The Best Pinterest Schedulers | Pinterest-Approved Schedulers to Use

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It is, without a doubt, that Pinterest is the best place to be if you want to boost your content, get free website traffic, and get leads. However, using Pinterest and making a strategy can be quite overwhelming if you are just starting out.

And since Pinterest is always evolving and adding new features, a management tool might just be the thing you need.

From making blog posts or website content to designing graphics for your pins, and even optimizing your pin description for SEO, having a trusty Pinterest scheduler could definitely help your Pinterest Marketing Strategy be more effective and easy.

With that said, I have here the best Pinterest Schedulers that you should try out and that are Pinterest approved so you won’t have to worry about your account getting banned and such.

Is using a Pinterest Scheduler Worth It?

Are you a one-man team in your business? Do you do all the content you publish? Do you do all the graphics for your content and Pinterest pins? Do you take photos and videos for your content all by yourself?

If so, mundane tasks such as planning and scheduling your pins could very much be handed to someone else – like a Pinterest scheduling app – to free some workload off your shoulders.

So yes, a Pinterest scheduler is definitely worth it. Imagine, instead of spending several minutes manually posting your pins on Pinterest and waiting for the best time to post, someone (or something) else could do it for you and you can just take that time to relax or even come up with more new content for your business.

Personally, now that I have a family of my own, I can’t be bothered to spend more time in front of my computer than necessary. And since I am using a Pinterest scheduler that can automate pins easily, I treat it as a one-and-done thing.

I find a free time where I can schedule all the pins I need and that’s it – I can go on for days and weeks without manually pinning or uploading anything.

Another good thing that makes these Pinterest schedulers and Pinterest tools worth it is that they can elevate your Pinterest marketing strategy since they optimize your Pinterest pins to be uploaded at the best and recommended times when your audience is most active on the platform!

Some Pinterest schedulers also automate your pins so that your evergreen Pinterest content can be uploaded and scheduled consistently throughout the year!

What are the Best Pinterest Scheduling Tools?

Convinced about using a Pinterest scheduling tool yet? There are several social media scheduling tools out there but very few actually know how to go about Pinterest. You have to know that Pinterest is a visual search engine and not just a social media platform.

With that in mind, I have there the best Pinterest-approved Scheduling Tools that I have tried and tested for you!


If you know me or have been following me for quite a while now, you would know that I would never get tired of recommending and using Tailwind as your scheduler. Tailwind is an official Pinterest’s partner, so you are safe to use it.

Aside from this, Tailwind is your all-in-one Pinterest scheduler that really focuses on optimizing your pins and knowing the best times and strategies for your pins as seen through their Smart Scheduler.

Initially, the Smart Schedule will put some default time slots but once it has studied your constant time slots and pins that were saved, it can then recommend you time slots that work best for your account and content.

There are also several helpful features Tailwind has to boost your content more.

First, what you will not find in any other tool on this list, with Tailwind you can schedule each pin to several relevant boards in one go. The recommended best practices on Pinterest are to save each pin to no more than 3 most relevant boards.

In other schedulers you will have to repeat the process for each board – upload the pin, add title, description, URL. With Tailwind you can do it once, select the 3 most relevant boards, and choose the interval between the pins. About 7 days is the recommended average interval between repeated pins.

Note: if you are totally new to Pinterest, I recommend you to first learn how to create and schedule pins on the platform itself, before you send your pins to Tailwind schedule. Because it’s easier to spot any mistakes in your pins and URLs on one pin and then you can fix it or delete the pin.

It’s much harder to find the mistakes and fix them when you scheduled the pin to several boards and the pins are mixed with everything else in your Tailwind schedule.

Another great feature is their Tailwind Communities which is like a Pinterest group board where you can publish your pins within that community (after following the guidelines given by that particular community), and users in that community can repin or reshare your pins.

Tailwind also allows you to schedule to multiple boards with your chosen interval days which makes everything really easier and stress-free on your side.

Aside from this, Tailwind has a browser extension so you won’t have to go to the website each time you see a pin that you want to schedule.

More of Tailwind’s features:

  • Hashtag Finder – Increase reach with smart hashtag suggestions
  • Instagram and Facebook schedulers
  •  Integrated Ghostwriter feature – an AI-based text writer to help you write pin descriptions faster
  • Smart.Bio
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • 24/7 customer service

You can try out Tailwind for free with 20 posts a month or you can also check out more of their plan prices here.

Canva Pro

If you have already been using Canva, then you already know that it is a great platform to use if you want to get ready-made Pinterest templates.

But did you know that with Canva Pro, you can also schedule your Pinterest posts right from the Canva website itself? I mean, you can only pin one at a time but it can already make everything so much easier if you constantly use Canva for your Pinterest content strategies.

Canva also allows you to schedule as much time upfront as you need which makes it better than Pinterest’s native scheduler. You’ll find out more about Pinterest native scheduler later in the post.

However, Canva’s scheduler does not allow you to schedule to the 3 most relevant boards with 7-day intervals like Tailwind allows. 

You can try out Canva Pro’s free trial for 30 days which includes their Pinterest Scheduler or subscribe to the Canva Pro plan here.

Pinterest Native Scheduler

Of course, Pinterest has to have its own scheduler right? If you have a business Pinterest account, you can start scheduling standard pins up to only two weeks in advance.

Pinterest’s native scheduler can only let you schedule one pin at a time and you can only schedule 100 pins in the future. I mean, that could already be pretty good if you are just starting out on the platform and do not have much content or pins to upload.

You can also still see your scheduled pins and edit them if needed once your pins have already been submitted for scheduling.

To schedule using Pinterest’s native scheduler:

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account
  2. Click Create at the top-left of your screen, then click Create Pin
  3. Select an image or video for your Pin and add a title, description and the destination link
  4. Select Publish at a later date and choose the day and time you’d like to publish your Pin
  5. Choose an existing board to save your Pin to from the drop-down menu, or select Create board to create a new one
  6. Click Publish

To compare Pinterest native scheduler and Tailwind scheduler, I made this side-by-side below. 


You might know Later as an Instagram scheduler but did you know that the platform can also schedule Pinterest pins in advance? Later is a Pinterest Marketing Partner and they have exclusive API access for scheduling video pins!

The good thing about Later is they also have a mobile app wherein you can create new pins, shoot or do your content on the go, then schedule it on the app from your phone or desktop.

Aside from scheduling, Later can also help optimize your pins by suggesting the recommended pin size and even adding custom descriptions for your Pinterest boards.

More of Later’s Pinterest Scheduler features include:

  • Pinterest Analytics – Track your pins’ traffic & growth
  • Visual Content Calendar – with weekly and monthly calendar view
  • Multi-profile social scheduling – can schedule to other social media sites as well
  • 24/7 customer service

You can start using Later with their 14-day free trial or you can check out their prices and plans here.


Planoly is another social media scheduling platform that also schedules your Pinterest pins for you – and they are also an official Pinterest partner. They call their Pinterest scheduling tool “Pin Planner” where you can bulk upload, pre-set schedule, and analyze your results and analytics in minutes.

The Pin Planner is available on PLANOLY’s mobile app, and web dashboard. They also have their own browser extension so you can have the option to schedule or pin directly from any website.

Aside from this, they also have a feature to let you upload and schedule video pins! Planoly also gives you a Calendar view of your scheduled pins so you can see your content at a glance.

More of Planoly’s Pinterest scheduler features include:

  • Pinterest board analytics – learn which boards are performing best
  • Campaigns on Pinterest
  • Auto-generate posting times
  • Insights and Analytics
  • and more!

You can start a free trial with Planoly or check out their pricing and plans here.


Buffer is another tool that helps you schedule your content from Pinterest. They also do have a browser extension that can help you pin wherever you are on the web.

A great thing about Buffer is that they have Canva built-in feature where you can create eye-catching content with their Canva integration.

Buffer’s content calendar also helps you schedule Pinterest pins at just the right time when your audience is most active.

This social media management tool also has a drafting feature that allows you to save your post or pin ideas and come back to them later.

More of Buffer’s features include:

  • Customizable posting schedule
  • Schedule photos and videos
  • Suggests the best time to post
  • Direct pin scheduling
  • Analytics and insights
  • and more!

You can get started at Buffer using their free plan with basic publishing tools or have more access to their exclusive features through their paid plans here.


Hootsuite is another well-known social media scheduler that also offers a Pinterest scheduler. You can create new boards on the fly directly from your Hootsuite dashboard for any Pinterest account.

You can also manage multiple accounts and collaborate with your other team members where they send pins for approval to ensure all your content is consistent and on-brand.

Hootsuite also uses a calendar view for your pins so you can easily view, edit, and delete your scheduled pins to Pinterest.

More of Hootsuite’s features include:

  • Insights and analytics
  • Other social media network schedulers (IG, FB, and more)
  • Integrated team workflow
  • And more!

You can start a 30 day free trial on Hootsuite or pick the perfect plan for you here.

Can idea pins be scheduled?

Note: As of June 2023, Pinterest has started to remove the Idea Pins feature from most accounts. The platform announced that they will be removing Idea Pins and the existing ones will be transformed into Video Pins. Read more on the update here

If you have been keeping yourself updated with Pinterest’s algorithm or its new changes, then you would notice how Idea Pins are being boosted and used a lot on the platform. Basically, Idea Pins are multi-page video pins that give people more ways to share inspiration with up to 20 pages of videos, images, and text! 

Now, the question is, can idea pins be scheduled on a social media scheduler? The answer to that is, sadly, no you cannot.

While you cannot schedule Idea pins, you can however save your idea pins as a draft on the Pinterest app or Pinterest web and manually post it at a time that is convenient for you.

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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