7 Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2023

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If you are an online business owner, a blogger, an online coach, or an online course creator, then you must find ways how to keep your audience and customers engaged. This is where webinars come in.

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar (also known as a web seminar) is an online conference or presentation that takes place in real-time. It is an interactive setting with users asking questions, chatting, and interacting online in real-time. 

Many businesses use webinars to reach out to new consumers, teach their expertise, promote a product launch, and more.

For example, when I created my online course (the first one) I didn’t use a webinar and when I added it about a year later, I’ve seen about 4 times more course sales.  

And with what’s currently happening in the world, webinars are more considered by companies since they will not require anyone to travel or meet face to face. 

However, choosing the right webinar platform may be quite challenging. You have to make sure that no one will go wrong during your webinars like connection failure, bad sound and video quality, and more. 

That is why I have here with me the 7 best webinar software platforms you can use this 2023!

The Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2023

1. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is one of the top-leading webinar software platforms out there. They provide an all-in-one solution for both live and automated webinars with their different tools and features. They have pre-made sales funnels, evergreen webinars, and even a mobile app.

One great feature they have is that with their tracking tools, you’ll always know who’s watching, how engaged they are, and the actions they take.

More of their features include: 

  • Real-time chat
  • Multiple presenters
  • Recording and archive
  • HD screen sharing
  • And more! 

You can start with EasyWebinar through their trial period. After that, you can choose between their Standard ($78/month), Pro ($129/month), and Enterprise ($499/month) packages.

2. WebinarJam

If you are a small business looking to sell your products or service to your audience, then you should definitely check out WebinarJam. The platform gives you the chance to run call-to-action ads while making product offers. They also have pop-ups for selling your products while doing the webinar.

WebinarJam’s cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to 5000 people in one presentation without breaking a sweat. The platform also allows its users to have 6 presenters to collaborate and teach in front of their screens. 

Aside from this, they also have live chat features, automated recordings, flexible scheduling, and more! 

More of their features include: 

  • Live broadcast to Youtube
  • HD video and audio broadcasting
  • Page builder
  • Full email and SMS system
  • And more! 

Their monthly plans start at $49/month and can range to $99/month, $299/month, and $499/month.

3. EverWebinar

If you are looking for a webinar platform that’s an expert on putting out evergreen webinars, then EverWebinar is the place for you. EverWebinar’s parent company is WebinarJam but they are more focused on automated webinar presentations without the need to be present. 

With this platform, you can upload any pre-recorded video that you can use over and over again. You can also import previous live webinars with everything in it included: the video, the live chat, polls, and more. 

More of their features include:

  • HD video and audio recording
  • Full email and SMS System
  • Active offers
  • Point and click landing pages
  • And more! 

You can start using EverWebinar with their 14-day free trial then upgrade to their monthly plan starting at $99/month. 

4. Demio

If you are a beginner when it comes to hosting a webinar event, then do not worry because Demio has got you covered. Demio is a hassle-free webinar platform that does not require any downloading – just one click and you’re already inside the webinar! 

Demio offers live webinars and automated on-demand webinars which makes it the best of both worlds. 

If you are looking for webinar platforms with freedom for creativity, then Demio has fully customizable domains that can match your visual aesthetics and brand. 


More of their features include: 

  • Built-in analytics and insights
  • Integrating with marketing apps
  • Email automation and event reminders
  • Chats, polls, hangouts
  • And more! 

You can try Demio for free with their 14-day trial and upgrade to their monthly plans starting at $49/month.


5. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one solution that includes not only a webinar platform, but also a variety of marketing tools such as autoresponders, email marketing, and more. They also have the option to schedule webinar campaigns and send reminders to your viewers. So, if you are someone who’s busy and do not have the time to manually email and remind your audience, then GetResponse is a great webinar platform to start with. 

More of their features include:

  • Youtube integration
  • Email marketing
  • Website builder
  • Signup and contact forms
  • And more!

The best thing about GetResponse is that you can start at their platform completely for free! But if you want access to more of their tools, you can upgrade your plan starting at $15/month.

6. Riverside

Riverside is a reliable webinar software platform that provides 4k resolution video local recording. They claim that even though your internet connection is not stable, your video quality will never become pixelated thanks to their local recording feature. They also provide uncompressed crystal clear audio, an editor, and a mobile app.

Oh, and did I mention that Gary Vee and Mark Zuckerberg did an interview using Riverside?

More of their features include: 

  • Transcriptions for your content
  • Schedule & invite with one click
  • Community streaming
  • Screen share recording
  • And more! 

You can start with their basic plan for only $9 per month and upgrade to their Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans. 

7. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one webinar software solution used by big companies such as Appsumo, Podia, and more. They offer real-time broadcasting but also pre-recorded evergreen webinars. They also allow users to interact with their viewers while broadcasting in their live chat area. They also have marketing tools, email notifications, and event reminders so that your viewers will stay up to date. 

More of their features include: 

  • Built-in email and landing pages
  • Analytics
  • Multi-function chat
  • Customizable decks
  • And more! 

You can start using WebinarNinja for free with an audience limit of up to 10 people. You can then upgrade to their Pro and Business monthly plans that will give you more access to their tools as well as more attendee availability. 

Webinar software platforms make business owners’ lives easier by having communication accessible through the internet.

Since you are looking for information about webinar software, I think you could also be interested in the best online course platforms, I have a comparison here.

If you have any more webinar platforms that you use, then I would love to know about them in the comments section below!

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