How to Write the Best Pinterest Descriptions and Titles on Boards and Pins

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Creating beautiful and high quality pins is definitely an obvious factor if you want to succeed and go viral on Pinterest. But do you know another important factor you must add to your Pinterest marketing strategy that is often overlooked by Pinterest users? 

It is writing the best and most effective pin title and Pinterest pin description! If you want to rank quickly on the search results, then I have here the best practices on how you can write and optimize pin description and pin title for ranking! 

How to Write the Best Pin Descriptions and Titles for Ranking

Sure, you have a beautiful pin image and all, but if you really want to reach your target audience and appear on the Pinterest search engine with the topic you are aiming at, then it is best to write good descriptions on Pinterest and pin titles effectively.

Because, then again, how will you get more clicks if your target audience does not see your pins, right? 

Use relevant keywords 

Probably the most important tip for writing descriptions for your pins and titles is to target relevant keywords and do keyword research or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

And before you get overwhelmed or scared, do not worry because SEO is not that challenging. One way to do this is that if you are having a hard time thinking of new content to post, you can simply do keyword research on the Pinterest platform itself. To do this, you have to first determine what your main topic is.

After that, go to the Pinterest platform and click the search bar. Type in there “recipes” and you will see several suggestions for that specific keywords. 

Now, if you already have content or post and you are now ready to upload your pin on Pinterest, you have to make sure that your main topic keywords are included in the Pinterest pin descriptions and titles. 

For example, if your topic is about a tutorial on how to post a pin on Pinterest, then your titles and descriptions with keywords must include “How to Post a Pin on Pinterest”. You can also include relevant keywords such as “upload on Pinterest”, “create a pin”, and more. 

You just need to understand the pin topic and you can easily think of other keywords to use. Include anything that might help users find your pin on that specific topic.

If you need more help in with SEO and keywords, you can check out my course Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets where I talk about the basics of Pinterest to everything you need to know about SEO best practices, and understanding the Pinterest algorithm. 

Write short but informative descriptions 

Typically, when you write Pinterest descriptions, only the first 50 characters are visible. After that, users will have to click the “More” option to expand the text. 

With this, your descriptions for Pinterest must be short, informative, and straight to the point, especially at the beginning of the sentence. If you write unrelated words at the beginning and decide to put the relevant keywords at the end of the description, then there is a high chance Pinterest users will not be able to view them as most users will be too lazy to read the whole thing or even click the “More” option. 

Add the keywords at the beginning of the description and title 

This is somewhat related to my previous point but I just want to emphasize it because users tend to still forget how important it is. You have to add the main or most important keywords at the beginning of your pin description and title. 

This is because most internet users nowadays usually have a short attention span so they will most likely only read the first few words on the pin title and description. And besides, you have to remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine and users using Pinterest are mainly there for photos and not lengthy words – we have Google for that. 

Try adding a call to action in your description

You can take advantage of pin descriptions to get engagement on your pins. You can write in your pin description a call to action for users to click through your pin, visit your site, or repin your pin. This is usually added at the end of the description after all the important information and keywords.

Your call to action could be something like “Make sure you visit my website for more Pinterest tips and strategies!” or “Feel free to pin this on your Recipes board”.

The Importance of Pinterest Descriptions and Titles 

Pin titles and descriptions matter if you want to grow on Pinterest and help Pinterest determine what your niche is so they can recommend your pins and content to your target audience.

Pinterest titles and descriptions also provide a bunch of other benefits for your Pinterest account to grow and for your online business to become successful such as: 

Complete information about your content

Each time you upload or add a pin to your Pinterest profile, you just have to make sure that you put complete (but straight to the point) information about what your content or pin is about on the pin description and title. 

Pinterest users are mainly on the platform for visual content so they do not have much time to read your captions so you have to immediately capture their attention in the first 5 words in your title and description. And if your description is too long, your pin description will appear cut. 

On the other hand, if you have NO title or description at all, then how will the users know what your pin is about? Should they click through the pin? How will they know that you have more related stuff on your website? This Pinterest strategy will make your pins have more chances to get clicked on. 

Brand Awareness 

If you have already tried a bunch of social media marketing tips to make your brand become well-known, then you will not have to try much on Pinterest. Again, once you upload an effective and high-quality pin on the platform, the people on Pinterest will be curious about your content and your business very quickly. 

And if you are using the right keywords on your Pin descriptions and titles, then you will just have to wait for Pinterest to do its job and find the perfect users and target audience for you! 

Quick virality on Pinterest 

I will say it right here and now: you can become viral faster and quicker on Pinterest than on any other social media platform. And you’ll see what I mean once you start posting high-quality pins consistently and at the best times.

Aside from this, make just make sure to use keywords on your pin descriptions and titles – I cannot stress this enough. This is the best method to help your pins reach your target audience which will give you engagement, which will then make your content go viral. 

If you want to know how your pins are doing, make sure you are on a Pinterest Business Account, and from there, you can go check your Pinterest Analytics

Reach your target audience 

I might sound like a broken record now but to help Pinterest know who to recommend your pins to, you have to add relevant keywords to your titles and description on every pin. This will help increase your Pinterest followers as well as web visitors or email lists if that is your goal. 

How to Optimize your Title and Description on Pinterest more 

Optimize via your blog with a Pinterest plugin 

One great Pinterest strategy I can give you is to add a Pin at the end of your blog posts. This is so that when users browse through your blog posts, they can add a pin directly to their account from your blog through the Pinterest Save button or other Pinterest browser extensions or social media sharing extensions. 

And because of this option, you will have to write a description and title for your pin within that extension. For example, this is how my Pinterest extension looks like in terms of the title and description field.

As you can see, I can add the description and title here so if my blog visitors want to pin directly to Pinterest from my blog post, the descriptions and title will already be filled.

Add your Pinterest titles and descriptions to your scheduler

If you have a Pinterest scheduler, make sure you are also writing your Pinterest descriptions and titles there. In my case, I use Tailwind Scheduler and it gives me a field where I can add my title and description with relevant keywords. 

Honestly. having a scheduler for your pins will help you save time and effort because you can easily copy and paste your titles and descriptions if you are scheduling pins in bulk. 

Activate rich pins 

What are Rich Pins, you ask? To put it simply, Rich Pins is a Pinterest feature that creates a second description for your pins which they get from the meta description from your website or blog post. As Pinterest defines it: “Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your Pins.”

These extra descriptions and keywords help you to build a strong pin that will target your target audience faster and give you quicker virality. 

To activate your Rich Pins, you must first add the metadata content or description to your website and then apply for Rich Pins activation on Pinterest. You can read about the steps you can take to apply Rich Pins through Pinterest’s Rich Pins Validator

Bonus: Optimize your Pinterest profile and Pinterest Boards Description

Another effective tip I will give you since we talk about Pinterest keywords and such is to optimize your Pinterest profile, along with your pins and boards. Aside from the fact that it will help you in ranking on Pinterest search, users can see immediately what kind of niche you are in and what you specialize in.

As you can see in my account, you can immediately tell that I talk about Pinterest marketing and online business strategies just by looking at my Pinterest profile. And you can read this post if you want to learn more about how to create a Pinterest board for ranking. 

Do hashtags still work on Pinterest?

If you search on Google for the best practices and great tips on how to pin on Pinterest and go viral, then you might see there some tips about saying that you should add hashtags to your pin descriptions, boards, etc. 

And yes, I did advocate a lot about using hashtags on Pinterest before. But do hashtags on Pinterest work now? With the latest changes to Pinterest’s features and algorithms, hashtags do not work on Pinterest anymore

This is because hashtags are not clickable anymore unlike before so it is pretty pointless to add hashtags on your descriptions if users will not be redirected to anywhere, right?

And besides, if you add a series of hashtags at the end of your descriptions, you will just miss the chance to add more valuable information to your pin and those hashtags can make your whole description field look cluttered and messy. 

Final Thoughts

I know that you’re using Pinterest to make your blog or online business known just like me and other online business owners. And let me tell you right now that you have picked the right place to start with.

With that said, I hope the tips I have shared here will help you improve your Pinterest Marketing Strategy for success! 

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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