All About The Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension

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Did you know that there are ways and resources that make saving images on Pinterest much easier? This includes saving images to Pinterest without even going to the Pinterest website itself!

Pinterest save button chrome extension

How, you ask? Read on and find out all about the Pinterest Save Button!

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What is the Pinterest Save Button?

The Pinterest Save Button is essentially a Pinterest extension you can install on Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to save your ideas from anywhere on the web.

The official Save to Pinterest button definitely makes it easy for Pinterest users to find ideas similar to those they like. All you need to do is simply hover over an image on any website and click the magnifying glass to discover more of what you’re interested in on Pinterest. 

Benefits of the Pinterest Save Button

Are you tired of finding ways to save an image you found on a random website to your Pinterest account? I mean, probably the only way you know how is to save the image on your desktop and then re-upload it on your Pinterest page.

But, when you have the Pinterest Save Button installed on your browser, you will not need to even open the Pinterest page anymore to save images to your Pinterest boards.

What this feature does is that with just a few clicks, you can keep track of all your favorite recipes, style inspiration, DIY projects, and other ideas you want to try. 

pinterest save button extension

How to use the Pinterest Save Button?

To first install the Pinterest Save Button, you just have to go to the Chrome web store page, click Add to Chrome, and click Add extension on the popup message.

You can activate and deactivate the Save button on your Extensions page on Google Chrome.

To use the browser button, just click the red Pinterest logo at the top of your browser whenever you find something on the website you want to save.

Click Save on the top left corner of the Pin you want to save. Select a board or boards you want to save the Pin to. And you are done!

Other Pinterest Chrome Extensions

If you’re looking for other best Pinterest Chrome extensions aside from the official Pinterest Save button, then do not worry because I got you covered.

These best chrome extensions for Pinterest not only does the same job as the official extension Pinterest Save button that lets you save pins from other places outside the Pinterest website, but it also has other features that are useful for your Pinterest marketing strategy!

Tailwind Publisher

Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved scheduler for your pins. But this platform is not only limited to that. Aside from their other helpful features, they also have what they called the Tailwind Publishing Extension (now Tailwind – AI marketing content assistant on Chrome store) that makes it easy to schedule and publish content to Pinterest.

This Tailwind app is a useful Pinterest plugin because:

  • you can quickly schedule any image or pin you want by clicking the “Schedule” button when hovering over large images. 
  • you can find and Pin in bulk from any website (or Pinterest itself) through the toolbar button. 
  • you can schedule and pin directly from Pinterest and other blogs in bulk.

To use the Tailwind Extension to schedule pins directly from Pinterest:

  • Go to your Pinterest page or home feed. Once you’ve found some pins on Pinterest to schedule, click the Tailwind Browser logo at the top of your browser.
  • Select and click the pins you want to be scheduled. The bottom of the page will display a thumbnail of the selected pins, and go ahead and click “Go Schedule” button to move on to the next steps of adding board(s) and pin description. 
  • Once you are done, you can then add the pins to specific boards you want, and descriptions, and schedule them all to the Tailwind platform.

This process goes the same for when you want to save and schedule pins directly from other blogs or websites!

Pinterest Enhanced

Pinterest Enhanced has a few features that will not only help you pin images but also fix the height and dimensions of images or pins you want to be posted, the ability to save and use images directly from Google, save pins in collections and boards of their choice, and more!

Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++

Just as its name says, Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++ is another Pinterest plugin for Chrome browser that allows users to post and save screenshots and other images to Pinterest, and visually search pins, and list pinnable images on a page.

Other features of this extension include:

  • save images from any website to your Pinterest boards;
  • create screenshots of websites and upload them to Pinterest;
  • visually search similar images
  • view all images on a page that are available for pinning
  • Edit and fix screenshots and other images before saving it as a pin

Shareaholic for Pinterest

Shareaholic for Pinterest is another Pinterest Chrome extension that works the same as the official Pinterest Save button where you can save images and videos from pages to your Pinterest board.

You will have to hover your mouse and click on the images you want to save, choose a board to which you want to save them and pin them.

And just like the official Pinterest Button that you see on some web pages, this extension also shows you the Pin count for each page as you surf around the web.

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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