How To Become a Pinterest Influencer in 2023 | Easy Tips And Strategies

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I am sure you are already aware that Instagram influencers, Tiktok influencers, Youtube influencers, and such exist. But did you know that you can become an influencer on Pinterest, too?

If you think you are too late to catch up on big Instagram influencers, then you should definitely give a try on becoming a Pinterest influencer! It’s very easy and quick and I will show you exactly how!

What is a Pinterest influencer?

To put it simply, a Pinterest influencer is a creator on Pinterest that promotes products and works with brands. They could also get paid by both their partnered brands and the Pinterest platform themselves.

But according to Pinterest, instead of the term “influencers”, Pinterest calls them Pinterest Creators where their goals are:

  • Grow an inspired audience
  • Get rewarded by making content on Pinterest
  • Get discovered by brands and businesses
  • Get paid for your great ideas
  • and more!

How can Pinterest influencers make money?

Pinterest creators and influencers can make money or even passive income (money while they sleep!) in various ways. However, the amount of money you receive will most likely depend on the niche you are in and how big your following is and if you have an engaged audience – and no, you do not need a million followers to become one!

What’s good about Pinterest is that they have their own Creator hub on the Pinterest app for their creators.

Here are some ways in which many influencers make most of their money.

Brand partnerships

Just like in any other social media platform, there will always be brands that will want to work and collaborate with influencers as a part of their influencer marketing strategy. These brands would expect the creators to promote their services or products through content.

These content creators will then be paid or either agree with an x deal arrangement where the brand will send the creator free products for promotion. The creators can also get passive income if the brand offers you a commission for each product sold through you.

One way that Pinterest recommends on how to do brand partnerships on the platform is to make Idea pins, then tag the brand partners in your Idea Pins with the paid partnership tool. Just make an Idea Pin in the app, add the paid partnership label and tag your partner brand.

When you use the paid partnership tool on the Pinterest app, you work directly with the brand to define the payment terms and process. 

Affiliate links

Did you know you can use Pinterest as a means to get money on the side? You can use affiliate marketing on Pinterest by adding your partner links to your pins in the destination URL. And you can easily do this even with very little following or if you are just starting out with being a content creator.

Basically, what affiliate links do is that businesses and brands look for influencers to promote their businesses and products in exchange for a commission to the creators on each product sold through their unique affiliate link.

Most of your favorite brands or even small businesses do affiliate marketing so you just have to message them or even browse through their website and see if there is a page for Affiliates.

If you are looking for one place to find the best brands you can work with, check Marketplace for Content Creators –  this one is my favorite!

Shoppable products tags

Another great way for creators to make extra income and promote brands is through the new Pinterest feature Shoppable product tags. With this feature, creators can tag products in their Idea Pins which makes it easier for pinners to browse the creator’s top picks.

Influencers can search and tag any product that they want to recommend to their audience. This makes Pinterest a social media platform and a shopping platform all in one!

Who are the biggest Pinterest influencers?

If you want to know some really successful influencer Pinterest accounts, then I have here a list of Pinterest influencers who have grown their following to millions of followers on Pinterest and their income per post to more than thousands of dollars – all with the power of Pinterest and being consistent with adding new Pinterest content!

  1. OhJoy – 15.2M followers – lifestyle ranging from beauty, travel, decor, and more
  2. Poppytalk – 10M followers – lifestyle and design
  3. HonestlyWTF – 7.2M followers – lifestyle
  4. BonnieTsang – 7M followers – art and design
  5. Pejper – 6.8M followers – lifestyle
  6. Evecpage – 6.8M followers – travel and lifestyle
  7. Veanad – 5.2M followers – design
  8. Chrisem – 5M followers – lifestyle
  9. Hairandmakeupbysteph – 4.9M followers – beauty
  10. Weddingchicks – 4.8M followers – wedding

If you want to discover more influencer accounts, you can check this Pinterest Rich list which includes the influencers, their niche, and the rates they have per Pinterest post.

Benefits of becoming a Pinterest influencer

Successful Pinterest creators have a chance to create a life they love – making content while earning money and recognition for it!

If you are still on the fence if you want to pursue being an influencer and seriously consider working on your content, then I have here some benefits on why you should become a Pinterest influencer:

Partner with your favorite brands

Do you want to work with brands that you have only dreamt of working with? Do you want to receive products for free and even get some extra commission on the side? If so, then being a Pinterest Creator will help your dreams of working with your dream brands come true!

You can read more on how to work with brands on Pinterest here.

You can tag brands in Idea pins like in the image below.

Get paid by creating content and pins

Do you love taking photos, editing them, and uploading them for the world to see? Do you like sharing ideas and giving inspiration through images and videos? If so, why not pay for it at the same time?

Pinterest users are on the platform to curate and get information and inspiration through Pinterest images.

Gain a huge following and community

If you are someone who wants to have a huge following or community where you can share your ideas and recommendations, then becoming a Pinterest influencer should be something you should consider!

Having your own community have its own perks and is honestly one of the greatest strengths of a content creator.

Promote your business or brand

Once you have successfully built a community of your own, you can then start promoting your business or brand and drive more traffic to your website, as well as getting sales and leads. Since a lot of people follow you already and they have some form of trust towards you, they will definitely support you or at least be interested in what more you have to offer!

How do you become a Pinterest influencer?

Now that you know all about what a Pinterest Creator is and the benefits you get from being one, you may now ask how to start this journey. You have seen great success with other creators but how did they get there? How did they find the right audience for them?

How do you improve your Pinterest influencer marketing strategy so you can be successful in various different niches?

If those are your questions, then I have here some tips and strategies for you on how you can easily start becoming a Pinterest Creator.

Create high-quality content and gain a following

Of course, the first and most important thing you should focus on even before you network for brands and such should be creating high-quality pins and content so you can gain a following.

Honestly, brands usually work with creators so they can help drive traffic to their website or gain virality to a product they are promoting. And they will only choose creators who can provide high-quality content to showcase their products and services properly.

Choose your niche

Choosing your niche is another important step to becoming a creator. Sure, you can choose to cover all niches, but your account will most likely be all over the place and your community or followers won’t be as dedicated to your account as much.

If you have a lifestyle blog, then the easiest choice for you here is to make lifestyle content on Pinterest. If you love fashion and design, then start by creating fashion and design pins.

If you are an interior designer, then being in a design or home decor niche would be ideal. You can even start your own design blog as well.

Choose a niche that you are highly passionate about and everything will be easier from there.

Be updated with Pinterest trends to stay on top and get viral

If you want to be easily noticed on Pinterest and appear on the top results, then you should definitely stay on top of the trends. You have to cater to people looking for inspiration at certain times or holidays. For example, you have to make Valentine’s Day content around 2 weeks before Feb 14th to make sure your pins are already leading on that certain topic.

Having a well-planned content marketing strategy would help your influencer’s journey much easier.

Monitor your Pinterest Analytics

The next step would be to monitor your analytics and insights on Pinterest and make necessary changes when needed. Pinterest’s analytics will show you how well your pins and even your Pinterest boards do! With this, you can see what works for your account and what needs to be improved.

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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