The Best AI SEO Software Tools For Content Creation And Google Ranking

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Are you having a hard time ranking your blog posts and website on Google? You may ask yourself: How do these blogs even get on the first page of Google search results? Well, the answer to that my friend is SEO and keyword research.

I know how you feel – you are itching to get to the Google search engine results page quicker. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? More people will be able to visit your website if that is the case.

SEO and keyword research should not be hard to learn. In fact, with the right content strategy and content optimization tool, you will be at the top in no time!

So, if you have zero to beginner knowledge about SEO, then do not worry because I have here the best AI SEO tools that can help you optimize your websites and blog posts for ranking on the first page of Google’s search results.

The Best AI SEO Tools On The Market

A well-optimized SEO content creation and content strategy can multiply the effects of ranking in search engine results, web visits, sales, and leads.
So, to help your content creation process be much easier and more effective, here are 10+ ai SEO software and tools to help improve SEO in your posts and optimize your website content.


Personally, SurferSEO is one of the best AI Seo tools you can find out there. Aside from its built-in AI content optimization, Surfer SEO uses and also gives you an effective SEO strategy to help optimize content for ranking.

SurferSEO is a top AI SEO since it presents you with suggested keywords that you can use in your post, along with the ideal word count, and more! But it does not stop there! Each week, you will receive new suggestions on how to improve and optimize your previously published content.

7 best ai seo

Surfer SEO has other wide range of tools you can use including:

  • Content strategy
  • Content suggestions
  • Niche full audit
  • Time saving integrations
  • AI writing assistant 
  • And more!

Try SurferSEO here.


RankIQ is an SEO platform that can create content or blog posts that can rank on Google’s first page. Their unique set of artificial intelligence SEO tools is created specifically for bloggers and companies that have blogs.

RankIQ helps you optimize your content by instructing you on what keywords to put in your blog post and title. Additionally, for each niche, they have a hand-selected library of the highest traffic, and least competitive keywords. This ensures that your content can easily reach the top page of the search engine.

top 10 ai seo software

More of their SEO efforts include:

  • Content Optimizer
  • Optimize Old posts
  • 30 SERP analysis
  • Keyword library
  • and more!

Check out RankIQ here.


Jasper is another great tool that can help write and optimize your content for SEO. This tool can help with keyword-rich words and phrases. Aside from writing content from scratch, Jasper can also help repurpose existing content and make it better for ranking. 

Jasper also has a SurferSEO integration wherein they will teach you how to make data-driven content, find the best keywords, create article outlines built for high rankings, and other technical SEO data you need to learn.
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More of Jasper’s features include:

  • Text summarizer 
  • Product Description
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • And more!

Get Jasper AI free trial here.


Neuronwriter is an AI writing and SEO tool that is based on semantic models, Google SERP analysis, and competition data which can help optimize your blog posts and have them reach the top place in search engine results.

This tool can help simplify SEO processes by already providing the keywords you need for your body of text and headings to increase your SEO ranking. Unlike other tools, NeuronWriter also has a list of questions that most users search in related to your keyword.

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More of NeuronWriter’s features include:

  • Content planner
  • Internal linking
  • Email support
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content analysis
  • And more!

Check out NeuronWriter here.

Tailwind Ghostwriter

You can now make Pinterest pin titles, descriptions, and any other content through Tailwind’s new feature: the Ghostwriter tool. Tailwind Ghostwriter’s advanced A.I. creates ready-to-post content in seconds so you can get rid of the time you spend thinking of great copies for your marketing strategy. 

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter tool has several AI SEO functions that produce natural-sounding content with the perfect grammar and even optimize your content to help you reach your goals! 

What I like in this offer is that you get an all-in-one tool – you can create your posts with Ghostwriter and schedule sharing them right away through Tailwind.

tailwind ghostwriter

You can try out Tailwind Ghostwriter even with the FREE plan here


Frase.IO is one of the best AI-powered SEO tools that can help you create and optimize content with the help of AI. Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that rank 1st on Google – in minutes instead of hours.

A very useful feature Frase has is that it has several ready-made templates and tools for articles, listicles, blog introductions, content briefs, and more! This tool will also research blogs that have the same content as you to help improve your SEO and outrank your competitors!

More of Frase.IO’s features include:

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Domain authority and backlink data
  • Automated Content Briefs
  • Custom Templates
  • Outline Builder
  • And more!

You can try out Frase.IO here.


SEMRush uses AI to help optimize your SEO content to get measurable results for online marketing. This software uses and also offers an SEO toolkit that enables you to conduct keyword research, monitor your rankings, and examines your competitors.

Their AI-powered tools include uncovering millions of national and local keywords, analyzing any domain’s backlink profile, tracking your SERP positions daily, and more!

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More of SEMRush’s features include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Market Analysis
  • And more!

You can check out SEMRush here.


Outranking.IO is an AI SEO software that helps accelerate your SEO content performance. The platform also enables you to consistently deliver high-quality content to your posts.

Aside from that, also enables you to plan, research, optimize, and deliver content in a matter of minutes. This SEO platform has over 40 on-page SEO optimization factors to help you outrank your competition.

artificial intelligence

More of Outranking.IO’s features include:

  • Keywords research
  • On-page Optimization Guidance
  • Internal link suggestions
  • SEO optimized outlines
  • 50+ Writing Methods
  • And more!

You can check out Outranking.IO here.


WriterZen is your all-inclusive SEO tool when it comes to optimizing your content for ranking – from topic discovery, keyword research, AI writer, and plagiarism checking, to content creation.

If you are no SEO expert, do not worry because you can choose from the billions of keywords mined directly from Google Keyword & Google Suggest Database so you know that these are the keywords that are searched the most.
Aside from these, WriterZen will also show you the top 20 competitor articles so you can know what to include in your post and what you can do to be better than them.
More of WriterZen’s features include:
  • Built-in Templates (over 60 templates)
  • Golden keyword filter
  • Competitors headlines generators 
  • Keyword Import
  • And more!

You can check out WriterZen here.

Squirrly SEO

If you are using WordPress, then you need to check out Squirrly. Squirrly is one of the best SEO software on WordPress and the best thing about it is that it’s free and very easy to install!

Squirrly will let you know exactly what steps to take in order to achieve better Google rankings and get more organic traffic – all in your WordPress dashboard.

Aside from this, Squirrly makes it easy for you to monitor your performance and keep track of how well your SEO efforts are paying off with automatic notifications and engaging visuals.

More of Squirrly SEO’s features include:

  • SEO Live Assistant
  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Snippet Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Google SERP Checker
  • And more!

You can install Squirrly SEO for FREE here.

Ink For All

INK (Ink For All) doesn’t require you to have any SEO skills or do extensive keyword research because they do all these jobs for you. INK can help you create and optimize your content so that it can be more SEO-friendly. Aside from this, they will show you how to beat your competitors effectively.
INK is your trusty SEO specialist and has been proven to increase your chances to rank on page 1 of Google by 450%! The platform can also help you create content 5x faster, and increase headline clickthrough rates and user engagement in a short period of time.
More of Ink For All’s features include:
  • Paraphrasing
  • Topic suggestion
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Headline Optimizer
  • SEO Writing software
  • Google Chrome extension

You can try out Ink For All for free or with upgrades here.


Diib is an SEO automation tool that can help automate and optimize your SEO content, provide benchmarks against your competitors, and give you new keyword and content ideas in just a few minutes!

The good thing about Diib is that if your business website’s SEO experiences a rankings drop on Google, the platform will let you know what page on your website was affected and what changes you can do to fix it.

More of Diib’s features include:

  • Website Monitoring
  • Advanced predictive algorithm
  • Security, speed, and SEO overview
  • Monitoring your competitors
  • and more!

You can start using Diib here.

Alli AI

Alli AI is another SEO optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify SEO processes through an all-in-one software tailored for each client.

With Alli AI, you can optimize your site and content, do keyword research, track your rankings, audit your site and build backlinks all within a couple of minutes. This platform will give you full site audits that contain a step by step on site action plan for your content and website. Aside from this Alli AI is compatible in some of the most used blogging and ecommerce platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

More of Alli AI’s features include:

  • Customize Automations
  • Keyword Library
  • Top Backlink Opportunities
  • SEO Automation
  • And more!

You can try out Alli AI here.


Rytr is your all-in-one SEO tool perfect for beginners. Their platform and app are very direct to the point and easy to navigate and use.

Rytr can help you create engaging, unique, and high-converting content for your blogs, emails, and more in only a few seconds. And yes, all are optimized with competitive keywords for ranking.

This SEO software also offers an SEO analyzer to find optimal keywords and create a well-written content brief.

More of Rytr’s features include:

  • Blog content idea and outline
  • Business idea pitch
  • Landing page and website copies
  • SEO meta title
  • Plugins
  • And more!

You can check out Rytr here.


WriteSonic helps you create SEO optimized long form content that reaches up to 1500 words. Its AI technology is intended to either assist you in writing or help you in increasing website traffic and sales through SEO optimized content.
Writesonic’s software for SEO can help you create advertisements copies, websites, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, and much more.
More of WriteSonic’s features include:
  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Digital ad copy
  • Article writer
  • Fix grammar mistakes 
  • SEO assistant 
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Customer Support
  • Keyword Research
  • And more!

You can try out WriteSonic here.

Can I Rank

Can I Rank is an AI-powered automated SEO tool that suggests pages to optimize and keywords that you should target. Additionally, it examines the backlinks of your competitors and offers suggestions for websites to target for link building.

Can I Rank provides you with daily recommendations for tasks to complete and monitors changes in your rankings. Can I Rank collects data using AI from various websites and competitors before going above and beyond by offering suggestions.

Aside from this, this software also will consistently notify you of new content ideas, ranking changes, link opps, & more.
More of Can I Rank’s features include:
  • Keyword Research
  •  Keyword ROI Score
  • SERP Analysis
  • SEO Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Progress Reports
  • And more!

You can try out Can I Rank here.


WordLift is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps you create content that is aligned with your brand while helping you rank in Google searches quicker. Through WordLift, you can automate your SEO by adding structured data to your website and building a custom Knowledge Graph.
You can also receive semantic analytics with this tool so you can understand the things that are needed to be improved.
More of WordLift’s features include:
  • SEO Review and Audit
  • Semantic SEO
  • Structured data
  • Website Testing & Analysis
  • Content Marketing Initiatives
  • And more!

You can check out WordLift here.


MarketMuse is an artificial intelligence software designed for content planning and SEO optimization. Aside from showing you opportunities on how to rank better, MarketMuse will also provide you a list of your biggest risks to avoid that can negatively affect your site.

Aside from these, the platform also has a content inventory and audit solution that measures content quality and authority across your domain. My favorite part about MarketMuse is that it has a text editor that gives you real-time feedback on how well your content covers a topic.

More of MarketMuse’s features include:

  •  Internal and external linking
  • Advanced SERP features
  • Keyword library
  • AI-generated content briefs
  • Content inventory
  • and more!

You can check out MarketMuse here.


MarketBrew is an artificial intelligence SEO software tool that can help you can keep track of and learn about changes to any search engine’s algorithm. It is the best software if you want to keep track of any algorithm updates to search engines like Google, Bing, and more.

And just like many SEO tools, MarketBrew helps you in improving your search engine rankings by giving you optimized keywords and content suggestions.

The unique feature of this is that users can test their website changes in the platform and can immediately predict how their actual ranking results will be affected months before those changes show up in their rank trackers.

More of MarketBrew’s features include:

  • SEO and Results Analysis
  • Link Flow Distribution
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies
  • Keyword Library
  • And more!

You can check out MarketBrew here.


Ahrefs is an SEO software that is used by millions of content marketers, bloggers, and business owners all across the globe. Aside from helping you make high-quality content, Ahrefs can also help improve your SEO strategy.

Ahrefs has on-page SEO tools that can help you with keyword research, link building, to planning your SEO strategy. Another good thing about this AI tool is that it includes a Site Audit feature that will assist you in locating and resolving any on-site SEO problems that might be giving problems to the performance of your website.

team of human seo experts

More of Ahrefs’ features include:

  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer
  • And more!

Check out Ahrefs here.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

Why is SEO important and why do I need to apply it to my content?

Developing fresh, informative content is essential for any business and blog since it is one of the primary reasons a user will visit your website. So, let’s say you do have published high-quality and informative content – how will users find you and how will you appear on Google’s search results?

The answer to that is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To put it in simple terms, SEO is the science of improving and optimizing a website to increase its visibility when people search for certain keywords. These are the keywords that users type in the search engine when they ask questions.

This means that you will have to improve your content by including keyword-rich content that is related to your website or brand if you want your blog to appear in their results page.

So, why is SEO important? Let’s say you have a well-written article but it does not include any keywords of that topic, then users who are searching for that topic will not see your post since it is not in the search engine results.

When it comes to SEO optimization, you will have to optimize not only your blog articles but also your website page. Yes, this includes the home page, the captions for the images you use, titles and headlines, and basically anything that you put texts or content in.

Why You Should Use AI SEO Software Optimization Tools

I know SEO can be quite overwhelming and some terminologies are too much for a complete beginner. But this does not mean that you have to completely give up on learning about SEO.

In fact, there are tools out there that can do all the work for you, all the while teaching you all the things you need to learn about SEO!

These are AI SEO Software Optimization tools. These AI SEO tools help businesses and bloggers in automating tasks and simplify and optimize new and old content.

 So, no, you do not need to find or pay an SEO agency for you or any digital marketing experts. These AI SEO tools can help you in every step of the content creation process.

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