How To Upload Video To Pinterest: A Complete Guide

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We all know that Pinterest is the go-to place for beautiful images used for inspiration and ideas – whether it’s for home decor inspo, DIYs, recipes, business tips, and more!

Pinterest is also the best place for marketers, content creators, and business owners to promote their products and crafts which is why the platform constantly releases new features to help boost content. And with that, Pinterest now allows users to upload videos on Pinterest!

In this post, I will tell you how to upload your video to Pinterest, what types of videos do well, and more.

Can You Upload Videos To Pinterest?

The simple answer to this is yes. Because of the recent updates, Pinterest now lets users create video pins to encourage more traffic to your website. According to Pinterest:

“Video Pins are a great way to tell a more comprehensive story about your brand, idea, or project.”

And because Pinterest allows video pins to have a cover image, you can be sure that your pins will easily capture the attention of Pinterest users. This could lead to high engagement with your pins which will benefit your Pinterest account overall.

Another good thing when you post a video on Pinterest, specifically for business owners, is that you can have your video pins can be linked to a particular page on your site, which is good because it allows you to drive traffic to your website.
If you are a business owner who sells products or services, then a video pin would be a great way to talk about the things you are selling in a more creative and entertaining way.

What Types of Videos Do Well On Pinterest?

Now that you know you are able to upload a video on Pinterest, you should now also be aware of what types of videos to post and do well on the platform. I will also help you learn how to upload a video that fits Pinterest’s requirements.
So, first, you should know what are the recommended best practices for video length and format. According to the official Pinterest page, you’ll see that they recommend video pins for organic feed to be between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Videos get more interaction the shorter and sweeter it is.
And if you are going to use this video as a promoted pin, meaning you want to run it as an advertising marketing strategy on Pinterest, in that case, it should be even shorter – around 6-15 seconds only.
The best aspect ratio for video pins is obviously vertical but square videos are also accepted. But if you want to easily catch the attention of Pinterest users, I recommend uploading the video in a long, vertical format just as you would on a regular pin on Pinterest.
I also personally think Pinterest doesn’t promote square pins as much as vertical pins.
You must also make sure that the video that you want has a video file type of either mp4, .mov, or .m4v for it to work or play on the website.
Pinterest also reminds you that some Pinners watch videos with the sound off, so don’t rely on audio or dialogue. I recommend using text overlays or captions to help tell your story.

The next tip is to optimize the text in the pin title and description for the main focus keyword for your pin – this is also important as, through relevant keywords, Pinterest can determine faster who your target audience is and who to recommend your videos to.

And I wanted to give you a pro tip that I use for my account all the time. Make sure to repurpose the short videos and not only save them as a video pin but also when it makes sense, create standard image pins as a screenshot from the best part of your video pin.
This way, you can create two different pins linked to your page by re-using the same graphics. In terms of graphics, you can also create a template for your pin videos so that you can be organized with your branding.

Learn How To Upload Video To Pinterest Step-By-Step

You will need a Pinterest business account in order to upload a video pin to your account. If you do not have a business account (only a personal account), you can upload an idea pin where you can feature some video clips. On the other hand, you can also always convert your account to a business account easily.

Pinterest gives its users the option to upload or add video pins on either their mobile app or desktop.

For a quick rundown, here’s how you can create a Pinterest Business Account:

  1. From the top-right of your screen, click Sign up
  2. Click Create a business account
  3. Enter your EmailCreate a password and enter your Age
  4. Click Create account
  5. Fill out the fields to Build your profile, then click Next
  6. Fill out the fields to Describe your business, then click Next
  7. Select if you want to run ads, then click Next
  8. Select where you’d like to start or click  the x icon to go to your new Pinterest business account

Upload Video Pins On The Pinterest Mobile App

Now let’s start uploading a video on a mobile device. I personally prefer uploading through the app because it lets you directly upload and select the video directly from your album.
Once you are logged in as a Pinterest user, click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Here make sure you choose to create a Pin, not an Idea, it’s another format. 
When you start creating a Pin, you will be able to choose anything from your phone, either photos or videos. Now, the interface on your phone could be a bit different depending on your device but generally, you should know how to search in the folders on your phone. 
Then, choose the video directly from your phone and click next.
Now you need to pick a cover image. This acts as a thumbnail that users first see when they visit your Pinterest profile.
Click Next in the top right corner, and now we need to give our video pin a title and include some of the focus keywords.
In this case, I want to use something like Pinterest marketing, and although I have enough space to add additional keywords, I want to keep the main focus keyword close to the beginning of the title and description. 
The description can be longer than the title, so we can add here even more related keywords. When I say add keywords, it doesn’t mean you should just post here a list of keywords separated by a comma, that would be spammy.
You should include keywords in a few sentences that make sense for users who read this text. Think of it as if you were writing the text for Google SEO. 
By the way, if you want to understand how search engine optimization works for Pinterest, check out my free Pinterest Masterclass.
Now we need to add a destination link – it’s a page on your website. So just open your page on your mobile browser, click copy link and go back to Pinterest and insert the link on the field. You can then pick a board you want your video to be on.
You would want to upload your video pin on a board just to keep your account organized.
You can then proceed to publish your video pin!

Upload Video Pins On Desktop

Now that you know how to upload a video to Pinterest using the mobile app, this will just be a quick rundown of the process on the desktop since it won’t be that much different anyways.

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account
  2. Click Create at the top-left of the page and then click Create Pin
  3. Click the directional arrow up circle icon
  4.  to upload a video or drag and drop a video into the uploader
  5. Move the selector left or right to select an image in your video for the cover image
  6. Give the Pin a title, description, related topic tags and a destination link
  7. Publish your Pin immediately or schedule it for a later date
  8. Choose the board you want from the dropdown menu or select Create board to create a new public one
  9. Click Publish
Did you find this post useful? Save THIS PIN below to your Pinterest Marketing board and check it later at any time!

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