I learned how to make money on Pinterest driving tons of free traffic to my blogs. I make $4000 a month and my new blog reached over $850 in the fourth-month blogging! My favorite way to make money online is blogging on Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2023: Monetize Your Pinterest – $250+/day

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Do you want to make money on Pinterest? This is not only a visual search engine and a social media site, it’s also a platform that allows you to make extra income in many different ways. You will learn which ways from this article! Can You Make Money on Pinterest? Yes, making money on Pinterest is fairly easy.. and it’s free! And you can do it without …

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest | Make Pinterest Pins that Go Viral!

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So you have finally decided to take your business to the next level by using the power of Pinterest. But before you start to use Pinterest, you must always keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine – this means that your pin creation is the most important step you should focus on. With that in mind, I have here an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on …

15 Best Canva Alternatives: (Free and Paid) Graphic Design Apps

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It is no doubt that Canva has saved many sleepless nights for beginner graphic designers, small business owners, bloggers, content creators and social media marketers when it comes to image editing. You can check my step-by-step Canva tutorial here.  They have tons of ready-made templates, stock photos, and free graphics that you can choose for your presentations. You can also create social media graphics, Youtube thumbnails, Instagram …

promote youtube videos on Pinterest

How to Get Youtube Subscribers on Pinterest

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Did you know that you can get more Youtube views and subscribers through Pinterest? Aside from that, you can also see more ideas about Youtube videos and other trending topics on the platform! With that in mind, here is how you can use the full potential of Pinterest and gain more audience and views on your Youtube channel. How to Promote Youtube on Pinterest You have to …

10 Best Pinterest Courses to Take in 2023 (Updated)

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Here is an up-to-date list of the best Pinterest courses selected and categorized for your convenience based on your goals, your niche and the type of business. There are tons of reasons why you would not miss out on the benefits of Pinterest. If you are one of the people who think that Pinterest is just a website or another social network for beautiful images and wallpapers, …

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15 Best Pinterest Tools to Level Up Your Pinterest Marketing 

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Pinterest is every successful business owner’s and content creator’s secret. Why? Because Pinterest is a free platform that helps you drive traffic to your website, blog, or other social media accounts just by posting images or pins on the platform!  Pinterest is not just any other social media platform. In fact, it is more accurate to compare it to Google since Pinterest is a visual search engine …

custom pinterest board cover

How to Change Pinterest Board Cover Image | Step By Step Tutorial 

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As you may know, Pinterest is a visually aesthetic platform. It is like Google in terms of the platform being a search engine but in this case, Pinterest is a visual search engine.  So if you are a brand, a business owner, or a social media influencer, you have to make sure that your Pinterest account or profile (aside from your pins) is all organized and pleasing …

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Clickworthy Pinterest Title Ideas That Get Clicks | Pin Title Cheat Sheet

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Are you looking into improving your Pinterest marketing strategies? You may think that you need to discover some unknown secrets to be successful on Pinterest but really, it’s as plain as day. To be successful on Pinterest, one of the most important factors you need to focus on and improve is how you write pin titles!  Yes, there is a more effective way to write your pin …

7 Pinterest Hacks (2023) – Best Pinterest Tips to Grow Traffic Organically

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  Like everything on the Internet, Pinterest is changing very fast. The platform evolves, and algorithms become more sophisticated day by day, which makes it harder to game it. But we are going to try anyway, right? 🙂 I started my blog in the middle of February 2017, I created a brand-new Pinterest account associated with my blog, so I had 0 traffic and 0 followers for …