How to make money blogging and can a blog help you leave your day job? How much money can you make from a blog working on it in your free time only? I found my answers to all these blogging beginner questions and I quit my 9-5 job after 9 months blogging. Find out how!

How to make money blogging – I made $5,739 from $386 Investment

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  The year of 2018 has started, and even though my blog has not reached the 1-year anniversary yet, I thought it’s a good time to make my annual income wrap up. It’s also the right moment to make some conclusions of the first 9 months blogging because everything will be different from now on. This income report is a summary of my experience as a part-time …

Income reports - my blog traffic and income for the first 3 months blogging

My first Income and Traffic Report!

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Originally posted in June 2017 Well, here I am, writing my first income and traffic report for this 3-month-old blog! I started it somewhere in the middle of Feb, but first 2 weeks were spent mostly for setting everything up for the blog, including design, SEO basics, social media accounts, etc. If you are interested to see how you can also start your blog in about 10-20 …

I learned how to make money on Pinterest driving tons of free traffic to my blogs. I make $4000 a month and my new blog reached over $850 in the fourth-month blogging! My favorite way to make money online is blogging on Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2023: Monetize Your Pinterest – $250+/day

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Do you want to make money on Pinterest? This is not only a visual search engine and a social media site, it’s also a platform that allows you to make extra income in many different ways. You will learn which ways from this article! Can You Make Money on Pinterest? Yes, making money on Pinterest is fairly easy.. and it’s free! And you can do it without …

4th Month Blogging Income Report – How I made $856 with a New Blog

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  I decided to publish a separate income report for my new blog ( as it made quite an exceptional income in the 4th month since I bought the domain name and set up the hosting. The new (my second) blog made $856 on the 4th month and all this was only possible because of my free (organic) Pinterest traffic! From this post, you’ll find out exactly …

Make Money Blogging – How I Made $25,000 in One Month Blogging

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  All the answers about blogging and money: do bloggers make money? On my example of a specific month, I’ll show you how do bloggers get paid and I’ll prove you that you can still make money blogging in 2020! Over $25,000 in one single month blogging! This number still blows my mind as I’m writing this income report for the last month. I started my blog …

My Blogging Income Report for March 2019: $8,336 Working from Home

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  It’s time to publish my new blogging income report! I hope that income reports don’t rub you in the wrong way. My intention is to inspire and give you the motivation to keep working on your blog because I know how hard it feels in the beginning. In March 2019, my blogging income reached $8,336 for the first time, and if you want to learn exactly …

Can You Make Money Blogging in 2023? Check my $40,000/mo Income Report

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  If you are asking yourself, can you make money blogging in 2023, you’ll find in this post the most detailed and transparent answer with my blogging income report. My mind is blown when I look at my latest income report. I crossed the mark of $40,000 in one month!  It’s the highest month so far in my blogging business. But I decided to publish this income …

Blogging Income report for January 2018

Income Report for Jan 2018 – How I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers

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  January 2018 was the best month so far, in terms of traffic and income for my blog. I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers, these both numbers are a bit rounded. I actually made more – $2085.34, and the number of followers has been well below 2000 at the beginning of January. I had such an amazing traffic growth this month that my following also …