How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST and for FREE!

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  So you have successfully launched your website and have tons of high-quality content already published. You would expect that things would get pretty easy and quick in terms of your website growth, right? But then you will notice that on a good day, you will only get 10-15 pageviews which are obviously not enough if you want to make a living off of your website.  What …

Pinterest Keyword Research is now more accurate - check how you can find the monthly search volumes for keywords on Pinterest using Pinterest's own tools available and free for everyone!

Looking for a Pinterest Keyword Tool? How to Check Pinterest Search Volume

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  Pinterest can easily compete with Google when it comes to driving free search traffic to websites. I get 300,000/mo pageviews to this blog from Pinterest. Traffic on this platform has serious fluctuations depending on the season and viral pin success (you should know that the viral effect doesn’t last forever). I know you want to learn everything about Pinterest keyword research tool, but let me tell …

Wondering, how to make money blogging? Lean the best Ways to make money blogging for beginners. Can you make money blogging fast or it takes years? Make money with a blog tips for everyone!

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 – Real Working Strategies

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  The most popular question experienced bloggers get from beginners is how to make money blogging and what are the most effective strategies to start earning as soon as possible. Well, one thing I can tell you: if you asked yourself this question before starting your blog, you are on the right track! Why I’m so sure that you have to think through monetization at the earliest …

5 Best Blogging Pinterest Tips and Tricks to Explode your Traffic in 2021!

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  Like everything on the Internet, Pinterest is changing very fast. Pinterest tips for growing your audience published in 2015 or even 2016 are definitely outdated in 2018. The platform evolves, and algorithms become more sophisticated day by day, which makes it harder to manipulate it. I started my blog in the middle of February 2017, I created a brand new Pinterest account associated with my blog, …

How Pinterest Traffic to My Blog Tripled in 2 weeks. Here is my Pinterest strategy which helped me to grow my blog traffic and income. Learn how to create viral pins and drive tons of Pinterest traffic even with a small following, as a new blogger.

How Pinterest Traffic to My Blog Tripled in 2 weeks

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  Since you came to this post to see the miracle of traffic growth with Pinterest promised in the title, I want first to remind you that at the time when I’m writing this post, my account can be considered quite small, I’m still under 2000 followers (note: depending on when you are reading this post, I am probably having more Pinterest followers right now). By the …

How to use Shopify + Pinterest Integration? Selling on Pinterest | Pinterest for Ecommerce (2021)

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You may have asked yourself these few questions: “How does Pinterest work for eCommerce sites?”, “Can I connect my Shopify store on Pinterest?”, and “How can I sell on Pinterest?”. Well, I am here to tell you (confidently) that Pinterest is a great place to promote products for eCommerce sites. Let me first answer the most important question.  Can you sell on Pinterest? First, I want you …

20 Bloggers Driving Over 25,000/mo from Pinterest in a Few Months

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  I often receive emails from my readers who ask me how soon they will be able to make money from their blog. Making money as a beginner blogger usually means that you apply for an advertising management company like Mediavine. This post will answer your question about how to make money on Pinterest as a blogger. UPDATE In the summer of 2020, Mediavine announced they are …

Setting up Pinterest business account and enable rich pins

How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins and Set up Pinterest Business account

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  What are Pinterest Rich Pins? When you scroll down the Pinterest feed, you might not realize that some pins are just images another pins are the so-called Rich Pins. So what are the Pinterest Rich Pins and how do you know the difference? Rich Pins just pass some additional information from the website the image was saved from. The most recent Pinterest’s official definition of Rick …

Pinterest Trends 2021 – Review of a NEW Pinterest Keyword Research Tool

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Do you know what these spikes are in my Google Analytics? These are the peaks of Pinterest traffic related to Halloween pins and posts that work for me year after year.  As you can see here, on this screenshot is a comparison for Halloween traffic in 2018 and then in 2019. Halloween 2021 is still quite far from the time I am writing this post, but I …

Make Money Blogging – How I Made $25,000 in One Month Blogging

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  All the answers about blogging and money: do bloggers make money? On my example of a specific month, I’ll show you how do bloggers get paid and I’ll prove you that you can still make money blogging in 2020! Over $25,000 in one single month blogging! This number still blows my mind as I’m writing this income report for the last month. I started my blog …