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If you are on this post, then I am sure that you already know how Pinterest can be a great place when it comes to free blog and website traffic. But if you are curious about how you can go viral on Pinterest in no time, then I have some effective Pinterest tips and tricks for you.

If you follow me for a while now, you probably know that the majority of traffic comes to my blog from pins that went viral on Pinterest.
The first viral pin that created a spike in pageviews (check screenshot below) happened on my blog exactly one year ago, on a Saturday, Sept 16th, 2017. So I decided to celebrate this day and share with you all that I know about getting my pins go viral on Pinterest consistently.
Did I mention that traditionally my blog’s traffic is higher on weekends since Pinterest users are most active on these days? Anyway, now you know it. And keep that in mind, it is very important for getting your pins viral on Pinterest to pin at the right time and days.
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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual platform and is used to find fresh inspirational stuff, which frequently involves people looking to buy something. People usually create a Pinterest account to save their favorite images and organize them into different Pinterest boards while looking for home, food, gifts, or DIY project inspiration.

Pinterest is unlike your other social media platform. In fact, you should view Pinterest as something like Google – a search engine.

But on Pinterest, it is a visual search engine which means that when you type something (a topic or a niche) in the Pinterest search bar, images will pop up in the search results.

What is a Viral Pin? Examples of Viral Pins from My Blog

So, what is considered a viral pin? There is no specific number that defines a viral pin. Does it start from 1000 repins? Maybe, but if you have many posts with over 1000 repins, which one of them is viral?
The one with 100,000 repins probably looks more viral in this case. Here is one of the most viral pins that drives me a lot of traffic, it currently has over 100k repins.
Once this Pinterest pin received 1.1 Million impressions and 12.5K clicks to my site in 30 days (based on Pinterest Analytics reporting). I was honestly surprised to see it myself. I use Pinterest now as one of my main source in driving traffic to my blog.
On this website, I feature a select number of partners and companies that have products that could help my audience. When you purchase something through my partner links, I might get paid for the referral at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.
I’ve got my first viral pin on Pinterest and first 6,600/pageviews a day to my blog on Sept 16, 2017!
So, you can see from my Google Analytics stats, until September 16th last year, my blog’s traffic was growing pretty slow and I had some traffic spikes but they were not even close as big as this one in September.

Just to remind you, it was about 1.5 months before Halloween and I already had a viral pin about Halloween. Check the screenshot below and you will see that I’ve got 6600 pageviews from Pinterest just to one post in a day!
How to Go Viral on Pinterest
And it was just the beginning. This post kept driving me crazy traffic until Nov 4th after which obviously Halloween as a topic was no more trending on Pinterest.
During the last week, my holiday related posts (Halloween, Thanksgiving) started taking off with the old viral pins and some new pins I created for the same old posts. At the moment, out of the top 10 posts on my blog, 4 are with fall holiday-related content.

How To Go Viral On Pinterest

Well, if you haven’t posted any holiday-related content and plan to get Pinterest traffic, it’s time to act now! You can still get on this train and catch up some extra traffic.
It is important to keep up with the Pinterest trends so you don’t miss out on the chance of getting viral. Consider working on Christmas-related content at the beginning of October as well.
You can find a way to turn almost any topic around holidays, whether you are a recipe blogger, a DIY, crafts, home decor blogger, even if you are writing about sales and business, you can give some tips on how people could leverage the holiday season buyers activity.
Now, what should you do to get some traffic to your website and to your old holiday-related posts?
  1. Create a business account. The first thing you need to do is to create a Pinterest business account so you can track the success and analytics for the pins. You can’t do these on a personal Pinterest account.
  2. Find in Google Analytics your old most popular pins and repin them to all relevant boards (better if you make it with intervals using Tailwind scheduler).
  3. Create 2-3 new pin versions for old posts and also include them into your schedule so that the new pins can also compete for the same Pinterest keywords in search results. This is one easy way to make a pin go viral. Yes, it happens a lot that your old and new pins for the same post show up in Pinterest search, and this is great because you get more changes for a click-through to your site.
  4. Focus on pin design. No one will click on your pin if it does not look attractive. You want to make sure that your pins are vertical, have bright images, and are clickworthy.
  5. Do keyword research. Your chances of going viral will increase if you include keywords to your pins, Pinterest titles, and descriptions.
If you want to learn more about driving viral (free, organic) Pinterest traffic to your blog, you can keep reading my blog of course because I share here some tips.
Or you make a jump-start on Pinterest and grab the essence of all my Pinterest expertise in a week by taking my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course.
As promised, to celebrate the anniversary of my first viral pin ever, I do a Flash sale for my course this weekend.

How Does Pinterest Algorithm work?

To put it simply, the Pinterest algorithm works to keep users on the platform by presenting them with the highest quality of pins and images. Some variables that Pinterest often looks for to create viral content are the engagement rate, keywords, user’s search query, and user’s activity on the platform.

You may want to look at the four factors of their algorithm that make a successful Pinterest pin:

  1. Domain quality – Your blog is identified by Pinterest based on domain quality. By looking at the popularity of the pin that originated from your website, it essentially tells Pinterest what the quality of your website is. If people are sharing your pins within your blog or website and it get more clicks there, Pinterest will view that as a source of excellent content and raise the quality of your domain. So you have to make sure you use Pinterest pins at the end of your blog posts. It is important to not skip claiming your website on the Pinterest platform.
  2. Pin quality – The quality of your pin will be determined by the engagement your pins receive from Pinterest users, according to the search engine algorithm. So, you want your pins to be consistently high quality and have the best content.
  3. Pinner quality – Pinner quality refers to the effectiveness of your content on the platform. It looks at the effectiveness of your pins (if pinners will engage with your pin), and how often you pin or post new content. So, be sure to create enough beautiful pins that people will search for.
  4. Topic Relevance – Pinterest looks at your keywords when determining whether to show your content when a user searches for something. So, if you want to make traffic with Pinterest, you really have to include keywords.

How To Create Viral Pins On Pinterest

Ever since I started using Pinterest, I have had several pins of mine go viral which in turn gave me free clickthroughs and traffic to my blogs. Pinterest recommends my pins to users when they search for a specific topic or pin that I have uploaded.

So, if you want to get easy and free traffic from Pinterest, I have here some quick tips and tricks to help you learn how to go viral on the platform.

1. Create Images that Generate Clicks

A pin can go viral without any special keywords or much effort just because the image or text on the pin is so irresistible that you get people to click through and save your pins to their boards.
This is why I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important is the graphical quality and creative part of your pins. Pinterest wants high quality images on their platform.
You don’t need to make all the images on Pinterest vertical pin sized, but you have to create at least one ideal click-worthy pin for each post on your blog.  

2. Leverage the Power of Pinterest SEO

This one is huge. And until today, so many bloggers have no idea how to optimize their accounts, boards, pins and blog posts for Pinterest. This includes using the right keywords for your pin or post title and descriptions.
This also includes optimizing and adding relevant keywords to your about me on Pinterest, your Pinterest boards, and more!

3. Timing on Pinterest

Virality of your pins depends a lot on timing. If you pin Christmas-related pins in May, you should not expect many repins. Most probably, closer to Christmas you’ll need to create new pins to get some traffic to the same post.
The gap between May and Chrismas is huge, however, if you pin 1.5-2 months in advance getting ready for any holiday or seasonal trend, you will be in the best position.
We started this post with Halloween posts, and just like last year, I started pinning about Halloween in August.
Pinterest will use this time to gain some data about your pin (from the boards it was saved to, from the keywords and interests of people who saved it) – so that when Halloween is getting closer, your pin already has all this info assigned to it and can compete with other pins.
The second important timing factor is pinning when your main audience is active on Pinterest. For my content, the best time to pin is 9-10 pm EST and on weekends I get higher engagements and traffic. To make sure the new pin gets early engagement, I save it when my audience (US, mostly female users) are on Pinterest and have some free time to read and save pins.
If you live in a different time zone and while your audience is active you are asleep (this is my case by the way), you should check out Tailwind Pinterest scheduler.

4. Upload and Try Different Pin Types

I highly suggest that each time a new feature on Pinterest comes out and you get access to it, you immediately try it out. Why? It’s because Pinterest gives extra boosting to pins that have their new feature so other users can see and try this new update. Most of the time, it will be new pin types.

Did you know that there are several types of pins on Pinterest now? Aside from the usual, standard image pins, we now have video pins!

Video pins are basically what it is: videos or animations but in the form of pins. 

With that said, make sure to create different types of pins because I assure you that these pins will stand out!

5. Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

I have already mentioned this in point number 3 but I want to put more emphasis on Pinterest boards because they are usually overlooked. Optimizing your Pinterest boards with the right keywords and saving relevant pins to them help Pinterest determine what kind of niche your account is.

And once the platform knows what niche you are in, it will start recommending your content to your target audience.

I suggest making several Pinterest boards with every subcategory. For example, if you are a recipe blog or your business is about food, you may want to create various food-related boards such as “Keto Recipes”, “Holiday Recipes”, “Food For Weight Loss”, and such.

This works great for other niches as well!

How Does Pinterest Work For Businesses?

Pinterest is a great place if you want to promote your business or website for free. If you are an eCommerce owner or you are selling a product, then Pinterest is the perfect place to showcase your product images. With just a few searches on the search bar in Pinterest, you will find Pinterest users who upload and save gift pins or holiday-related DIY stuff and more to their boards.

So, if you are one who sells physical or even digital products, then know that Pinterest will bring you the traffic and sales you need!

If you are a content creator, you should learn how to become a Pinterest creator in the first place. You will find several podcasters, Youtubers, bloggers, and even Instagrammers who promote their content on Pinterest!

This is because, unlike Google which takes months or even years for you to appear in their search results, Pinterest only takes just a few days to boost your content to several people.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the many Pinterest users now and make your content viral!
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How to Get your Post Go Viral on Pinterest


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  1. Wow, this blog post certainly motivated me to get back into Pinterest…I need to read and apply your methods for SEO on Pinterest as well. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest, so I need to focus more on it.
    I’ve always wondered about repinning the same pins onto the same boards when using Tailwind – wouldn’t this duplicate and triplicate the pins? Is that OK to do? I understood and am aligned with creating multiple pins for the same blog post and I’ll try that strategy. If I get 1% of the traffic you’re getting, I’d be happy 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. Really inspiring. Have just started using Pinterest for my blogs, after being inspired by Pinterest success stories like yours. Will see how it turns out.

    Keep up the good work.

    BTW I am also following you on YouTube.


  3. Thank so much for this amazing post. this gives me ideia about the images i shoud create. I am join your free masterclass. about pinterest… thank youuuu

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