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DIY – Crafts – Home Décor? Are you thinking of starting a website in one of these niches but maybe you are thinking that they are too competitive? Or that you can’t make enough money with your passion or your hobby.
Ok, listen up. Your assumptions are totally wrong and I’ll prove you in this post that you can:

  • a) grow a website in these niches really fast and I’ll show you how you can do it with Pinterest free traffic and
  • b) I will show you that you can actually make a very good living running a website about the things that you love! I’ll show you a lady who managed to turn her hobby into a 7-figure business in just 3 years, and many other bloggers who paid off their loans and have built a new lifestyle for themselves and their families. 

Here is the plan for this post:

  1. Income Growth Potential

First, I will show you the income potential of these niches. I like to start with inspiration and when you see a few real people and some details of their income streams, you definitely feel more confident starting your own blog or even e-commerce store in one of these niches. 

  1.  How to Get Free Traffic Fast 

In the second part of this post, I will show you how you can use Pinterest as the best way to get as much free traffic to your website as possible. I will also mention other traffic generating ideas that work great for these niches even though they might require more time and effort than Pinterest, so they could be your next steps after you establish your site on Pinterest. 

So let’s dive into it! 

Income Growth Potential

Debby from TheFlooringGirl now makes consistently over 20k/mo with her blog covering home décor and flooring tips.

Just to inspire you, Debby is a person who started her blog because she was in a very critical financial situation. She had a huge debt to pay. Actually, this blog helped her a lot.

You will see here the exact sources of her income:

She earns on average about 7k dollars per month only with Amazon affiliate links on her site, she also makes a few more thousand dollars on other affiliate programs, and about 7k with display ads on her site. 

She also makes a lot of money from ads on her site. 

I’d like to also show you this DIY blog by Jennifer from Jennifer Maker. She published her latest income report on the blog in 2017 when she made almost 15k dollars. But actually, she is the one making now 7-figures with her blog business, and she just stopped sharing her income reports on the blog pages and sends her reports only to the people who are signed up to her email list.

But first, let’s have a look at her latest income report published on the site.
She made in the month of September $900 from display ads. She made the majority of her income with her own product that is targeting people who like Cricut machines and would like to learn how to use them. My mind is completely blown away when I think that it’s possible to sell products to such a narrow audience.

And in some of her latest income reports from Dec 2019, she shared that she made about 40k in one month only with display ads on her DIY blog. We’re talking about the same blog that made only $900 last 2017 from her ads. I just want to make a little note here that December is the last month for the highest season in ad income. So the RPM or the payment you get for a thousand visitors on your site is the highest in that month. 

You can tell even how ad income is very much scalable if you know what you are doing and you are using quality traffic sources. The second income stream was her Youtube channel through Google Adsense. She made over $8k just from ads on her Youtube channel.

And I can also show you her October 2019 income report because in here you can see her exact affiliate revenue for that month. And just with the Amazon affiliate program, she made over $4000.

This blogger from published her latest income report of about 9000 dollars. About 5.5k was made with display ads, the rest was distributed between affiliate programs, Youtube ad income, and her own products sold on Etsy.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and now moving to the second part – I promised to show you why Pinterest is the best place for you to get traffic fast if you start a website in one of these niches. 

How to Get Free Traffic Fast 

Let’s look at Pinterest’s Audience Insights. And from here, you will click on “All Pinterest Users”. And inside this report, you will see that DIY and crafts, and home decor are some of the top niches. And if you click one of them, you will see additional subcategories and topics and their popularity.

I also invite you to check out the Categories page on Pinterest because on this page you will see some of the biggest niches on Pinterest. 

And if I open the DIY and Home Improvement category, you will see here that there are almost 68 million followers of this niche. 

And on Home Decor, this niche has 139 million followers. 

If you scroll down to the Related topics of each category, you can find some additional ideas of what can be the narrower niche inside this big niche.

Going back to our successful bloggers, I just want to show you how they use Pinterest to drive traffic to their site. So, Debby has over 7 million monthly viewers on her account. And you can see how many boards she has – it’s almost 400 boards. So she’s doing A LOT of work on Pinterest. 


She also mentioned in her income report that she is using Pinterest Strategies that allow her to gain 140,000 to 180, 000 pageviews a month on her blog.

I can tell you that Google SEO is not easy for beginners because you need time and patience while you’re building backlinks and writing long articles. It’s not the same Pinterest because here you can get traffic within several months. 

Here is another example of one of my students in my Pinterest SEO Traffics Course and she has a site on a pretty narrow niche. She’s focusing on sewing tutorials. 

I’m really proud looking at her account now when I see that she has reached 9m monthly viewers from her previous 6m. I know for sure that her blog was accepted in the Mediavine network. I’m really happy that Pinterest gave her site this initial boost in getting traffic and money to her site. 

If you ask me what’s her secret and what she’s doing differently, you can tell that she has a ton of boards and they are all optimized for SEO. You can see that she has a lot of keywords included in her board descriptions. You can tell that she’s working hard on her account by adding little descriptions on her pins. She has this huge variety of styles and design of her pins.

If you are interested in joining my Pinterest SEO Traffic Course, you can visit it here. Also, I have a free Pinterest Masterclass here.

Now, let’s go back to the account of Jennifer Maker. She has over 10m monthly viewers and you can tell that she focuses on DIY and Home Decor. She has over 172 boards and her following is quite big as well. 

And if you think of some inspiration on growing your Pinterest account, then take a look at her account and see how different her pin styles are. However, she’s giving focus on her text overlays which are really easy to read.

You will also notice that her text overlays are at the top of her pins. This is the recommended

Strategy because I would say that in this home decor and DIY niche because users will just like your images if you just take photos of your craft. But if you don’t give them a reason to click on your pin, they will not go to your site.

And if I go to Sewrella, you will see the same pattern. She has a huge number of viewers on Pinterest and I am sure she gets a ton of traffic from Pinterest. She also added lately a lot of video pins. You will notice that in video pins, there are different engagement icons and this helps the video pins stand out. Not just because they are moving pins, but also because they have very different types of engagement that is not available in regular pins.

And I can tell you that for bloggers and e-commerce stores and anyone who is selling handmade products, it’s a very good strategy to have this video pins and show the creative process because it really matches this niche. So, video pins really work great in anything related to craft and DIY. Since there are not many video pins on Pinterest, the platform is trying hard on supporting creators who create this special format of pins. 

I have a video where I show you how you can create video pins on Canva:

As promised, I will not just talk about Pinterest so I will also mention other traffic sources for each blog. 

For Debby, her biggest traffic source is Google. 

For Jennifer Maker, Youtube is probably a great traffic and income source for her. 

And if you think even if she became this big because she started years ago, then you are mistaken. Her earliest video is actually just added 3 years ago. And then she started getting serious about her videos which she resumed uploading just 2 years ago. 

And as I mentioned, video format is great for this niche. This is Sewrella’s Youtube account and you will see here that she also has a lot of subscribers.

Youtube is not an easy type of content creation. And getting traction on Google is not so easy as it takes time. But I am not telling you that you should not focus on Pinterest forever, but as a beginner, it can give you a great boost for your traffic and income.

If you found this post useful, you might want to save THIS PIN below to your Pinterest Marketing board to check the post later when new updates are announced.

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