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So you have finally decided to take your business to the next level by using the power of Pinterest. But before you start to use Pinterest, you must always keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine – this means that your pin creation is the most important step you should focus on.

With that in mind, I have here an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how you can create a pin on Pinterest and how to make your pins for Pinterest go viral! 

How to create a Pinterest Pin: Step-by-Step Tutorial 

How to create a standard image pin

To create a standard image pin, you must first log in to your Pinterest profile or account. Then, at the top left of your screen, you will see there the Create button, then click Create Pin.

To upload an image, you can either drag and drop directly from your folders, or click on the pin uploader itself and select the image you want. 

You will see there that Pinterest says they recommend using high quality .jpg files less than 20MB or .mp4 files less than 2GB – it would be best to keep that in mind. 

You will then have to add a Pin title, Pin description, and the URL destination link. 

Click the drop-down menu on the top-right and select a board to save your pin image to, or click Create a board if you want to create a new board. Then click Publish.

You can check out my post here on how you can create your own board on Pinterest.

For your standard image pins, Pinterest’s recommended ratio is a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels) – these pins are the best-performing ones on the platform. 

Other ratios may cause your Pin to get cut off or not be effective in catching the attention of the users on Pinterest.

How to create a video pin

Video pins are a great way to share your ideas more creatively on Pinterest. To create or upload a video pin, you just have to follow the steps on how to upload a standard image pin I stated above. 

But to first upload a video pin, you must have a Pinterest business account. You can check my post on how to create a business account on Pinterest.

To create a business Pinterest account:

  • From the top-right of your screen, click Sign up
  • Click  Create a business account
  • Enter your Email, Create a password and enter your Age
  • Click Create account
  • Fill out the fields to Build your profile, then click Next
  • Fill out the fields to Describe your business, then click Next
  • Select if you want to run ads, then click Next
  • Select where you’d like to start or click  the x icon to go to your new Pinterest business account

According to Pinterest’s best practices, the platform recommends videos between 15 seconds and 1 minute long. For video ads, 6-15 seconds works best.

For the size, it is the same as the standard image pins which is a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels).

How to create an Idea pin

Note: As of June 2023, Pinterest has announced that they are planning to remove Idea Pins from the platform. With that said, I do not recommend focusing on making Idea Pins anymore. Already existing Idea Pins on Pinterest will turn into Video Pins. Read more here.

Idea pins are a recent feature on Pinterest that is basically a multi-page video or image carousel pin. Think of an Instagram story but it will be in one pin. 

Idea Pins give content creators and businesses more ways to share ideas and inspiration with up to 20 pages of videos, images, and text.

According to Pinterest, you can use Idea pins to:

  • Create a step-by-step guide, project, or recipe
  • Upload multiple short videos with additional information
  • Customize the colors and fonts in your Pin
  • Curate a collection of products
  • Tell a story in a new, creative way

To create an Idea pin:

Log in to your Pinterest account and click the Create button on the upper part of your screen. Then, click Create Idea Pin.

Click Create new or click on one of your drafts under Your drafts. You will then be given the option to drag and drop your images and videos or just click on the uploader.

You will see there that Pinterest recommends using high-quality .jpg files less than 20MB or .mp4 files less than 100MB.

Once uploaded, you can click the pencil icon on your uploaded content to add text, video, or background. Click the plus sign icon (+) on the left side to add a new page. 

Click Preview to see how your Idea Pin will look. 

You can then edit your cover, add pin title, add it to a board, and more. Toggle the switch on or off to show shopping recommendations on your Idea Pin. Click Publish.

You can upload Idea pins on both desktop and Pinterest app.

How to make Pinterest Pins rank on Pinterest Search

Now that you know the basic steps on how to upload different types of pins to Pinterest, I will now give you the best practices when it comes to Pinterest content so you can easily make your pins go viral! Make sure you take note of these tips to be able to create a successful Pinterest marketing strategy! 

And no, you do not need thousands of followers to begin with.

Use high-quality images and pins

You must remember that each time you create a new pin, what changes can you do with the layout, text overlay, or image you use to make your pins even better and more high-quality? If you want to stand out on Pinterest, then you will have to be able to compete with the countless beautiful Pinterest pins out there.

And do not worry, you can absolutely create beautiful pins yourself too! Just be sure to use vertical, tall images or pins that will immediately catch the attention of users when they are scrolling on their Pinterest home feed. You will also want to use bright images on Pinterest and big, bold text overlays.

To know which style of pins do really well on your account, you can check your Pinterest Analytics.

You can also take advantage of my ready-made Pinterest templates from Canva that I personally use to create eye-catching pins. If you are not a fan of Canva, you can also create your beautiful images with these Canva alternatives

Check my Canva tutorial for beginners here

Use SEO or keywords on your pins 

If you want your pins to rank or show up on the Pinterest search feed, then you may want to start optimizing your pins with relevant keywords. Again, you have to remember that Pinterest is a search engine, and if you want to rank on search engines like Google, you would have to include the keywords that people will search for, right?

The same goes to Pinterest. If you want to reach your target audience and for them to find the pins you’re sharing, you will have to optimize your pins with keywords on the Pin title and Pin description. 

For example, if your pin is about business tips, then you will have to make sure to add the keyword “business marketing” or “business marketing tips” to your pin title and descriptions.

I would also recommend optimizing your Pinterest profile and create boards with keywords on them like with what I did to my account:

If you have no clue what SEO is or how to start with keywords, then do check out my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course where I talk about the basics of getting started with Pinterest to optimize your every pin for SEO. 

Keep up with trends on Pinterest or make seasonal content

Another quick way to have popular pins is to upload content that is trendy or seasonal. This means you will need to learn how to create content that is up to date with the current trends. For example, if Spring is nearing, then you will need to start creating related pins relevant to Spring immediately. 

This could range from Spring decor, Spring fashion, to Spring recipes! If you are having a hard time trying to set up a content calendar, you can check out my Pinterest Trends Planner to make your life a bit easier! 

Pin consistently at the best times

If you want your target audience to see your pins, you will need to determine which times Pinterest users are active on the platform. Usually, it is during nighttime when people are free and are on the way home from work.

You can also schedule your pins with Tailwind Smart Scheduler because it recommends you the best times when you can schedule your pins.

But if you want a more in-depth explanation and guide on this, you can check my article about the best time to post on Pinterest.

Stay updated with the Pinterest algorithm

Just like any other social media platform,  the Pinterest algorithm is always changing and improving. They consistently add new features that make user experience and content creation better each time. And Pinterest usually gives a special boost to people’s pins who use their new features.

You can check out the recent changes on Pinterest here.

Consider Pinterest Ads

There is nothing wrong with sticking to organic pins but taking advantage of promoted pins once in a while to reach a larger number of audience wouldn’t hurt, right? And do not worry because unlike other social media sites, Pinterest’s ads cost very little! This is another quick and sure way to reach other users’ Pinterest feed.

You also decide how much you are willing to spend and how long your ads will run. Depending on your campaign type, you can choose to set your own bids or let our automatic bidding tools do it for you. You can read more about Pinterest ads here

Engage with other Pinterest users 

Another great way for other users to see the pins and images you create on Pinterest is by engaging with other people’s pins. For example, you can comment on someone else pins or repin their content. This is an easy way for other users to be aware of your account.

This is another great way to connect to users within your niche and make long-lasting connections that could be beneficial for you. 

Final Thoughts

Pinterest could seem overwhelming at first but I assure you that it is one of the best platforms out there if you are looking to drive traffic to your website easily and for free! I have watched my business and other people’s businesses grow quicker by relying on Pinterest than on Google and by pinning consistently! 

If you found this post useful, you might want to save this pin below to your Pinterest Marketing Tips board to check the post later when new updates are announced.

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