Blogging Income report for January 2018

Income Report for Jan 2018 – How I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers

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January 2018 was the best month so far, in terms of traffic and income for my blog. I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers, these both numbers are a bit rounded. I actually made more – $2085.34, and the number of followers has been well below 2000 at the beginning of January.

I had such an amazing traffic growth this month that my following also increased more than in any other month since I started the blog. But the Pinterest following does not define how much traffic you will get. You will see what defines, from this post.

These details are not as important as the statement that I made this income WITH Pinterest. Of course, I used various income sources, such as ads and affiliate offers. You can see below which of them worked the best in January. But one thing is for sure, without Pinterest traffic, none of these income sources would have worked for me.

If you are about to start a blog and thinking, as a newbie, what should be your main focus for the first year – Google, Instagram, Facebook, paid ads (some newbies even think of this option!), my answer is: focus on Pinterest!

When you start a blog, most probably, you are still working full time, your blogging income is not high enough to quit, and you have a limited amount of time to spend on your blog. So, spend it wisely! Spend it for things that really work in 2018!

Later on, when your income is anyhow stable, you can try to look for additional traffic and income sources, and spend some time on other networks.

How I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers

A blog or, let’s say, a money-making online business, requires a ridiculously low initial investment. With the hosting provider I used for this blog for 1 year, for example, you can start a site at the price of one coffee a month! Literally.

Then you need to invest your time and skills wisely to grow your audience and income as fast as possible, but that’s another story. I have a free 7-day course which will give you the right direction and will help you build a blog that’s not just a hobby, but an income source. But in terms of monetary investment, starting an online business or blog is certainly affordable for anyone. That’s why I always recommend people just to give it a try, put your blog live and keep going, learning. Most probably, you will fall in love with it, like most of us, bloggers did!

If you are interested to see how you can also start your blog in about 10-20 min, I have a detailed post about it here.

This post contains affiliate links to Bluehost. This means I might receive a commission if you buy their hosting using my link. For more information, see my disclosures here.

If you are looking for an affordable hosting company to start a blog, I recommend you Bluehost which is great for any blogger beginner. When you use my link to Bluehost, I receive a commission, and you get hosting + free domain name + free SSL certificate (https) at a 50% discounted price.

You can use this handy Bluehost’s tool to check whether the domain you are thinking about is available:

By the way, I recently had a chance to test Bluehost’s basic plan on my blog when I got 13.399 sessions in just one day (you’ve seen it in the screenshot in this traffic report)! It was a viral pin, at some time of the day my real-time traffic reached almost 100 users. I opened the blog from time to time to see if it was working slower than usual, but it wasn’t. Everything worked fine, so when you are buying the basic plan from Bluehost don’t worry that you’ll have any troubles getting higher traffic on some days. I had to move to another hosting plan a day ago because my traffic for January exceeded Bluehost’s basic plan about 10 times, but for a blog that’s just starting, Bluehost’s basic plan will be more than enough.

Real Time traffic - Google Analytics

Income report for January 2018

Mediavine $1441.94
Bluehost $300
Flexoffers $147.2
iGain $81.25
Shareasale $0.5
Dynamiads $27.55
Health Affiliate $52.5
MaxBounty $34.4
 Total $2085.34 

Traffic Report for January 2018

In January 2018 my traffic and income had the highest peak since I started the blog. I know there was a significant update Pinterest rolled out in the last week of December.

I know that some bloggers were complaining about their traffic tanking in Jan, and others, to the contrary, were very happy with traffic spikes. I was lucky to be in the group of happy bloggers, not only because of those spikes but also because I understood, that I probably have been doing something right, something that Pinterest wants me to do.

The highest traffic I had in a day was about 18,000 pageviews when one of the pins has gone into a viral wild.

After the update was fully released, traffic went a little back to normal, but it still remained higher than before the update. I hope that Pinterest has moved my account and domain into a more privileged category in terms of authority, as this will help my new pins take off faster.

Just to remind you, my Pinterest account can be considered quite small, I started January under 2000 followers and went above this number just a little by the end of the month. By the way, you can follow me here. I might come up with more Pinterest secrets soon, so don’t miss it 🙂

I know that some bloggers (especially newbies) like to track their Pinterest reach in Pinterest analytics. My Pinterest reach has been high for a small account like mine, this January. By the end of the month, it was 5.3M. A pretty number but what really matters is how much traffic you actually received from this reach.

Pinterest traffic - Pinterest reach

I’ve got 133,692 sessions in total this month. Mediavine will pay me $1441.94 for January. Simple math shows you that on average, with Mediavine bloggers have an RPM around $10.

Pinterest traffic - viral pin - traffic spike


  1. January showed me that my Pinterest game is favored by the platform so I will work with more confidence using the same strategy. The way I should work on Pinterest is clear to me like never before. I am somewhere in the middle of my Pinterest course now, guys. When I’m ready to share it with you, I’m sure you will be surprised with some of my tricks and techniques. Update: the Pinterest SEO course is ready now!
  2. I worked a lot on generating new content and new pins for older posts, this helped to increase ad income. My affiliate income is not working as good at the moment, but it is pretty clear to me, why it’s not. My blogging and money-making posts which were quite popular 6 months ago, lost their efficiency on Pinterest with time. I simply didn’t get enough traffic to those posts in January, to get significant affiliate income from them. Well, this is life. I have to focus on one thing at a time. In February my focus will be on my Pinterest course and again not as much on my affiliate offers. I’ll get to them in a couple of months, I guess.
  3. I figured that every blog has stages in which a certain monetization model works the best. When I started and had very little traffic, the only thing that really worked was affiliate marketing. I’m currently at the stage when ad income works better, as my traffic is high enough to work with ad networks like Mediavine.
  4. Last but not least: traffic matters. You can have amazing posts and products, smart sales funnels and email sequences, etc. But if you don’t drive traffic to all those goodies, there is no one to convert.

P.S. Updated on May 1, 2018

Since I figured out how to get consistent traffic from Pinterest, I decided I have to try to do it with a brand new blog and see if I use my strategies – how fast I’ll be able to get my site to a significant traffic level. So I started my second blog in Feb 2018, and the new blog already hit 74,000 monthly pageviews in less than 90 days! And again, almost all the traffic comes from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic to a new blog

If you are interested in growing your Pinterest traffic fast, you can get yourself set up for success with my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course. It’s over 6 hours of video training packed with my personal know-hows and Pinterest hacks.

I can guarantee that at least 50% of the Pinterest tips and tricks I share with you in the course, are absolutely exclusive and you will not find them in any other Pinterest course.

If you don’t need to grow fast and don’t mind working at your 9-5 job for a lot longer, you can totally keep reading my emails and posts because I also share tons of free advice. It’s just a matter of how FAST you want to grow your blog and income.

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How I made over $2000 with 2000 Pinterest followers


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Comments 16

  1. Anastasia,
    Your income report is incredibly inspiring.
    I can’t believe the amount of traffic you have achieved. I cannot wait for your Pinterest course, I am sure it will be amazing!
    I can only hope my new blog will one day reach such high traffic!


    1. Post

      Hi Clary! Yes, I didn’t expect such an immense traffic growth so fast, so I’m really happy with this month’s results. I checked your blog, it’s very beautiful and your pins really stand out, I’m sure your blog has a great potential! I will let you know when the course is ready 🙂

  2. Great work Anastasia! Your Pinterest profile also looks quite engaging and impressive. With Pins going viral do you see any improvement in the Google SERP as well?

    1. Post

      Hi Dhiraj! Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t see any correlation between organic Google traffic and Pinterest traffic spikes. Google is not generous with my site, so far Google traffic is growing slow and steady with no spikes, but it’s not even close to Pinterest traffic.

    1. Post

      Hi Maria! Thank you for your kind words. I took a quick look at your site, the content you are posting, is popular on Pinterest, so yes, you can get great traffic from this platform. I found the “follow me on Pinterest” and I’m happy to follow your account 🙂 Just noticed that in the footer your Pinterest icon has no link to your profile, maybe fixing the link could help you get even more followers.

  3. Thanks for all the encouragement and links in your blog post! I was on the fence about blogging but now, after I have read your blog, I’m thinking of giving it a 100% now. Again, thank you for the post!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  4. Hi Anastasia I have looked into so many ways to make money online, so many scams.I have read a lot on blogging and have noticed that a lot of bloggers have a background in writing. Can you really make a full time income with blogging? How quickly is it possible to do especially if I really hate my day job at this point in my life? How do you figure out what to blog about? Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Post

      Hi, Tinamarie! Not necessary to have a background in writing and not even necessary to be a native English speaker (I’m not for example). I am pretty sure most of the bloggers start with part-time income from blogs (I did too, worked for the first 10 months blogging full time and did the writing for blog in my free time, for about 1-2 h per day, more time on weekends). I hope this post can give you more insight about how possible and how fast you can start making money with your blog – 20 BLOGGERS DRIVING OVER 25,000/MO FROM PINTEREST IN A FEW MONTHS

      Since my blogs are Pinterest-dependent I look for ideas on Pinterest – what is popular, seasonal, trending – everything works for my blogs. I wish I could get more % of Google traffic but this takes a lot more time and I wanted to quit my job asap, so Pinterest traffic was the best option.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  5. That’s inspirational!

    Mainly your income is from Mediavine Ads. The way you got that much traffic, isn’t that just a fraction of income? And when it comes to affiliate marketing, the income is pretty low.

    It seems like Pinterest isn’t the best source for Affiliate marketing but a good one for Ads.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for finding my post inspirational! The affiliate marketing success on Pinterest depends on which niche you’re in. As I’ve said, mine did not work well as my blogging and money-making posts lost their efficiency over time. However, if you’re in the fashion or lifestyle niche, I am pretty sure you’d do great!

  6. Really inspirational post Anastasia, While i was looking for some blogging inspiration i landed onto this post and feel hugely motivated. I am going to get started with pinterest right away. I have also been listening that many people get banned their pinterest accounts because of active postings, what do you think could be a reason for the same. Is the pinterest business a risky thing too ?

    1. Post

      Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post 🙂 Those who get banned on Pinterest are probably users who spam a lot or are linking back to sketchy links or websites that go against Pinterest’s community guidelines. And no, Pinterest business is not a risky thing if you are doing it right – it can actually do so much good for your business! 🙂

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