7 Steps On How to Become a Pinterest Manager and Work Remotely (2023)

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Have you finally taken the step to quit your full time corporate job and start an online business of your own? Are you tired of going through traffic and you just want to work from home?

If you are here, then I am sure you are looking for ways on how you can make money by just working from home while wearing your pajamas. I mean, who wouldn’t want this, right? You will be able to manage your time, spend time with your family, and avoid going through the morning traffic.

This is even more perfect for at home moms that still need to earn easy full-time income while taking care of their family!

And yes, you can make being a Pinterest manager a full time job and your main source of income!

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place because I will tell you about one of my top income-generating businesses: learn how to become a Pinterest Manager or a Pinterest virtual assistant.

How to Become a Pinterest Manager and Work Remotely

And everything you need about the process and how-to’s to becoming one is right here in this post.

But before we get started on the job details on how to become a Pinterest manager, you must have first an idea of what Pinterest is.



First and foremost, before you start searching for Pinterest manager jobs, you will first have to know and understand what Pinterest is. I know that whenever someone mentions Pinterest, what most people will think of are just aesthetic images and quotes. I mean, they are not wrong on that. But what they do not know is Pinterest is so much more.

Did you know that I have successfully built my online business just through Pinterest? Yes, I get my blog viewers and most of my page views from Pinterest, and most of my course students are from there. 

So, in a nutshell, Pinterest is used for discovering new inspirational content, which includes in many cases, users with buyer intent or those who want to make a purchase.

People who often search for recipes, DIY ideas, home decor inspirations, and more, come on Pinterest. So think of it as Google, but with images. Everything you need from infographics to phone wallpapers is on the Pinterest platform.

And just like Google, Pinterest aims to answer a question. Another best thing about Pinterest is that you can freely promote yourself and your Pinterest manager services for free!

You just need to make a nice, attractive pin, use the right keywords on your title and pin descriptions, and you are all good to go. 

This means that if you are an online business selling something, a life coach that has something to offer, a blogger, or an entrepreneur planning to promote your business, then Pinterest is the best place for you. 

Get Started: What Is A Pinterest Manager?

Because individuals, content creators, and online business owners alike are now seeing the benefits of Pinterest, the competition on the platform has now become a bit harder. These online business owners will probably have to put twice the effort into making eye-catching pins, scheduling them, adding descriptions, filling up their boards, and more. 

Now the question is, do business owners even have time to do all that amount of work and repeat the entire process per day? Take into consideration that they have to focus on their business itself and maybe their employees. So, this is where a Pinterest manager comes in. And mind you, Pinterest managers are in high demand.

A Pinterest manager is a Pinterest expert or Pinterest VA who assists businesses in meeting their marketing objectives using the platform. A Pinterest manager is familiar with the platform and efficient Pinterest marketing strategy and best practices. Pinterest managers ensure that their clients receive a good amount of Pinterest traffic, allowing their clients to focus on other elements of their business.

And the good news is that you do not have to go through an intense learning curve or have a specific degree to become a Pinterest manager or Pinterest virtual assistant. You can start with just some basic skills!

Get Started: What Is A Pinterest Manager?

Pinterest Manager Services: What Does A Pinterest Manager Do?

Now you may ask: What does a Pinterest Manager actually do? How do you become a Pinterest manager? The possibilities on how to become a Pinterest manager are endless and it could be overwhelming at times – that is why bloggers and business owners alike are now searching for highly capable Pinterest managers.  

And to put it simply, if you want to become a Pinterest manager, you will have to handle everything that happens on their clients’ Pinterest accounts. This will include creating a Pinterest account to building a Pinterest marketing strategy, to even handling their affiliate links. And of course, you will have to gain the expected results like an increase in page views, brand awareness, and more.

Here are some Pinterest manager services that could be expected from you: 

  • Creating A New Business Account

As a business owner, your client’s Pinterest account must be a business account or convert their existing account into a Business one. This is because Pinterest business accounts have much more to give than a personal account. On business Pinterest accounts, you can track the analytics of your pins and your audience. 

So in becoming a Pinterest manager, you will have to make your clients’ Pinterest profile into a business one.

Aside from this, A Pinterest business account will let you enable Rich Pins which is a type of Pin that offers more information about your blog post or website. For product Pins, that include pricing information and other product specs. For recipe Pins, this can include the list of ingredients, etc. This is also beneficial for SEO ranking as it can give you more keywords. 

How to create a business Pinterest account:

To get started on Pinterest, I will make your Pinterest manager life a little bit easier.

I have here the steps on how to create a Pinterest business account: 

Step 1. From the top-right of your screen, click Sign up
Step 2. Click Create a business account
Step 3. Enter your Email, Create a password and enter your Age
Step 4. Click Create account
Step 5. Fill out the fields to Build your Pinterest profile, then click Next
Step 6. Fill out the fields to Describe your business, then click Next
Step 7. Select if you want to run ads, then click Next
Step 8. Select where you’d like to start or click the x icon to go to your new Pinterest business account.

  • Use Keywords And SEO-Friendly Content

A Pinterest manager should be able to use SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization) descriptions and titles on the pins. I know this might sound intimidating but there are several free online tools that can help you with this. But to put it simply, SEO are keywords that will help you rank on a particular topic.

How to create a business Pinterest account - profile optimization

For example, you are in the recipe niche. Then you may want to use keywords like “healthy recipes” “weight loss recipes”, and more depending on your topics. 

Some amazing and free SEO keyword research tools are Ubersuggest and KeywordsEverywhere.

  • Pinterest Board Creation

If you want to become a Pinterest Manager, you have to strategically organize your clients’ pins per topic or niche. Again, you can use SEO-friendly keywords for the boards’ titles and descriptions. For example, you can create several boards under recipes such as; “Keto Recipes”, “Vegetarian Recipes”, “Low Carb Recipes”, and more. 

create pinterest boards

Another bonus is to join group boards! If your clients are completely starting from scratch, then a good method to gain followers and repins on your pins is by joining group boards. Through this, you will just have to publish the pins on a specific (and related) group board and just wait for the other members of that group board to repin your post. 

  • Creating And Designing Pins

A Pinterest manager should also have an eye for design. But this does not mean you have to be an expert at Photoshop. What I mean by this is that you must know what kind of images look attractive to people. If you do not have Photoshop, then do not worry because you can easily use Canva which is an online design tool that you can use for free! And the best thing about this?

They have readily-made Pinterest pin templates you can take advantage of!

Canva Pin Design

  • Scheduling and Posting Pins

As a Pinterest Manager, you will also have to handle the posting and scheduling of pins. But before you do that, you must identify when the best times to post on Pinterest are. These are the times when users go on Pinterest to search and scroll. Generally, the best time to post on Pinterest is between 8 pm and 11 pm (when people are on their way home from work or preparing for bed) and between 2 am and 4 am

Once you have determined which best time slot works for your clients’ accounts, then it’s time to schedule the pins. Sure, you can post everything manually but that takes too much time, especially if you are planning on handling multiple accounts from different clients. 

If an account is just starting out, you can use Pinterest’s scheduling tool for free. You can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance in your current time zone. Though you can only schedule one Pin at a time, you can have up to 100 Pins scheduled for the future. 

If you are planning on scheduling a lot of Pins on different accounts, then I highly recommend Tailwind. Tailwind helps schedule your pins and even recommends the best time slot for you (where users are most active)! Aside from this, there are no pin limits if you decide to go for their plans. 

  • Track Pinterest Account Analytics

A Pinterest manager will additionally track metrics from Pinterest and Google in order to determine marketing performance. So, as a Pinterest Manager, you will have to ask your client what their goal is. Do they want to drive website traffic to their eCommerce site or blog? Are they looking for more email subscriptions? Do they want to sell their course? If your client has a business account, then all of this can be tracked and seen.

Pinterest account analytics to track as a Pinterest manager

How To Become A Pinterest Manager + Pinterest Management Tips

Sure, spending your time on Pinterest browsing photos could be one factor in why you could get interested in becoming a Pinterest Manager.

But just as I said, Pinterest is so much more than just clicking on an image and saving it on your device. And do not worry, because it is less scary than it sounds. There is no intense learning curve when it comes to Pinterest. You just have to follow these Pinterest management tips I will give 🙂

Pinterest management services

With that said, I have here 7 effective steps on Pinterest management services and how you to become a Pinterest Manager or start a Pinterest VA business:

1. Learn Pinterest Marketing

Every one of us starts from scratch, and a Pinterest manager or Pinterest VA is no different. I mean, I am sure not a lot of people know that you can make money and start a business on Pinterest, right? But since you are one of the lucky ones to know about it, then you should take advantage of it! 

The first step to start a Pinterest management business is that you need to study about Pinterest more. You need to keep up with Pinterest updates and what happens on the platform and what changes the developers are making or adding. 

Aside from this, you need to know what kind of pins work best on Pinterest. Personally, I suggest tall, vertical pins with high quality and bright images. The font must be big and bold so that it will easily catch the attention of the users.

And lastly, you must learn how to identify and use the right keywords on Pinterest. SEO is a big thing on the platform if you want your pins to be recommended to users that do not follow you. If your pins do well, they will be recommended at the top of the search engine results page on the website. 

Does this all sound overwhelming to you? If it does, then do not be scared! It may sound like it but it’s actually pretty easy and understandable. And if you need a little more guidance, I have here a free Pinterest management masterclass and also my paid Pinterest course where I will guide you on the basics of Pinterest to understanding SEO, seasonal content, and more! Reserve your seat here. 

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course

2. Learn About Tailwind

Tailwind is an amazing Pinterest management scheduling tool that will save you time and effort. Tailwind is the officially authorized Pinterest scheduler. It’s quite handy for scheduling pins of other users in bulk. I also actively use Tailwind to check Pinterest analytics.

Another awesome feature of Tailwind is that it tells you when users are the most active so you can schedule your pins on that time slot. This, in turn, will give you engagement on your pins so that it could have a higher chance to go viral. 

With this, you can then accept more clients since you have more than enough free time on your hands! 

3. Stay Updated With Seasonal Trends

Just like a social media manager, a Pinterest manager or Pinterest VA have to be updated with the latest trends and content on Pinterest. Seasonal content actually do pretty well on Pinterest as people are always on the lookout for the perfect gift to give on Valentine’s day, delicious recipes for Thanksgiving, and cheap Christmas decor for the jolly season.

Of course, you also have to pay in mind to use the right keywords for this. I recommend using three hashtags on your pin description.

With seasonal content like holidays, I suggest making and scheduling pins per month (or two) early so that when people do search for those, your pins will already be at the top page of the search results as they already gained more than enough clicks and interactions.

Want to know all Pinterest Trends month by month in advance

Pinterest Trends

4. Create A Pinterest Portfolio

If you are just starting out on Pinterest and you need to find your first client, then do not worry because you can still make a Pinterest portfolio using your own account! You just have to create your own Pinterest business account and make it grow.

As a Pinterest manager, you have to keep track of your analytics and see if your page is performing better over time. You have to also stay consistent with your pinning schedule and create attractive pins. This will help you get and convince your potential clients to hire and entrust their Pinterest accounts to you. 

5. Analyze Your Competition

An effective Pinterest management business strategy is you have to know how to analyze your competition.

There’s nothing wrong with scoping out your competition (as long as you don’t copy them step by step). What I mean by analyzing your competitions is you have to see what they are doing with their pins, what strategies they use, and determine if they are effective or not.

If they are effective, then take notes on what you have learned and gathered. If you noticed that they are not effective with their marketing, then determine what went wrong and avoid it on your side. 

You can also look at how they present their service, how they created their portfolio, what they offer, and how they price their services. 

6. Market Yourself As A Pinterest Manager

Of course, to get potential clients, you have to find them or make them come to you. And what is the best way and place to market yourself as a Pinterest Manager? On Pinterest, of course! Remember when I said to create your own Pinterest account? You can take this opportunity to create pins that are promoting you and your services!

Yes, business owners do search on Pinterest for Pinterest Managers. And if you look at the “Pinterest managers” search result on Pinterest, you will find several professionals who create pins with their services.

If you need more ideas on how you can market yourself, you can create your own blog or landing page where all your details are stated: your name, experience, contact number, email address, and rates.

7. Choose A Niche (or not)

Having a niche will greatly help you and your first client to find each other. For example, you may want to focus on helping bloggers as a Pinterest manager. Or maybe you are looking for entrepreneurs on online store owners who are looking on promoting their products on Pinterest.

You may also want to work for online coaches who want to promote their services on the platform. Or… you may choose to not have a niche at all and diversify your portfolio so you can meet more clients! 

Pinterest Manager Salary

The salary for Pinterest managers usually depends on the experience you have within the field – just like any other job. 

How much money Pinterest manager makes

Absolute beginners can start their prices at $15 to $20 an hour.

Those with more experience can package their services between $75 to $100 per hour. Meanwhile, according to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Manager at Pinterest is $145,768 per year

As I have mentioned, you do not have to worry if you have zero experience or have worked with zero clients. You just need to start creating an account yourself, let it grow, and add it to your portfolio. You can also follow the Pinterest management tips I have provided above. With this, you can start being a Pinterest Manager within 2 to 4 months! 

If you need more ideas on how to make and present your packages, you can try scoping out your competitors. Look at how they price their service and get an idea from it. 

Another great idea if you want to make an additional income by being a Pinterest Manager is by providing add-on service. This could range from writing a roundup post and making pins from it, shooting the photos you use in the pins yourself, and more! 

Where To Find Pinterest Manager Jobs and Get Clients

Now that you know all the basics on how to start your Pinterest manager journey and the several Pinterest management tips I gave, you must know figure out where to go to find this job and get clients. And lucky for you, I have here 5 of the best places where to find your first client and Pinterest Manager jobs:

  • Facebook Groups

A great place to market yourself as a Pinterest manager and build connections with future clients and those in the same field as you are by joining Facebook groups. There are several Facebook Groups that are specifically aimed at Virtual Assistants and Pinterest Managers. Depending on the groups’ rules, you can then post a little something about yourself and your services, or reply to posts that are looking for Pinterest managers. 

  • Pinterest

Just like what I have mentioned before, the best place to look for Pinterest manager jobs is on Pinterest itself! And why not prove your skills by designing an attractive pin showcasing your services? After you have created your Pinterest profile, you could start making an infographic pin, a click-worthy pin that leads to your landing page, or a blog post pin on why businesses should hire Pinterest managers.

  • Freelancer Platforms

Another great place to get clients is by going on Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. The good thing about these websites is that they will give you the chance to create a profile and market yourself there. You will have an About Me info, a section for your skills, and you can input your rates.

Another benefit of freelancer platforms is that you can choose to be active or not to be active in your attempts to find clients because there will be times when potential clients will be the ones reaching out or messaging you to work for them! 

  • Create A Blog Or Landing Page

If you want to look more “professional” and you have some budget to make your own website, then I highly suggest creating one and making a landing page. A landing page is the first page users will see once they click the link to your website. So, from there, you must be able to market yourself and your services as well as your rates. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who has some more free time on your hands and you love writing, then why not start a blog that mainly focuses on Pinterest marketing? You can add this blog to your portfolio so your potential clients can see that you have more than enough knowledge in the field. 

Aside from that, your blog can be a great help in growing your own Pinterest account since you can create several new pins from each of your blog posts. With this, you are now marketing your blog (which has a great chance to grow and be monetized!), and yourself as a Pinterest manager. 

  • Other Social Media Platforms

If you have a good following on Instagram, then why not post a story or two on how you are trying to find clients?

Or, just take me for example. I use Youtube to show and share my expertise on Pinterest marketing and through this way, I get a lot of messages from people asking if I could help or manage their accounts for them. 

Promoting your services on a social media platform is a great way to put your services out there as your family and friends can also share your post to their stories and feed, and so on and so on. 

How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager 

Learning how to use Pinterest to make money and how to increase your Pinterest presence is no rocket science. If you want to learn how to become a successful Pinterest manager or Pinterest virtual assistant, then you actually do not even need a degree or years of prior experience. You just have to follow all the strategies I mentioned and research more about the platform and you are already on the road to becoming a Pinterest manager.

But if you want to learn how to become a successful Pinterest manager quickly and more effectively, I have here some more tips you need to know:

Know your clients’ marketing objectives

Ask your clients what their goals are for their pins and what they want to achieve by making a Pinterest account. After that, study more about marketing, how to create engaging pins, and more! You would want the pins you create and your marketing strategies to revolve around the goals of your clients and your client’s accounts. 

Learn how to read insights and Pinterest analytics 

As a Pinterest manager or Pinterest virtual assistant, you will have to learn how to read and analyze Pinterest insights and analytics. By doing this, you can then make the necessary changes to your Pinterest marketing strategies

This means you will have to study the clicks, engagement rates, check the trending pins, learn the new Pinterest algorithm updates, and more. 

Must have access to Pinterest marketing tools 

As a successful Pinterest virtual assistant business owner, you will need to have access to the top Pinterest marketing tools. Personally, I could never live without Tailwind. It will make your life easier as a Pinterest VA since it can help organize and schedule your pins so you will not have to manually post them each day.

For pin creations and design, I use and recommend Canva. Canva has a huge variety of Pinterest pin templates that you just have to customize according to your branding. With this, you do not need to spend hours experimenting with the perfect design, layout, fonts, etc. when making your Pinterest pins. 

Keyword research 

Another Pinterest strategy you must learn is the implementation of keywords to your pin titles and pin descriptions.

You have to treat and use Pinterest as a visual search engine and not just another social media platform if you want your pins to become successful. This means you need to do your keyword research and analysis, and implementing SEO-rich keywords. 

Through this, your client’s pins can have a higher chance of reaching your target audience without needing to pay for any boosting Pinterest services or ads.

Are you excited about becoming a Pinterest manager this year and just work from home? I hope that I was able to clearly explained what Pinterest is and what a Pinterest manager does to start your journey. So, if you have more suggestions or tips on how to become a Pinterest manager, I would love to read it in the comments section below 🙂

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