Can You Add Links To Idea Pins On Pinterest? (2023)

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In this post, you will learn how to grow free traffic to your site from Idea pins – I’ll show you a way to add links to Idea pins, as well as how to add affiliate links to Pinterest Idea pins.

I am a huge advocate of using and taking advantage of new features that Pinterest constantly releases. Why? it’s because Pinterest will definitely boost those pins or content that uses their new features so people can be aware of it more. And what is one Pinterest feature that I recommend you do not ignore? They are Idea Pins!

Now, as a business owner or creator, you may ask yourself if idea pins are genuinely beneficial for your Pinterest marketing strategy. Idea pins definitely can help you grow your followers because on the last slide Pinterest always shows users the big red Follow button.

But can these pins even link to your website like a regular pin?

In this post, I will tell you if you can add a link to an idea pin and what is an idea pin generally.

Can You Add a Link to a Pinterest Idea Pin?

The straightforward answer to this is yes, you can add links to idea pins BUT only to product links and affiliate links. You can’t add links to other URLs, including other websites, your blog posts, etc. And the other limitation is that you can ONLY add links using this method when you upload Idea pins on your mobile device through Pinterest app, not on desktop computers.

Note: On some (mostly new) accounts and profile, Pinterest is testing the option of adding any links to an Idea Pin in the same way as we can do it for Image pins and Video pins. Pinterest didn’t make any official statements as of when and whether or not this feature will ever be available to all users but if you start creating an Idea pin and see a field for adding a URL, definitely use this opportunity as you are one of the few lucky users for now!

I only have one way to show you what this might look like, one of the students of my Pinterest course shared this screenshot from her account:

Getting back to adding links on mobile devices, this is particularly great for business and eCommerce owners who sell products or services. This feature is also perfect for affiliate marketers since you can easily add affiliate links to these pins.

This opens up opportunities for creators and new affiliate marketers to monetize their content on Pinterest without needing to have any blog or website!

What Is An Idea Pin?

If you’re not aware of what an Idea Pin is, you will be able to easily distinguish it from standard pins and video pins once you see it on your home feed. Basically, Idea Pins give people more ways to share inspiration with up to 20 pages of videos, images, and text. 

So, it’s like a carousel or slide of various images and videos in one pin. These Idea Pins will have shoppable tags or show similar items that you can use to shop for products. So, if your audience on Pinterest is mainly there to do some shopping and you have idea pins with product tags on, then this is a great way to increase your account engagement and make passive income faster!

Pinners on Pinterest are mainly there to gather information and are on a buying mindset, anyways.

According to the official Pinterest page, you can use Idea Pins to:

  • Create a step-by-step guide, project, or recipe
  • Upload multiple short videos with additional descriptive text or text overlay
  • Customize the colors and fonts in your Pin
  • Improve your targeting with topic tagging
  • Curate a collection of products
  • Tell a story in a new way

How To Create Idea Pins On Pinterest

Idea pins are one way of increasing your growth on the platform and catching up with the Pinterest algorithm. In this process, I will guide you on how you can create Idea Pins using Pinterest’s mobile app. This is because you can only tag products or product stickers on your pins through the mobile app. Keep in mind that you must update the app to its latest version to access the new features of Idea Pins.

    1. Open the Pinterest app on your device and log into your Pinterest account.
    2. Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Tap Idea Pin.
    4. Tap the camera button to record up to 60 seconds of video or select 1 or more photos or videos from your device.
    5. Tap Next.
    6. You can then start designing your content with texts, audio, filters, and more.
    7. To add a product link or tag right on the pin, click Stickers, then the “product” sticker. You can tag up to five shoppable products per page (with a limit of 20 products per Pin).
    8. Click Next, then add your Pin title, details, and related topics.
    9. Pick a board and click Publish.

For your product stickers or links, you can either choose from your Product pins or directly use a link redirecting to your product page or a retailer site.

A pro tip for you:

When you create Idea pins, make sure to add a short video (not an image) as the first slide, this way your Idea pin will have a more dynamic format in the user’s feed.

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