Pinterest Marketing Tips 2023 – How To Use Pinterest For Business

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Pinterest is a great platform for driving traffic to your website and it works for so many niches! It’s not social media like many others that are trying to keep all the traffic inside the platform. Pinterest actually can become your traffic source #1 within a few months if you know what you are doing! 

So, I actually want to cover in this post the most recent changes in the Pinterest marketing world and things that will help you boost your account faster. If you are completely new to the Pinterest platform and were hoping to learn the basics like how to create a business account on Pinterest – I’ve got you covered. You can watch some of my videos talking about these topics here:

Pinterest Marketing Trends for 2023

With that said, let’s jump into my best Pinterest marketing facts and trends for this year!

  • We have to use more of the new pin formats on Pinterest

 As Pinterest is trying to catch up with the trends in the social media world like the dominance of video content vs just images, and other formats like Stories, the platform is giving an additional boost to these relatively new formats. 

What has changed in comparison to the last year? For example, video pins are no longer pending in the moderation waitlist for days or even weeks like it happened in some cases before. That’s a big plus because now you can actually schedule video pins and you can be sure they will be published at the time you selected and not when Pinterest support has the time to pass your video through moderation.

A lot of new accounts that are getting a sudden boost in impressions on Pinterest own this success almost entirely to video pins. They are getting a lot of engagements and can go viral easier than image pins. 

The only downside of the video pins is that they don’t get as many click-throughs as image pins but you can try to improve this number by tagging product pins or even regular pins to all of your video pins. This can indirectly drive you some traffic through the viral video pins. 

To wrap up this first tip, I want to tell you that whenever you see a new format available in Beta for your account, definitely try to test it because like all the other platforms, Pinterest gives priority to these new formats because they want more users to try and test them.

  • Organic traffic still rocks on Pinterest!

The second fact you need to know about Pinterest marketing this year is that organic free traffic from this platform is still dominant for most of the accounts compared to paid traffic. Although some people in the industry, especially those selling Pinterest ads courses, tried to make predictions that Pinterest would take most of the space in the feeds for promoted pins since they became a public company, the reality is that for most of the websites that have a strong presence on Pinterest, most of the traffic is free. I’m not only talking about bloggers, all kinds of businesses, especially e-commerce stores are getting huge amounts of free traffic from this platform. 

So if you want to jump on this train and take advantage of the organic Pinterest traffic, check out my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course. 

Pinterest is constantly changing the algorithm and the interface very fast. . With my paid course I have control over what you will find there in the lessons! In some periods, I have to make updates to the course literally once a month. 

  • Less repins, more fresh content! 

The next trend in Pinterest marketing that maybe not all of us are so happy about but it’s the reality so you either adjust or lose the game. It’s about more fresh content. Historically, Pinterest has been a platform that had mostly duplicate content. It was designed this way – users are saving images to their boards. The most popular images are getting thousands of saves and that is a lot of duplicate images. At some point, about 80% of all content on Pinterest was duplicate, and that’s based on their official stats.

This is why Pinterest is constantly challenging content creators and businesses that want to promote their stuff on the platform, to add more and more fresh content. 

Pinterest clearly wants more fresh pins and even more so, they want more fresh page URLs to which your pins are linked. This is good news for big e-commerce stores and established websites with lots of pages. But it makes things harder for small stores with handmade products or one of a kind items because they don’t have such a bit inventory to create hundreds of new pages. 

But there are a few things you can do as a small store to add more fresh pages to your site. If you can’t add more products, add more content. Start a small blog attached to the store and write about your processes, about the benefits of your products or your brand identity. Anything that tells the story about your small business and why buyers should support your store. All of this is on one hand improving conversions and on the other hand, helps you build more fresh pages to promote your store on Pinterest with free traffic. 

The next fact is about Pinterest trends and seasons. Traffic on this platform is highly dependent on the seasons, holidays, and trends. Sometimes people contact Pinterest support when they see traffic has declined or got stuck in spite of all the efforts to create fresh content. And you know what? In many cases, Pinterest replied with a piece of advice to experiment with different trending topics because timeliness and seasonality can seriously affect the results you are getting from your efforts on the platform. 

So my advice is even if your products or content are evergreen, still do your best to find a way to relate your pins to some holidays or seasons. You can check trends for specific keywords on And I also have a printable Pinterest Trends Planner with all the holidays and seasonal topics and keywords listed for the entire year. 

This is all I have to share with you for this post. Meanwhile, you can sign up for my free Pinterest Masterclass. for more tips about Pinterest Marketing.

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