TOP List of Pinterest Board Ideas and Names [2022] to Get Free Traffic

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You might not realize how important Pinterest boards names are for your success on this platform. Giving keyword-optimized titles to your boards on Pinterest can be absolutely crucial for helping your pins rank higher for the keywords you want to target in them.

How to give Pinterest Board Names for Best SEO results

One of the biggest mistakes people used to make on Pinterest (I don’t see it often anymore, but it was very common just a couple of years ago) is looking for creative Pinterest board names.

A recipe board could be called **!!!ŸummieS!!!** – yes, with this exact spelling and punctuation, instead of just “Healthy recipes”.

Users who named their boards this way probably hoped to catch more attention with the creative naming. But that’s not the right approach on this platform.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, we need to provide the correct keyword context to our pins and boards if we want our content to be found and shown in recommended pins and in search results.

So, tip #1 for today: don’t search for creative Pinterest board ideas. Do the keyword research, and include them in your board titles and descriptions.

I go over this in my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course in more detail, if you want to learn more.

How Do I Name My Pinterest Boards?

When you are thinking about titles for your boards, you should be very strategic and do thorough keyword research like I showed you in the post about Pinterest SEO.

A short version here: you first look for a wide search term and then start narrowing it down based on keywords shown in the search suggestions.

Pinterest itself shows the suggestions based on their popularity but you can see on the right I also added to my browser data from Google keywords research tool Keywords Everywhere (it’s a free Chrome Extension by the way). Of course, the search volume on Pinterest and on Google is not the same but I am pretty sure that most of the keywords that get higher search volume on Google are also more popular on Pinterest. 

These are the ideal board titles you should target.

How many characters you can use for a Pinterest board title?

180 is the maximum, but probably anything longer than 20 is not recommended because these board titles will be cut off like so:

Take the main search phrase, and some additional related keywords to create a Pinterest board description.

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The Best Pinterest Board Name Generator is… the Search Bar!

How many characters your board description can include?

Up to 500, so there is plenty of space to include many related keywords and really cover the topic you are targeting in different ways.

When I am telling you to include multiple keywords related to the topic in the board description, I don’t encourage you to do keyword-stuffing. That might not be penalized heavily at this point, but since the algorithm evolves and Pinterest is getting more and more strict about spam policies, it’s better to do this work straight from the beginning.
You can also do keyword research on Pinterest with this tool. I made a tutorial on how to use Pin Inspector. 


So what you need to do is similar to your work with texts for Google SEO – you get a number of keywords and try to find a natural way to include them in the text so it doesn’t look like just a list of keywords separated by a comma. If you struggle to understand the basics of search engine optimization for Google, check this free training by Mike Pearson who has his Google SEO figured out and making over $10,000/mo with each of the two niche blogs he runs.

How to Find a Good List of Pinterest Board Ideas 

If you want to find more ideas for your boards, you can start your additional research in Pinterest Ideas and Topics. When you click inside any Idea (category), you’ll see related topics.

I always recommend using this tool to analyze how popular your niche or topic is on Pinterest. If you go through the suggested related topics, it will give you great ideas for board titles on Pinterest.

How To Organize Pinterest Boards

The platform recommends keeping your most relevant boards closer to the top of our board list in the profile.

This could be because if a follower decides to check which other boards you have, they will first see the most relevant topics.

This could be also because Pinterest somehow takes this into consideration when the algorithm decides what your account is mostly about. We’ll never know for sure, but they did recommend this in their Best practices (PDF).

How To Delete A Board On Pinterest

If you want to delete boards (we’ll talk about whether you should do this or not in a few lines), you need to simply open the boards you want to delete, click on the little pencil icon to edit the board settings, and inside you’ll find the Delete button:

A bigger question is though whether you should delete Pinterest boards, or use an alternative way to remove them from your profile when you don’t want to work them any longer.

I’d recommend using the Archive option instead. When you delete a board, you can’t reverse this action – you will lose the board and all the pins saved to that boards, forever.

Moreover, if the board you want to delete, has some followers who only followed that board and not your entire account, they will also be lost, and your total following number will drop.

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Archiving a board allows you to hide it from your public profile. You’ll be able to unarchive the board at any time later if you need it. You will not be able to save pins to an archived board until you unarchive it. And all your followers stay on your account since the board is not deleted.

I usually archive the boards which are strongly seasonal, or for boards which I started at some point thinking I will blog about that topic more but then I never came back to the topic. I didn’t want to lose my followers on those boards, plus at some point in the future, I might need to use those boards again.

I also archived on my profile some group boards which I don’t use anymore but I’m not sure if I might need them again in the future.

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  1. I want to be able to look at pinterest like the first time I sign in now it does not let me look at ideas i like I used just click the button on a item and it will show me many things related to what I pick now it does not I have to click and still does not give the information the way it was before

    1. Post

      Hi there. Do you mean related pins to a pin you clicked? If you click a pin, you just have to scroll down a bit and Pinterest will show you pins and content that are related to the one you clicked.

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      When you go to your board, you will see a pencil icon on top of the page. Just click that icon and you will be able to edit the board name as well as your board descriptions.

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      You really have to do keyword research on this one. Just follow the information I provided in the post like searching the keyword on your search bar. You might come up with “Relationship and Dating Advice” board name, depending on the content you want to put. For more information about Pinterest SEO and keywords, you can check out my course where I go in-depth and share some Pinterest SEO traffic secrets:

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