20 Bloggers Driving Over 25,000/mo from Pinterest in a Few Months

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I often receive emails from my readers who ask me how soon they will be able to make money from their blog. Making money as a beginner blogger usually means that you apply for an advertising management company like Mediavine. This post will answer your question about how to make money on Pinterest as a blogger.

UPDATE In the summer of 2020, Mediavine announced they are increasing the minimum required traffic volume to 50,000/mo sessions. This survey was made long before this change and at that time I was looking for bloggers who reached 25,000/mo sessions which was the old minimum traffic volume to apply.

You needed 25,000 sessions to apply for Mediavine ads and if you’ve been using Google Adsense before, you most probably will see a 7-10 times increase in income for the same amount of traffic.

By the way, if you have a new blog and not much traffic on it yet, you can still monetize it way better with Ezoic than you could with Google Adsense. Application to Ezoic is free and you might be making 1.5-2 times more than with Adsense even on a small traffic volume. 

Ezoic accepts sites without any minimum required traffic, so you can try to apply as soon as you have some content on the site (and maybe not much traffic yet). Monumetric requires at least 10,000/mo sessions in your Google Analytics. Mediavine will ask for 50,000/mo sessions and Adthrive requires at least 100,000 mo/ pageviews.

But how do you get so much traffic as a beginner blogger? How many months it can take you to reach the 25,000/mo sessions?

I can guarantee that reaching this number is totally doable within 4-6 months even if you work on your blog only part-time. For all the bloggers mentioned in this post, it became a reality because they focused on Pinterest traffic from day one.

I’m a big advocate of free Pinterest traffic for any beginner blogger because this platform gives you results much faster than Google SEO. If you struggle to understand the basics of search engine optimization for Google, check this free training by Mike Pearson who has his Google SEO figured out and making over $10,000/mo with each of the two niche blogs he runs.

When I show that I was able to get 300,000/mo pageviews to my first blog with Pinterest free traffic on 11th month and 74,000/mo pageviews on the fourth month with my second blog, you might think I was just lucky.

You can have lots of doubts as it seems like an unachievable goal when you start your blog and have 1-2 visits a day.

I’m following several blogging communities on Facebook and have seen so many bloggers posting their wins of joining Mediavine and making the first significant income from ads… on the fourth, third months blogging!

If you had any doubts about Pinterest traffic (free SEO organic traffic!) being the best way to start growing a blog, I gathered for you a solid proof.

All these bloggers in the list below were able to join Mediavine in less than 6 months (most actually much faster). Check their blogs, I tried to group them by niche more or less, even though a lot of blogs succeeding on Pinterest can’t be categorized by any niche – they are very broad, and this actually helps them get even more traffic.

Before we dive into the numbers shared by bloggers, one more argument. According to a research published by Shareholic (data confirmed by Pinterest team), while Facebook’s share as a main traffic referral dropped in 2017 by 25%, Pinterest’s share has grown in the same period of time by 27%!

Pinterest as traffic referrer

Mommy Bloggers (Pregnancy, Health, Parenting)

  1. Liesel from MommyLaborNurse reached the 25k sessions after her first month and applied to Mediavine right at the end of her second month blogging. One of the secrets to getting the fast results on Pinterest is to start a blog when you have about 10 posts ready to publish. Liesen shared this:  “I published 10 and went Pinterest crazy ? I learned everything I could about Pinterest from day one! My blog is targeted towards moms/pregnant women, so anyone in the mommy niche, I encourage them to LEARN PINTEREST!”
  2. Laura from MomEnvy reached the 25,000/mo sessions after a viral pin in the third month blogging, and joined Mediavine in the fourth.
  3. Audrey from Mommyenlightened.com hit 25k sessions on her third month blogging. 99 percent of her traffic comes from Pinterest. She launched with 4 posts and had over 11k sessions her first month, and she had 24 posts when she hit 25k.
  4. Brenda from PaperHeartFamily shared that she was accepted into Mediavine in month 5 and that almost all of her traffic came from Pinterest.
  5. Jen from MinnesotaMomma started her blog in January 2018 and reached 25,000 sessions in April! She got accepted into Mediavine at the beginning of May!
  6. Dela from BrownSkinMama recently applied to Mediavine. Dela shared some details about how changing the main subject of the blog and getting serious about blogging changed everything really quicky: “I’ve had my blog since November 2017 but I was never proactive with it. In fact, it was a completely different subject back then. I began treating my blog as a business in June of this year and the following month (July) I qualified for Mediavine! It wasn’t easy, I worked my butt off for it and I got to see the results. Hard work pays off.”
  7. Florence from ItalianPolishMomma was able to apply for Mediavine within 7 months of launching her blog. If you can’t work on your blog full time, it shouldn’t stop you! Florence says: “This was a huge win for me since I was only able to dedicate a few hours a week to it. However, every chance I did get I used my time wisely and focused on Pinterest because I knew SEO would take longer. I gave myself a year to see some decent income results. I’m so happy to say that I now make a great income from my blog and all the hard work paid off! So thankful for Mediavine! I tell all new bloggers how great they are to work with!
  8. Christina from Raisingbiracialbabies.com shared that she has been blogging for over a year but didn’t hit close to 25,000 sessions until July 2018. I included her blog even though it took her over a year because Christina shared something that might help many of your succeed with Pinterest traffic: “It was due to me expanding on what I was writing about (to include pregnancy) and writing a lot more content about that subject, and getting a viral pin on Pinterest.”
  9. McKinzie from TodayMommy shared that she hit 25,000 sessions and applied for Mediavine 34 days after she launched her blog and 95% of her traffic was from Pinterest! McKinzie shared that for such a quick start, she had 10 posts ready by the time she launched her blog.
Want to know how I drive over 300,000 pageviews/mo to my blog from Pinterest? And how organic (free) Pinterest traffic allowed me to make $25,000+/mo with my blogs? Learn how I do it with a Free Pinterest Masterclass >>


Lifestyle Blogs – Very Broadly Niched

  1. Thassia from Merakimother started her blog halfway February 2018. She has been with Mediavine since June!
  2. Jen from HairsOutOfPlace started blogging in October 2017 and applied for Mediavine after 3 months with a home, organization and frugal living blog. Jen added: “I only focused on Pinterest the first 6 months so that’s where that traffic came from. I also started with over 20 blog posts, so when I launched in October, I spent all my time promoting and getting content seen.”
  3. Sara from GatheringDreams started her blog in November 2017. In just 2 months (!), by January she had over 100,000 page views to her blog and applied to Mediavine. Sara also was very generous sharing some details about her blog and Pinterest strategy. First, Sara didn’t try to niche down from the beginning, she blogs about food, travel and personal finance. Here is how Sara works on new content for Pinterest: “I mostly worked on pin design and making several pins per post. And I keep creating new pins for old posts every few weeks!”
  4. Stormy from FunThriftyMom.com is doing an amazing job managing three blogs at the same time! She shared that she has a few blogs and she was able to get them on to Mediavine in a couple of months each. She says: “The blog FunThriftyMom I literslly just created to see how quickly I could get it to 25,000 sessions as an experiment. Within one month I had it to 3,000 pageviews per day. I really think it depends on niche and use of the right keywords. But totally doable. Three of my blogs I’ve gotten to 25,000 sessions within 2 months. That being said, they don’t stay at those higher views without everyday work.”
  5. Jennifer from ThreeKidsThreeCatsAndAHusband blog shared an interesting story, it took her a lot longer to get 25,000/pageviews but I included her in this post because Pinterest traffic really helped her take off in a few months she started targeting this platform strategically. Jennifer actually started her blog years ago but didn’t really do it right until mid-April 2018: “My traffic went from 3k session/month to 31k in July! Almost all of it was due to Pinterest. I made lots of pins, chose better topics to write about, and made my pin headlines interesting. I also improved the keywords I used in my pin descriptions. At the moment, my Pinterest account says I have 1.4 million months viewers. My blog was originally a “lifestyle” blog, but I shifted to focus almost exclusively on Disney, and that’s part of the reason my traffic took off.”
  6. Sylvia from MommyOverWork started her blog in October 2017 but didn’t take Pinterest seriously until December. Sylvia shares: “I went Pinterest crazy and recreated pins for all my posts during the holidays, started heavy promotion to a ton of group boards in January, and qualified for Mediavine in February. I hit 300,000 pageviews in July.”
    Yes, I went back to the Facebook group to double-check that I copied it correct: Sylvia hit 300,000/mo pageviews in 6 months since she went Pinterest crazy. This is the biggest number of monthly views anyone shared for my post.

Food Blogs

  1. Kasey from ButtertoGetHerKitchen her food blog in March 2018 and got accepted at 25,000 sessions in early June 2018: “Just 4 months of blogging was all it took for me! I researched day in and day out for best practices and monetization. I’ve focused heavily on Pinterest and it is, in fact, my number one traffic source. No courses were taken!”

Organization Blogs

  1. Lindsay from www.organizationobsessed.com started her blog at the end of October 2017 and was accepted into Mediavine in February. Lindsay shared some more details: “In the beginning, I only focused on Pinterest and grew to over 70,000 pageviews a month within just the first 6 months. I blog about organizing, cleaning, and printables. I would love to be featured in this!”

Finance + Jobs + Blogging Tips Niche

  1. Russel from UnconventionalProsperity shared the following: “When I started my new blog last year () I reached the 25,000 sessions in month four. All that traffic was from Pinterest and I was accepted into Mediavine by the end of my fourth month. All that traffic was from Pinterest and I was accepted into Mediavine by the end of my fourth month.”
  2. Whitney from TriedandTrueMomJobs started her blog in February and joined in June.

Health, Fitness, Dieting

  1. Rhazia from Wholosomeinside started her blog in May and applied to Mediavine at the end of July. Normally, from application till the moment when ads appear on the site, Mediavine can take several week, so I understand, Rhazia will start making money with ads on the fourth months since she started her blog!


That’s a lot of information from so many successful new bloggers who were able to apply for Mediavine within a few months since they started working hard on Pinterest traffic! I will try to make a short summary here, but if you read what each one of them shared carefully and check how they work on their Pinterest accounts, you might be able to see something I didn’t pay attention to. Most of them are successful because they do a lot of research, analysis and observation of how big Pinterest accounts drive tons of free traffic to blogs.

So, here is what I think is really important for any beginner blogger if you want to get Pinterest traffic fast and apply to Mediavine within a few months.

  1. Focus on Pinterest as a new blogger! Google SEO takes a lot more time.
  2. When you start a blog, better be ready to publish at least 10 posts on day one – this will help you build your Pinterest account faster.
  3. Don’t niche down too much for starters. Pinterest traffic works great if your blog covers pretty broad topics. The highest traffic in this post is received by the so-called lifestyle blogs, which basically have no specific niche at all. They blog about anything that is popular on Pinterest – DIY, crafts, holidays, decorations, food, beauty, health, home, and garden, etc.
  4. Create multiple pins per post and regularly refresh your pins for old posts.
  5. Learn all about Pinterest SEO. You can do it by observation and analysis or take a course for a fast start.
  6. Don’t give up even if your blog is over a year old and doesn’t get much traffic. If you master Pinterest, you’ll see dramatic changes in traffic within a few months. It’s actually easier if you have a blog for a while – you have the content ready, just create pins, SEO optimized Pinterest boards and start promoting your content. You’ve seen in this post a few examples of bloggers who were giving the last shot with Pinterest traffic after having no blogging luck for a year or more. And it worked for them really fast!

Do these stories inspire you? If you want to get back to this post later, SAVE THIS PIN to your Pinterest Marketing or Blogging board on Pinterest with some relevant keyword in the description. This was your first Pinterest SEO lesson 🙂

Want to know how I drive over 300,000 pageviews/mo to my blog from Pinterest? And how organic (free) Pinterest traffic allowed me to make $25,000+/mo with my blogs? Learn how I do it with a Free Pinterest Masterclass >>
Learn how Pinterest marketing helped these new bloggers get 25,000/mo sessions in a few months and apply for Mediavine ads.
Learn how Pinterest marketing helped these new bloggers get 25,000/mo sessions in a few months and apply for Mediavine ads.

20 Bloggers Driving Over 25,000/mo from Pinterest in a Few Months


  1. Mommy Bloggers (Pregnancy, Health, Parenting)
  2. Lifestyle Blogs - Very Broadly Niched
  3. Food Blogs
  4. Organization Blogs
  5. Finance + Jobs + Blogging Tips Niche
  6. Health, Fitness, Dieting


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