How to Use Pinterest for Business (2022): Tips to Grow Traffic to Your Site

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Pinterest is a visual platform or visual search engine that many mistakenly confuse with social networks or social media platforms. This is why I’ve heard a lot the question on how to use Pinterest for business to grow website traffic and leads – even online marketers are very often confused by the mixed nature of Pinterest. This platform has lots of social functionality, that’s true. But over …

Pinterest vs Instagram for Marketing and Business: What is the Best For Your Goals

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Pinterest vs Instagram for Marketing and Business: What is the Best For Your Goals. Knowing me as a Pinterest marketing expert, you probably might expect that Pinterest is going to win this comparison game. But the truth is there can be no winner because everything will depend on your type of business and your goals on the platform. Pinterest vs Instagram! Knowing me as a Pinterest marketing …

How Does Pinterest Work For Business: 5 Reasons To Be on Pinterest (2022)

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  Pinterest is a free traffic generating machine. Period. Want to know how the engine of this machine gets started? Want to learn how does Pinterest work for business and blog growth? Well, I use Pinterest to drive over 300,000/mo pageviews to my website. So, keep reading… I will even give you at the end of this post a detailed checklist so you can implement all the steps …

Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone!

Looking for a Pinterest Keyword Tool? How to Check Pinterest Search Volume

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  Pinterest can easily compete with Google when it comes to driving free search traffic to websites. I get 300,000/mo pageviews to this blog from Pinterest. Traffic on this platform has serious fluctuations depending on the season and viral pin success (you should know that the viral effect doesn’t last forever). I know you want to learn everything about Pinterest keyword research tool, but let me tell …

How to Post on Pinterest: How to Create Pins that Go Viral

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  If you are a complete beginner, you need to understand the basics of how saving pins on Pinterest works. So, this how an established Pinterest account looks – it’s a collection of boards. And every board is a collection of pins (images) grouped based on the same topic. Not all images or pins on Pinterest are linked to some external source of the image. But most …

Pinterest Account Suspended For Spam or For No Reason?

Pinterest Account Suspended For Spam or For No Reason?

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Is your Pinterest account suspended for spam or for no reason at all? Unfortunately, this happens. In this blog post, I will show and guide you what you should do to reactivate your account and to prevent future problems on Pinterest. HOW CAN YOU GET BANNED FROM PINTEREST? If you are using Pinterest as a content creator getting banned from Pinterest is a big deal for you, more than …

Pinterest Marketing tips: Learn what is manual pinning and how you can use both manual and scheduled pinning to drive tons of free traffic from Pinterest to your blog or website #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #blogging #bloggingtips

How to Post on Pinterest: [2022 Tutorials] for Desktop, Mobile & Tailwind

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Since Pinterest is constantly improving and updating the interface and functionality, it’s important to know how to post on Pinterest in 2022. I’m covering here how to post on Pinterest desktop version, on mobile app and using Tailwind scheduler. I’ll also compare manual pinning to Tailwind and will show how you can use both manual and scheduled pinning to drive tons of free traffic from Pinterest to …

Pinterest Tips and Tricks – how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic 10 times? Pinterest Tips for Bloggers and Pinterest tips for business!

5 Best Blogging Pinterest Tips and Tricks in 2022

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  Updated for 2022! Like everything on the Internet, Pinterest is changing very fast. Pinterest tips for growing your audience published in 2015 or even 2016 are definitely outdated in 2022. The platform evolves, and algorithms become more sophisticated day by day, which makes it harder to manipulate it. I started my blog in the middle of February 2017, I created a brand new Pinterest account associated …

Tailwind: Pinterest Scheduler – The Ultimate Tutorial (2022)

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  The first thing I wanted to start this article with is telling you that I’m not endorsing people to use Tailwind – if you are starting out on Pinterest and you don’t have too many boards and too much content to manage yet, you can do perfectly fine with manual strategies for a while. But when you have over a hundred boards on your Pinterest account, …

How to Get MORE Followers on Pinterest Fast (2022 Guide) – 20 Steps

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  Pinterest is a great tool for generating traffic, leads, and email subscribers. If you want to learn how to get followers on Pinterest fast, this is the best article you could land on. I would add here another question that most of you are not asking because you assume more followers = more traffic from Pinterest. This is not necessarily true, but more on this later in the …