Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone!

Looking for a Pinterest Keyword Tool? How to Check Pinterest Search Volume

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Pinterest can easily compete with Google when it comes to driving free search traffic to websites. I get 300,000/mo pageviews to this blog from Pinterest. Traffic on this platform has serious fluctuations depending on the season and viral pin success (you should know that the viral effect doesn’t last forever). I know you want to learn everything about Pinterest keyword research tool, but let me tell you a few more facts about Pinterest traffic in general.

Can you ignore the numbers I just mentioned? This is totally free traffic which I wouldn’t be able to drive to my blog otherwise. I would hardly rank high for these keywords in Google, but on Pinterest, I can totally win if I care enough to create beautiful and click-worthy pin images.

A very important fact you need to know about Pinterest traffic is that you don’t need to wait months or years for your website or blog to gain domain authority like it happens on Google. The fact that Pinterest traffic can be grown much faster, makes it a priority for any new blogger.

I started this blog from an absolute zero, with no followers, and in 10 months I was able to quit my day job because Pinterest allowed me to join Mediavine, an ad service company which helps bloggers make 4-7 times more money than they do with Google Adsense.

Want to know how I drive over 300,000 pageviews/mo to my blog from Pinterest? And how organic (free) Pinterest traffic allowed me to make $25,000+/mo with my blogs? Learn how I do it with a Free Pinterest Masterclass >>

If you think I might be simply lucky, read my post about 20 other bloggers who managed to get over 25,000/ mo sessions required to apply for Mediavine, for many of them it only took 3-4 months of consistent and strategical work with Pinterest keywords and SEO strategy to get there.

It doesn’t have to be ads – it’s just the simplest monetization model any beginner blogger can think of. If you plan to sell any services or products on your website or blog, the 25,000/mo sessions could translate directly into your email subscribers, leads, prospects and eventually into your clients!

How to Check Pinterest Keyword Search Volume

Here is a disclaimer before we move deeper into this topic. Pinterest was founded in 2010, it’s not a startup anymore, but not yet a fully established marketing platform, like Google for example.

Pinterest marketing tools are limited by the data Pinterest collects and provides so far. It doesn’t mean that keyword research and SEO are useless for Pinterest. Not at all! I’m just trying to set the right expectations here: you will not find any tool to check Pinterest keyword search volume as close to the reality as you can find this information for Google.

Keep in mind that even Google keyword research tools, which are much more advanced, cannot guarantee you that the results are precise. Keyword search volume is always an approximation to giev you an idea whether a specific keyword is worth your time and effort or not. If you struggle to understand the basics of search engine optimization for Google, check this free training by Mike Pearson who has his Google SEO figured out and making over $10,000/mo with each of the two niche blogs he runs.

How to Find Most Searched Keywords on Pinterest?

First, let’s take a look at the most common practice Pinterest marketers use to find the most searched keywords on Pinterest. Keyword research on Pinterest looks like this:

  1. You search for some keyword, Pinterest shows you the search suggestions. These are the most popular keywords Pinterest users search for in combination with your initial keyword.

  1. Then you can click on one of the suggestions and you will see more long-tail keywords:

You should also know that these keywords are displayed in the descending order, so the keywords on the left are the most popular.

That’s it, you can’t find the exact search volume for every keyword, so you are basically playing a guessing game doing keyword research on Pinterest.

What I usually do to clarify the keyword volume, I make a list of the keywords Pinterest suggested and check them in Google Keywords Planner or in any SEO keyword research tools.

I will continue doing it. But that’s still Google’s data. The numbers you get are based on searches made in Google search.

Knowing that Pinterest is a visual search engine, I always had a feeling that Pinterest’s search volumes and popular keywords have to be a bit different. And they are.

How do I know it?

Well, Pinterest showed me their own data of monthly search volumes for the keywords I wanted to research on.

Do you want to know how I am checking Pinterest keyword search volumes?

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Pinterest Keyword Targeting

The Pinterest keyword volume data you will find out in my hack is provided to us mainly for keyword targeting of ads on Pinterest. But you don’t have to buy ads to take a look at this data! You can pick the most popular keywords and target them to drive free traffic to your blog. Pinterest is yet to become an ad-oriented platform (sorry but we all know this eventually happens to all online giants), so for now, there is plenty of space for us to show our content in organic search results on Pinterest.


My site is just a little over 1 year old, I started with a 0 following Pinterest account and by the 10thmonth blogging, I reached 172,000 monthly pageviews to my blog, with about 90% of traffic coming from Pinterest.

I started my second blog in Feb 2018, and the new blog already hit 74,000 monthly pageviews in less than 90 days! And again, almost all the traffic comes from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic to a new blog

If you are interested in growing your Pinterest traffic fast, you can get yourself set up for success with my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course. It’s over 6 hours of video training packed with my personal know-how and Pinterest hacks.

I can guarantee that at least 50% of the Pinterest tips and tricks I share with you in the course, are absolutely exclusive and you will not find them in any other Pinterest course.

If you don’t need to grow fast and don’t mind working at your 9-5 job for a lot longer, you can totally keep reading my emails and posts because I also share tons of free advice. It’s just a matter of how FAST you want to grow your blog and income.

Want to know how I drive over 300,000 pageviews/mo to my blog from Pinterest? And how organic (free) Pinterest traffic allowed me to make $25,000+/mo with my blogs? Learn how I do it with a Free Pinterest Masterclass >>

Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone! Pinterest SEO



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  1. Hi Anastasia! Been following your blog for a while now and finally commenting 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know about keywords on Pinterest and the search volume. Still learning how to intepret the stats. Good to learn a new thing through this post and the download.

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  2. Hi Anastasia. Thanks for the tip! It’s really helpful and seems like it’s something that I’ve ignored all this time! So glad that you share the tip.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi, Kalid!

      If you mean sending traffic on Pinterest to an affiliate link, yes you can. Just make sure you follow the requirements Pinterest has not to get your account into a trouble. Here is my post about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. I currently offer my course at the early bird price because I launched it quite recently and I’m actually planning to increase the price in the future when more people know about my course.

      I do have a monthly payment plan, so you can divide the payment in two monthly payments if it makes things easier. I also plan to offer time-limited bonuses worth a lot more than the value of any possible discount. If you are in my email list, just follow what I’m sending there. If you are not on the list, just send me an email to hello{at} to stay in touch and I’ll add you to my list.

  3. Hi Anastasia – Is it correct that you recommend targeting the keywords with the highest monthly search volume? Are these keywords also the most competitive?

    Does it make sense to target keywords that have lower search volume but are less competitive?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Post

      Hi, Derek!

      I did some testing with keywords of low search volume, for me, they never worked well on Pinterest. So I keep targeting more competitive keywords.
      I see four reasons for this:
      1. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so people don’t expect to find the exact match to their keywords, so they don’t bother inserting too many words in search box.
      2. Pinterest is mostly used as a mobile app, this makes typing in long keywords very inconvenient.
      3. Since Pinterest has colorful search boxes with keyword suggestions, people tend to use those instead of searching typing text – this makes popular suggestions even more powerful over time.
      4. Even when people come to Pinterest to search for something, this search is not so specific as on Google. People generally look for inspiration, ideas, they are open to new content related to the main keyword – thus normally people wouldn’t use long-tail keywords.

      This is my theory, and like I said, the practice also tells me low competition keywords on Pinterest don’t drive much traffic. You might even end-up ranking for a wider keyword which includes the long-tail you tried to target (which is good, but kinda shows that it was not necessary to chase low competition anyway).

      If someone reading this comment has different results with long-tail keywords, please let me know. The more content on the platform, the more competition of course, so over time this might change.

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  4. Hi Anastasia,

    Really enjoyed the video, it showed me a lot more than many free courses, and you laid it out easily. I liked the idea pf scrolling down the feed to find related keywords. I hadn’t put that together myself,

    Thanks for the tips


  5. Thanks, Anastasia for the article. I actually didn’t know that related terms are arranged in decreasing search volume… thanks for letting me know.

    By the way, the video you shared about leveraging Pinterest ad to track monthly volume… this works in 2020? Because this ad option is not available for my account. Mind, sharing a word around that.


    1. Yes it is! However, you do have to note that the Ads feature all in all is still not available to most countries so you will really have to wait to have access to it 🙂

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