Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone!

How you can Check Search Volume for Keywords on Pinterest?

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Keyword research on Pinterest looks like this:

  1. You search for some keyword, Pinterest shows you the search suggestions.

  1. Then you can click on one of the suggestions and you will see more long-tail keywords:



You also know that these keywords are displayed in the descending order, so the keywords on the left are the most popular.

That’s it, you can’t find the exact search volume for every keyword, so you are basically just playing a guessing game doing keyword research on Pinterest.

Some bloggers go and check the keywords Pinterest suggested, in Google Keywords Planner or in any SEO keyword research tools.

I did the same and will probably continue doing it. But that’s still Google’s data. The numbers will be based on searches made in Google search. Knowing that Pinterest is a visual search engine, I always had a feeling that Pinterest’s search volumes and popular keywords have to be a bit different. And they are.

How do I know it?

Well, Pinterest showed me the monthly search volumes for the keywords I wanted to research on.

Do you want to know how I am checking keyword search volumes on Pinterest?

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Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone! Pinterest SEO



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  1. Hi Anastasia! Been following your blog for a while now and finally commenting 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know about keywords on Pinterest and the search volume. Still learning how to intepret the stats. Good to learn a new thing through this post and the download.

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  2. Hi Anastasia. Thanks for the tip! It’s really helpful and seems like it’s something that I’ve ignored all this time! So glad that you share the tip.

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      Hi, Kalid!

      If you mean sending traffic on Pinterest to an affiliate link, yes you can. Just make sure you follow the requirements Pinterest has not to get your account into a trouble. Here is my post about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. I currently offer my course at the early bird price because I launched it quite recently and I’m actually planning to increase the price in the future when more people know about my course.

      I do have a monthly payment plan, so you can divide the payment in two monthly payments if it makes things easier. I also plan to offer time-limited bonuses worth a lot more than the value of any possible discount. If you are in my email list, just follow what I’m sending there. If you are not on the list, just send me an email to hello{at} to stay in touch and I’ll add you to my list.

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