15 Healthy Fall Soups – Easy Fall Soup Recipes for Autumn

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Is there anything that can make you feel comfortable and warm as fall soups? Get this amazing collection of fall soup recipes and enjoy the tastes of butternut squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other seasonal vegetables. 

15. Hot Italian Sausage White Bean Soup

This Italian Sausage white bean soup is everything I wanted and more for the cold snap.

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14. Slow Cooker Stew

Looking for something warm, heart…and easy? Then this slow cooker stew is perfect! Made with beef, wild game, or chicken, it’s sure to hit the spot!

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13. Creamy White Bean Spinach Soup-InstantPot-Vegan

CREAMY WHITE BEAN SPINACH SOUP makes a nourishing and comforting meal full of delicate flavors and refreshing taste. You will enjoy this plant-based protein-rich soup loaded with super greens. This vegan, gluten-free soup will surely hit all the right spots on your wholesome food quest. This recipe is so creamy and hearty that everyone will enjoy eating it!

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12. Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Roasted pumpkin soup is glúten-free, dairy-free, vegan, low carb, paleo and keto recipe. Easy to make and also healthy. It is a perfect appetizer or a perfect meal.

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11. Dairy-Free Chicken and Gnocchi Soup {Olive Garden Copycat + GF}

A creamy and fuss-free Olive Garden copycat, this dairy-free Chicken and Gnocchi Soup is the ultimate comfort food. A healthy, dairy-free, and gluten-free take on a classic, this amazing soup can be made in the Instant Pot, crockpot, or on the stovetop.

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10. Easy Healthy Black Bean Soup

This Easy Healthy Black Bean Soup is hearty and cozy comforting. It’s super easy to make, tastes heavenly and gets ready in 20 minutes. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free and freezer friendly. And it is easy to adapt to your dietary preferences. Instructions for Instant Pot and stovetop cooking are included.

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9. Minestrone Soup | Slimming World Friendly

This hearty Minestrone Soup is perfect for a warming lunch or dinner. A healthy vegetable soup that’s low in calories and big on flavor! Make a big batch and use my easy freezer hack to store.

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8. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili that’s loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy delicious veggies. A hearty vegan meal ready in 30-minutes.

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7. Hearty chicken vegetable soup – video tutorial

This hearty chicken vegetable soup is perfect for chilly days! Packed with vegetables and easy to make on the stove or your Instant Pot.

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6. Carrots and Ginger Soup

In cold winter days, there’s nothing better than a soup to warm up. This is a low carb soup because it is made without potatoes. Cauliflower replaces potatoes. So this soup is perfect for those who are dieting. It is also a vegan and paleo recipe.

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5. Vietnamese One Pot Beef and Pumpkin Stew

Rich and hearty One Pot Beef and Pumpkin Stew, packed with traditional Vietnamese classic flavors

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4. Keto Chicken Vegetable Soup

Easy Keto Chicken Vegetable Soup is set to not only wow you but make you feel whole and well! A gut healing, wellness soup in every mouthful!

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3. Easy Beef Stew {Instant Pot, Slow-Cooker, Gluten-Free, Paleo, AIP, Whole30}

This easy beef stew can be made in either an Instant Pot or Slow-Cooker. A hearty and savory beef stew with tender beef chunks and your favorite vegetables. A healthy and comforting meal that is gluten-free and dairy-free. It’s perfect for those following the Paleo, Auto-Immune Protocol or Whole30 diet.

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2. Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo

Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo topped over rice.

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1. Vegan Potato Soup

Thick, hearty and creamy Vegan Potato Soup. It’s really simple to make and very budget-friendly. You can enjoy it just as it is, or get crazy with toppings. I like to finish mine off with some crumbled tempeh bacon, crispy roasted potato chunks & a sprinkle of parsley for a pop of color!

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