9 Best AI Writing Tools for Your Content in 2022 (Comparison)

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In this article, I compared and reviewed the best AI writing tools available in 2022. As a blogger, one of the most important things that I trained and improved on is my content. Of course, as a blog owner, I have to consistently publish high-quality articles, or else, no one will continue visiting my website. The same goes for social media managers, email marketing experts, and more – if you do not have high-quality content, then there’s a high chance for the business to fail. 

But what if your blog or business is booming and you do not have the time or energy to consistently push out articles or content every other day? What if you suddenly experience writer’s block or think that your writing style is not that engaging anymore? This is where AI writing software tools come to the rescue. 

The Best AI Writing Tools

There are a bunch of AI content writing tools out there that might make you feel overwhelmed. Of course, when choosing any products or tools, you will have a lot of things you need to consider. If you are a blogger, then you may want to check if the AI tool is capable of writing long-form content. Does it have a plagiarism checker? Can it adapt to your tone and style of writing? Does the monthly plan/pricing fit your budget?

With all that said, I have here the 9 best AI content writing tools you can choose from so you won’t have to search the internet for hours:

1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an AI content writing tool perfect for bloggers, content creators social media managers, and email marketers. Copy.ai saves you time and energy in thinking of new content as they create content briefs and write 50-100 unique SEO-driven pieces per month. They present you with outlines, and full first drafts in just a few minutes! 

Copy.ai can already start doing the work for you once you give them a bit of context by entering a few sentences about your brand and product. After that, their AI content generator gives you multiple content suggestions for each campaign that you’re working on. Copy.ai’s editor will rewrite the paragraphs and polish up sentences, and you are good to go! 

More of Copy.ai’s services include: 

  • Blog content
  • Sales copy
  • Digital ad copy
  • Social media content
  • eCommerce copy
  • Website copy
  • And more! 

But do you want to know the best thing about Copy.ai? It’s completely free! Of course, you will have some limitations on the number of projects you can do. But if you want unlimited credits and projects as well as priority support, then you can start using their Pro plan for $49/month! 

2. Jasper

Jasper is another great AI content writing platform. If you are looking for the best AI writing tools that could help you write long-form content for blog posts, articles, books, scripts, and more. Aside from this, Jasper specializes in content that is keyword-rich and ranks for SEO. Aside from writing content from scratch, the tool can help repurpose existing content and make it better for ranking. 

Jasper also has a SurferSEO integration that will guide you and Jasper to optimize your blog post to rank at the top of search results. This AI writing tool can help write and translate to 25 different languages. 

More of their features and template include:

  • Paragraph generator
  • Text summarizer 
  • Product description
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Company Bio
  • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Photo post captions
  • And more! 

You can try Jasper for a 5-day free trial with 10,000 words. Their Starter plan starts at $29/month for 20,000 words monthly with access to all base templates, chat support, and more of their features.

Their Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month for 50,000 words monthly with everything in the Starter plan + powerful tools for writing full-length content (like blog posts) with added control & flexibility.

3. INK For All

Just as their website says, Ink For All is an all-in-one AI writing tool and text editing solution that can help you communicate with a purpose. INK makes it fast and easy to write content for your blog, social media, website copy, e-commerce, and more. For your older content, The INK rewrite AI can instantly rephrase your content with a single click and keep it updated and relevant each time. 

Aside from this, INK can help you optimize your content for it to be SEO-friendly and will show you how to beat your competitors. INK has been proven to increase your chances to rank on page 1 of Google by 450%, create content 5x faster, and increase headline clickthrough rates and user engagement with your content.

More of their features include: 

  • Paraphrasing
  • Topic suggestion
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Headline Optimizer
  • SEO Writing software
  • Google Chrome extension
  • And more! 

You can start using INK for free but with limitations of 22 sentence rewrites per day and 3 SEO keyword suggestions per month. If you want to get more perks with your content generation, then you can subscribe to their Starter plan ($22 per month), Pro SEO ($55 per month), and Team SEO Unlimited ($222 per month).

4. Scalenut

Just as their name implies, Scalenut gives you a simple and scalable way to produce content that serves your business goals. Its AI writing system combines SEO and NLP approaches to assist you in creating unique content and improving your page rankings. In terms of SEO, Scalenut gives full-fledged content reports (powered by industry best NLP) out of your single targeted keyword, that will help you exponentially rank in Google search results and other search engines. Aside from these, they will also suggest content ideas for blogs, presentations, product descriptions, and other copies. They will also give content feedback on the quality of your writing. 

More of their features include: 

  • AI writing 
  • Content grading
  • Competitive research
  • Chrome extension
  • SEO reports
  • And more! 

You can start using Scalenut by availing yourself of one of their monthly plans: Individual plan for $29 per month, Growth plan for $79 per month, and Pro plan for $149 per month. 

5. Rytr

Rytr is also on my list of the best AI writing tools. It’s a good beginner-friendly AI writing software as their platform or app is pretty direct to the point, with an easy and clean interface. In just a few seconds, Rytr can help generate catchy, original, and high-converting content for your blogs, emails, and more. You can choose from 30+ languages to write in your own or other languages for your clients, and you can write anything with the right emotion through 20+ tones of voice. Aside from this, the website has an SEO analyzer to find optimal keywords and create a well-written content brief.

Rytr also has extensive formatting options to make text richer and presentable to your readers or customers. You can create team accounts on the app to easily manage members, access, & billing from one place. 

More of their features include: 

  • Blog content idea and outline
  • Business idea pitch
  • Landing page and website copies
  • SEO meta title
  • Plugins
  • And more! 

Rytr has a free plan you can start with though you can only generate 5000* characters per month. If you want more freedom and accessibility to their features, you can subscribe to their Saver plan ($9 per month), and Unlimited plan ($29/month).

6. Creaitor

Also on my list of the best AI writing tools, Creaitor is another great software that helps you save a lot of hours writing content with their tools. The platform will give you content ideas, help you create them, and make suggestions and improvements to your existing content. Creaitor.ai also generates multilingual high-quality content. They also specialize in writing blog posts, Facebook ads copy, and more. 

More of their features include:  

  • AI writing
  • Translations 
  • Output storage
  • Multilingual support
  • And more.

You can start using Creaitor with either their Starter plan which is $29 per month, Professional plan which is $59 per month, or the Enterprise plan which is $99 per month. 

7. Outranking.io

Outranking.io is the ultimate AI SEO content writing software and assistant for ranking and organic traffic. Outranking content briefs and workflow automation make it easy to manage complex team environments. The platform also helps you deliver top-quality content that performs for your clients every time. Outranking.io also helps you plan, research, and deliver content within a few minutes with their powerful automation tools. 

They have first draft automation as well, then on-page automation which is where they optimize the content for higher SEO ranking. The platform can find existing pages on your site (using the Google search console) with the potential for higher rankings after some extra optimization. 

More of their features include: 

  • Keywords research
  • On-page Optimization Guidance
  • Internal link suggestions
  • SEO optimized outlines
  • 50+ Writing Methods
  • And more! 

You can start using Outranking.io with their Mega plan ($49 per month), Giga plan ($99 per month), or Tera plan ($189 per month).

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is probably one of the more well-known AI writing tools out there and for good reason. It’s an amazing AI writing tool since it doesn’t simply concentrate on your grammar. It also considers the overall tone and style of your writing, ensuring that your content is appropriate for the target audience.

You just need to install their extension and you can already get suggestions from Grammarly while you write in desktop applications and sites across the web—as you move between apps, social media, documents, messages, and emails.

More of their features include: 

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Essay Checker
  • Tone Detector
  • Style Guide
  • Snippets
  • Analytics
  • Brand Tones
  • And more! 

And the best thing about Grammarly is that you can already do a lot and use most of their features for free! But if you want no limitations, then you can subscribe to their Premium plan which is only $12 per month, and their Business plan (for teams, organizations, etc) which is only $15 per month. 

9. Frase

Frase is another excellent AI content writing tool if you are looking on publishing mostly long-form content. Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google. They will help you, research competitors, create content briefs, write and optimize content in one place. 

This tool is especially perfect for bloggers because they have several generators or templates for listicles, blog introductions, and more. And if you are a business owner, then they also have a product description generator! Frase is also trusted by some big brands such as Coursera, Digitas, Talk Space, and more. 

More of their features include: 

  • AI writer
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Domain authority and backlink data
  • Automated Content Briefs
  • Content Scoring
  • Custom Templates
  • Outline Builder
  • And more! 

You can get started with Frase with their Basic plan ($44.99 per month), Team plan ($114.99 per month), or Enterprise plan which Frase can customize and set a price range for your budget and needs. 

Why Is Content Important?

Creating new, informative content is vital to any business. If you are a blogger, content is especially important as that is the main thing users visit in your blog. And if you want your blog to rank high on Google, then you must frequently release content that is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having informative content on your blog also shows what level of expertise you have in your niche. For example, if you are a food blog but rarely post about new recipes or anything related to food or health, then your credibility as a food blogger will go down and no one will visit your website anymore.    

On the other hand, if you are a business owner or have an eCommerce store, then you need to have high-quality content on your website and products so that your customers can understand what you are selling. As a business, your content could range from press releases, landing pages, website copy, team members’ descriptions, sales copy, and more.

And if you are an influencer or social media manager, content matters if you want to be personal with your followers. A nice set of photos is usually not enough, and posting emojis as captions will feel impersonal. You have to think of content that will engage your followers and encourage them to comment on your posts. It can be in the form of a question or a story-telling.

But once you publish a content or blog post, it does not stop there. You also have to constantly update it for it to become relevant. Times are changing fast and so are the trends and you would not want your content to be left in the past and forgotten. 

More benefits of having quality content on a website, blog, or social media account include:

  • Builds trust with potential customers, readers, and followers
  • Increases traffic and SEO rankings
  • Increases your rank in search engines
  • Improved site score
  • Improved website usability
  • Improved user experience
  • Establishes yourself as an expert in your field
  • Reach a larger online audience

What Is an AI Writing Tool?

Now that you know the importance of having high-quality content, you must now ask yourself how to produce this content consistently. And if you are like me who is a busy mom managing several businesses and side hustles, then writing several articles per week can be time-consuming and lead to burnout. But thankfully, AI writing tools exist.  

To state it simply, Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools are programs that are designed to create original content for you. As we all know, AI technology is becoming more and more advanced, and let’s say, independent in the sense that you can rely on them to do the work for you. 

An AI-powered software writing assistant can help produce original and high-quality content for you like blog posts, copywriting, SEO writing, novels, and more! Aside from this, these tools can help you generate new ideas for your next blog post! A plagiarism checker is included in most AI writing tools to ensure that the created material is original and unique.

AI writing tools are especially perfect for busy moms who are running their own blog or business and do not have a team to help them. It is also perfect for marketers who need help in their company’s marketing needs in writing catchy taglines or content. 

These tools can help you save time and energy by creating professional and original content with just a few clicks.

Final Thoughts 

There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help when it comes to any business. And when it comes to content creation, it is perfectly understandable and acceptable to turn to AI writing tools because, just as I said, frequent content writing could lead to burnout which can lead to your blog or website’s failure. 

Just think of AI as a writing assistant or friend and not as something that will replace you. And with the right AI tools, they can speed up your job and help you grow your business even more. If you are on a tight budget, you can first try an AI tool that offers a free trial before subscribing to a plan. 

And if you have more AI writing tools in mind that I wasn’t able to mention, then feel free to comment them down below! 

Best AI Writing Tools

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