How To Create A Pinterest Board: Step By Step Tutorial

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There are a lot of unique things and features that Pinterest has that other social platforms do not. And one of them is Pinterest boards. Now, creating a board on Pinterest is no rocket science.

But if you need a tutorial on how to create a Pinterest board and make it a part of your Pinterest marketing strategy, then you have come to the right place!

What is a Pinterest Board?

To put it simply, Pinterest boards are a place where you can save and organize your Pinterest pins. Usually, each board has its own specific categories or topic that are different from the other boards. For example, you can have a Recipe board and then a Fashion board.

Boards are a great way for your followers to search and browse through your pins per category without scrolling through thousands of pins. Pinterest says that you can have up to 2,000 boards, including secret boards and Pinterest group boards you didn’t create. 

Why did Pinterest get rid of boards?

Well, it didn’t! Can you still create boards on Pinterest? Yes! 

If so, why can’t you see your board from your profile?

If you have asked that question after making a new board and cannot find it, then it is good to know that Pinterest did not remove boards.

Instead, the platform categorized it under the Saved tab. It is besides the Created tab on your Pinterest profile.

How to create a Pinterest Board

In this portion, I will help you learn how to create boards. There are two ways where you can create a new board on Pinterest. The first step:

To create a new board on your Pinterest account, you can go ahead and go to your Pinterest profile and click Saved.

Click the plus (+) sign at the right corner of the screen and then select Board.

Go ahead and name your board. You will see there that Pinterest gives you an option if you want to make your board a secret. This means your followers or any other Pinterest users will not be able to see your board – just you.

Click Create, and you have successfully made a new board!

Another way to create new boards is when want to save a pin. To create a board when saving a pin:

Hover over a Pin in your home feed that you want to save.

Click the arrow down icon next to the name of the suggested board on the top of the Pin.

Click Create board at the bottom of the list of board names.

Enter the name of your board. Click Create. And you are good to go with your new board!

How to add pins to a board

You can add pins to a board in several ways. One is through the tutorial I just mentioned above where you can add pins to your board while browsing your Pinterest home feed.

Another way is by uploading your own pin and then adding it to a board. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. Click Create at the top of the page if you are on browser or click the plus sign at the bottom if you are on the Pinterest app.
  3. Click Create Pin
  4. Upload an image or pin
  5. Add a title, a description, and the destination link
  6. Click the drop-down menu on the top-right and select a board you wish to save to, or click Create board to create a new board
  7. Click Publish

You can also add and schedule pins to a board with the help of a scheduler. You can either try Pinterest’s Native Scheduler or use Tailwind which is a Pinterest-approved scheduler that I personally use.

Why should I create boards on Pinterest?

Did you know that Pinterest boards can rank? Yes, this is one huge benefit if you use Pinterest for web traffic, sales, and leads!

With this, if you want to get viral quicker and be on good terms with the Pinterest algorithm, then creating multiple boards should be on your Pinterest strategy!

Boards can rank on search results at the top spot if you have a lot of pins on that board. Bonus if you have a lot of followers following that board too.

Of course, you have to make sure your boards are public boards and not private or secret boards if you want them to be seen.

Another reason why you should create boards is to make your profile organized. Remember that boards are where you save your pins so creating one or two boards will help pinners know where to go when they visit your account.

What Pinterest Boards should I make?

If you are a Pinterest business account and you want to grow your business, then you should definitely create one or two “business boards” where you have there pin images that are directly from your business or blog.

Let us say that the type of content you make is blogging content. You could make boards that have the name “Blogging tips” or “Blogging for beginners”.

In my case, I have those blogging boards as well as Pinterest marketing-related boards. After that, you could make other related boards where you can save your re-pins from other content or even personal boards.

Best practices for Pinterest boards

If you want to boost or improve your Pinterest marketing efforts, then you should definitely improve and organize your Pinterest boards. Having an organized and on-brand Pinterest account (including boards) is just one of the many reasons why Pinterest users choose to follow an account.

With that said, I have here some tips and best practices you can do to improve your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest board names

Your Pinterest board names are one of the factors that will attract users to click on a board. So, it is important to keep your boards on brand and its name short but direct to the point.

For example, you would not want to name a board “Fashion Tips I Would Recommend To You” since that is too long and the text might even get cut off. Instead, “Fashion Tips” would be enough.

You can get as broad or as specific as you want with board names but if you are planning to make several new boards from your profile, then having specific boards could help you.

For example, if you are a recipe blog, you would want to make specific different recipe boards such as “Keto Recipes”, “Christmas Recipes” and such instead of just dumping all the pins on one “Recipes” board.

Board cover

Another way to keep your board organized, cohesive, and on brand with your business is through board covers. By default, Pinterest makes the first few pins you save on a board the default board cover.

And if you see it at a glance, it looks messy. But if you upload board covers with the same one image, text, or format, then it will look cleaner and more pleasing to the eyes.

Here is an example of a cohesive board cover.

SEO and keyword optimization

SEO and keyword optimization are and will always be a huge factor for your success on Pinterest. With this, you will want to add relevant keywords to the board title and board description.

If you want to learn how to merge Pinterest boards, I covered it here.

If you are not sure how to do your keyword research, then do not worry because I have here my Pinterest Traffic Secrets course where I talk about the basics of Pinterest to teaching you how to do keyword research very easily!

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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