guide, project or recipe
  • Upload multiple short videos with additional descriptive text or text overlay
  • Customize the colors and fonts in your Pin
  • Improve your targeting with topic tagging
  • Curate a collection of products
  • Tell a story in a brand new way

Learn How To Create Idea Pins on Pinterest

    1. Log into your business account on Pinterest on the web or through Pinterest mobile app.
    2. Click Create, then click Create Idea Pin.
    3. Click Create new or click on one of your drafts under Your drafts.
    4. Click the directional arrow up circle icon
    5.  Choose 1 or up to 20 images or videos from your computer, or drag and drop to add the images or videos.
    6. Use the tools at the right side of the screen to design your pages.
    7. Click the plus icon
    8.  On the top-left side above your pages to add more images or videos.
    9. Click Preview in the bottom-right corner to see how your Idea Pin will look before publishing and that your important information is within the safe zones.
    10. Click Next.
    11. Fill out the information about your Pin.
    12. Click Publish.


My site is just a little over 1 year old, I started with a 0 following Pinterest account and by the 10thmonth blogging, I reached 172,000 monthly pageviews to my blog, with about 90% of traffic coming from Pinterest.

I started my second blog in Feb 2018, and the new blog already hit 74,000 monthly pageviews in less than 90 days! And again, almost all the traffic comes from Pinterest.

If you are interested in growing your Pinterest traffic fast, you can get yourself set up for success with my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course. It’s over 6 hours of video training packed with my personal know-hows and Pinterest hacks.

I can guarantee that at least 50% of the Pinterest tips and tricks I share with you in the course, are absolutely exclusive and you will not find them in any other Pinterest course.

If you don’t need to grow fast and don’t mind working at your 9-5 job for a lot longer, you can totally keep reading my emails and posts because I also share tons of free advice. It’s just a matter of how FAST you want to grow your blog and income.

Save THIS PIN to your Social Media Marketing board on Pinterest and get back to this post later.

Social Media Marketing. How to make Pinterest Images that Drive Tons of Repins and Traffic. FREE Pinterest Image Templates! Ideal Pinterest Images Size, Pinterest Image Tips.

Social Media Marketing. How to make Pinterest Images that Drive Tons of Repins and Traffic. FREE Pinterest Image Templates! Ideal Pinterest Images Size, Pinterest Image Tips.

How to Make Pinterest Images (3 FREE Templates) for Traffic in 2023


  1. Perfect Pinterest Image Size
  2. Pinterest Image Tips
  3. Best Tools to create Pinterest Images
  4. Pinterest Image Template and How to Guide in Photoshop


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  1. So excited about this. Going to pour myself the biggest cup of coffee and dive into this when my kids are napping. Such great content. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Thank you! Feel free to download the Pinterest image templates – there is a form on this page, I’ll send you the PSD files to your email.

  2. Wow! These are some excellent tips. I always like bigger images that are pinned on pinterest. I use Canva to make my blog images too. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. These are great ideas – I think it’s way too easy for us to forget how important pinterest can be as a business tool, but using it well really can make a huge difference.

    Hopefully this post will help me learn to FINALLY use it well. *wink*

  4. I have been wondering how to do this. I am not a Pinterest expert as I usually pay attention more to my Instagram and Facebook. This guide might make me more busy with Pinterest, too. Thanks

  5. This is some great tips to make our Pinterest pictures look more professional. When I first started blogging 6 years ago I didn’t pin professional pins but now I do. I find now I get more repins now that my pictures have the right pinterest measurements.

  6. Thanks for such great tips! I think it’s interesting how social media platforms vary in what works better. For instance, you say here that blue photos get less interest, but on Instagram, blue photos perform better. So much to learn with all the platforms!

  7. great piece of content you have here. very actionable

    also the formula you use stay true to your brand when pinning images

    btw, found this amazing post on the pinterest friends tailwind tribe.

  8. It’s really important to have a good image when it comes to Pinterest since that’s what most people are attracted to. I think these are great tips especially for people who are new to the site.

  9. I have not put a ton of effort into Pinterest but I am actually a little inspired. Landscape photos work best on blogs, but I have taken some amazing portrait photos I don’t use that could step up my Pinterest game, Thanks. I shared for my readers.

  10. Hi Anastasia,
    Thank you for this wonderful tips this will help me a lot. I recently started a blog and I am hoping that I would be successful too. Great tips. Warm regards, Crisly

  11. Thank you for the post and great tips. I’m actually try to get better on Pinterest. Would love to use those templates too.

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      Hi Priscilla! I’m sorry, at the day you read my post I accidentally replaced the form for Pinterest templates with another one. Now, this is fixed. Please go ahead with the form at the end of the post and you will receive the file with templates to your email. Sorry for this confusion, wish you a great day!

  12. Thank you for sharing your templates! I downloaded them and opened them and cannot get the folders for the layers to open for me. I use Photoshop Elements on this machine, though, and not the full Adobe Photoshop software. Elements (in ‘expert’ mode) does have the capability to create/edit layers and all of the instructions in your post are well within my skill set. I didn’t know if I am missing a step or if you know it will not work unless I have the full Adobe Photoshop software? The folders appear in the layers window but they are showing as uneditable…I am sure it is something I am missing or doing wrong!

    1. Hi Misty! After trying myself and reading about this, it appears that this is an intentional limitation of Photoshop Elements. There is still no support for layer groups. So, I removed the layer groups and tested on Photoshop Elements and works fine this way. I will email you this new .PSD version. Just put them in the same folder as the others ones. 🙂
      Hope you like them and wish you a nice week!

  13. Pinwords is a really basic tool, but it’s great if you want to quickly make an image from a quote and add it to your Pinterest account. Pinstamatic actually lets you create a whole bunch of items to add to your Pinterest boards including website snapshots, pins of Twitter profiles and Spotify tracks that you can pin.

  14. Pinwords is a really basic tool, but it’s great if you want to quickly make an image from a quote and add it to your Pinterest account. Pinstamatic actually lets you create a whole bunch of items to add to your Pinterest boards including website snapshots, pins of Twitter profiles and Spotify tracks that you can pin.dsfsdfsf

  15. Pinwords is a really basic tool, but it’s great if you want to quickly make an image from a quote and add it to your Pinterest account. Pinstamatic actually lets you create a whole bunch of items to add to your Pinterest boards including website snapshots, pins of Twitter profiles and Spotify tracks that yous can pin.

  16. Great tips here! I’ve been using Canva to make my pins. Found two tips really useful here – Pinterest pins with faces receive fewer repins and brighter colors work better. I will tweak my templates and use inspiration from the designs that shared. 🙂

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