How to Use Pinterest Analytics in 2021 (3 Main Tools Explained)

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  Let me guess, you came to this page in an ultimate attempt to understand how to use Pinterest analytics. Before we get in deep water with Pinterest analytics metrics, let’s make it clear that the only thing that really matters to you is getting Pinterest traffic to your website. Am I right? Whether you need traffic to monetize with ads, or with affiliate offers, or even …

Pinterest Sales Funnels: Can Pinterest Traffic Convert as Good as Google? Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers and businesses. Social media marketing. #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #socialmedia #sales #salestips #socialmediamarketing

Pinterest Sales Funnel: Can Pinterest Traffic Convert as Good as Google?

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  You already know that the majority of my blogging income comes from ads and the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest. So, based on my blogs, we can tell Pinterest traffic works great for ad monetization. But how about sales of products/services using Pinterest as a marketing funnel? A common misconception about Pinterest is that it’s a social media platform, people go to Pinterest to …

Pinterest Trends: How To Go Viral On Pinterest with Trending and Seasonal Content

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  Do you want to know how I’m able to get over 13,000 pageviews from Pinterest in a day with viral pins? Yes, you caught this right, I’ve got about 13,000 pageviews in one day thanks to one viral post on Pinterest. The secret sauce in most of the viral pins is that I saved them at the right time, and I chose some trending topics which …

How to Make Quick But Killer Pinterest Images

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  I am sure you are all aware of the fantastic potential that Pinterest gives bloggers and website owners in terms of a traffic source. One of the real benefits it gives is you can have a modest number of followers, yet you can still get great results. Unlike traditional SEO where you often need months of work, building links, getting shares and engagement to have your …

Pinterest Tips and Tricks – how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic 10 times? Pinterest Tips for Bloggers and Pinterest tips for business!

5 Best Blogging Pinterest Tips and Tricks in 2021

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  Updated for 2021! Like everything on the Internet, Pinterest is changing very fast. Pinterest tips for growing your audience published in 2015 or even 2016 are definitely outdated in 2021. The platform evolves, and algorithms become more sophisticated day by day, which makes it harder to manipulate it. I started my blog in the middle of February 2017, I created a brand new Pinterest account associated …

Learn how to find the best affiliate marketing programs to promote on your blog to make a substantial online income every month from your blog

How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs To Promote on Your Blog

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  How you ever wondered how bloggers really make money online? Especially those that are not big enough to collaborate with name brands or don’t have enough traffic to earn anything substantial through ads? Well, I’m here to reveal that it’s through Affiliate Marketing and affiliate sales. What is Affiliate Marketing? If you’re not already familiar with the term, affiliate marketing is a way to make money …

I learned how to make money on Pinterest driving tons of free traffic to my blogs. I make $4000 a month and my new blog reached over $850 in the fourth-month blogging! My favorite way to make money online is blogging on Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest: 3 Ways I make $250+/day (2021)

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  Just a few quick facts before we dive into all the details of this post: So far, with Pinterest traffic I made a maximum of $250/ day from one of my blogs (using Mediavine ads); My best monthly online income so far, which I totally own to Pinterest traffic, was in March 2019, when I made over $8300. On my best traffic day to one of …

How to Know Which Group Boards Are Bad for your Pinterest Traffic. You have to get into many Pinterest Group Boards to get traffic from Pinterest - every blogger knows it. But are all the group boards good for your Pinterest account and traffic? And should you leave some of the group boards to save yourself from trouble on Pinterest?

How to Know Which Pinterest Group Boards Are Not Worth Your Time

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  As a new blogger, you probably get yourself into ANY Pinterest group boards that let you in. I did the same and when you have a new Pinterest account with 0 followers, you should be happy to get any invites to group boards at all. At a certain point though, you start wondering if it’s worth sending requests to some of the groups which have 300 …

Pinterest Marketing tips: Learn what is manual pinning and how you can use both manual and scheduled pinning to drive tons of free traffic from Pinterest to your blog or website #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #blogging #bloggingtips

How to Post on Pinterest: Manual Pinning vs Schedulers

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  How to Post on Pinterest You probably know that to post something on Pinterest, you usually need to attach a nice image to that link or page. That’s because Pinterest is a visual search engine with social media elements. It’s crucial for your success on Pinterest to upload quality images optimized for this platform. How to Post Pictures on Pinterest I’ll show you various ways of …