Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods – 15 Best Paleo Recipes

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If you are craving for some delicious comfort food but you don’t want to count calories, then here are quick and easy paleo comfort food recipes you will love!

Remember in our last blog where we talked about Paleo dinner recipes? Well, we aren’t quite done with the Paleo diet just yet. There is still a lot more to cover. In this blog, I am going to show you a thing or two about Paleo comfort food. Don’t we just love eating? Munching on a couple of hotdogs or burgers while watching our favorite movie or eating some chocolate right before we go to sleep. But this time around, we aren’t just going to talk about comfort food. We are going to talk about comfort food, the Paleo way. 

Paleo Comfort Food Casserole

Casseroles really seem to be a go-to specialty when it comes to any type of meal whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply a snack. After all, who could resist all that gooey and cheesy goodness? 

The only trouble with casseroles is all the carbs. Fortunately, casserole, paleo-style, bridges the gap in this kind of issue. Let me share with you some of the paleo comfort food casseroles that I’ve found to be the best ones in all my years as a chef:

  • Buffalo Chicken Casserole

This one is just the best! The chicken prepped up with all the tasty toppings adds a unique taste to your cooking. Plus, you can make it in just a few minutes. 

  • Chicken Enchiladas

It looks quite tasty, doesn’t it? The best part about it is that it is made of low-carb ingredients. You can munch on such a scrumptious meal without having to feel guilty about it. 

  • Chicken Mushroom Casserole

Chicken and mushroom combined are both really awesome! It’s bursting with flavor especially when you add in a couple of cheese strips. 

Clean Paleo Comfort Food

When we talk about clean paleo comfort food, this can only mean one thing: these are the meals that come with all the ingredients that you want but without the high calories. You can basically eat as much as you want without having to get out of shape. 

There’s a recipe book that can get the ingredients and procedures for making a couple of clean paleo comfort food. 

But we are giving some of our favorite recipes without the price tag. Here are some of our favorite recipes for clean paleo comfort food

  • Crack Slaw Egg Roll in a Bowl

It’s pretty simple. You just need to saute the ginger and garlic. This will totally bring out the flavor of your meal. Afterward, you can start to stir fry the meat. Ground beef would be the best option but you can still go with any other type of ground meat. You can add in ginger, garlic, black pepper, and sea salt. Saute everything. Add in the cabbage and then mix in some sesame oil. Lastly, add the green onions. 

  • Easy Lamb Chops

If there’s anything I love more than turkey, it would definitely be lamb. What you need to do is to get yourself some fresh lamb and then put it in cellophane with marinate. You need to really shake the cellophane and smash it in so that every inch of the lamb is covered with marinate. 

You’d want the flavor to really sink in so I highly suggest that you leave the lamb in the fridge overnight. 

The following day, you can start to roast your lamb in the oven. You can fry each side of the lamb for five minutes so that everything is evenly cooked. 

Paleo Comfort Food Tomato Soup

I grew up with my grandma and I was lucky because we had a nice garden in our backyard where there were lots of tasty vegetables. My grandma cooks really well. I really loved her tomato soup. 

I most especially loved it during cold days. She would serve me one in the afternoon right after I take my nap. 

As I grew older and fell in love with cooking, I found ways to redo the recipe and made my very own paleo comfort food tomato soup and that’s what I am about to share with you in this section. 

Let’s start this off with the ingredients that I want you to prepare:

  • White Onion
  • Garlic Bulb
  • Fresh Basil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Chicken Broth
  • Canned San Marzano Tomatoes
  • Unsweetened coconut milk
  • Ghee

And that’s about it. Now, to get started, I need you to preheat the oven to 400F. Slice the tomatoes and then place them in a sheet pan. The same goes for the onions. 

What you need to do next is to drizzle the tomatoes and onions that you just sliced up. Take some olive oil along with sea salt and pepper and mix them into the pan. 

Take the garlic bulb and slice the top of it. And then take an aluminum foil and wrap it around the bottom portion of the garlic bulb. You can now drizzle the top of the garlic bulb with olive oil and sea salt and pepper as you did before. 

Now, take an 8-quart pot and heat it. Add in the ghee, the whole can of tomatoes, can of coconut milk, and chicken broth. 

Remember the onions and tomatoes that you roasted a while ago? You can go ahead and transfer them into the pot. Season it with salt and pepper and then bring it to a boil. Allow it to simmer for 20 minutes. 

When you finish cooking it, you can transfer it into a blender so that it becomes smoother. Once it’s done, you can garnish it with chopped basil and some cauliflower fritters. 

Well, that’s basically it for the first part. In the coming paragraphs, I will be sharing with you some of the Paleo comfort food recipes that you won’t find in any cookbook or cooking blogs. Paleo is one of the few diets that I really love because it doesn’t keep me from eating food that would normally be considered high carb. Let me know what you guys think afterward in the comment section. 

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15. Paleo Keto Beef Stroganoff ~ 20 Min Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe 

Beef stroganoff is hands down one of our family favorite dinners, what’s so amazing about this version is that it’s SUCH an easy beef stroganoff recipe and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

Check it here.

14. Lamb Jalfrezi

Never made your own lamb jalfrezi before? It’s time to start then. Lamb jalfrezi is an Indian curry dish, with braised lamb, served with stir fried vegetables in a spicy gravy. Like many good Indian curries, the lamb jalfrezi also needs quite a bit of time to cook.

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13. Paleo Beef Stroganoff (Whole30, Keto)

Paleo Beef Stroganoff made dairy-free, quickly, and easily. A delicious staple to add to your weeknight meal plan! See more dairy-free winter comfort food recipes.

Check it here.

12.  30-Minute Chicken Green Curry

Lightning quick 30-Minute Chicken Green Curry is an amazing, healthful weeknight meal worthy of putting on repeat. All it takes is 7 basic ingredients to make this gem!

Check it here.

11. Keto Instant Pot Caulitatoes (2 minutes, paleo/primal, Whole30)

These creamy, silky paleo/primal, Whole30, keto Instant Pot Caulitatoes take 2 minutes in your pressure cooker and are the perfect nourishing comfort food or side dish for low-carb, keto, and Trim Healthy Mama lifestyles! See more Paleo instant pot recipes.

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10. Paleo Chicken and Dumplings

Perfect paleo dumpling served in a rich chicken broth rich with favor. This Paleo Chicken and Dumplings recipe is a cozy southern meal in a soup bowl.

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9. Easy Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas {Low Carb, Keto, Gluten-free, Paleo, Whole 30}

Your whole family will love these easy Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas. Homemade seasoned juicy chicken breast with smoky veggies makes a healthy and tasty weeknight dinner that comes together in less than 20 mins!

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8. Vegetarian Red Curry Stir Fry

Easy and wholesome Vegetarian Red Curry Stir Fry Recipe makes for a nutritious weeknight dinner ready in just 30 minutes! It’s also vegan, gluten free and paleo, not to mention flavorful and easy to make! See also Healthy vegetarian paleo dinner recipes and healthy gluten-free comfort food recipes.

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7. Easy Russian Borscht Soup

This easy one-pot vegetarian (lenten) Russian Borscht recipe only takes 30 minutes to make! Delicious and wholesome winter beet soup full of nutrients!

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6. Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy around the edges and soft in the middle, these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies are simple to make and quick to bake. 

Check it here.

5. Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs – Easy Pressure Cooker Short Ribs!

Tender, and fall-of-the-bone good, these Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs are going to be a new favorite Pressure Cooker Ribs. It’s the best pressure cooker beef short ribs recipe, in my opinion. You are going to love this beef short rib recipe!

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4. Instant Pot Beef and Mushroom Stew

This beef and mushroom stew made in the Instant Pot is a hearty, comforting, stick to your ribs kind of meal that’s perfect for winter.

Check it here.

3. Creamy Coconut Delicata Squash Soup

This savory creamy coconut delicata squash soup has a light, subtly sweet undertone that’s the perfect bowl of comfort for a cold fall or winter day.

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2. Keto Chicken Soup – Low Carb, Paleo-Friendly & Grain-Free Comfort Food

Our delicious Keto Chicken Soup recipe is a hearty, warm comfort food to enjoy all season long! It’s low-carb, paleo-friendly, dairy free, grain free, and gluten free, and your kids are sure to love it, too!

Check it here.

1. Best Instant Pot Keto Orange Chicken Recipe – Healthy & Easy Dinner

Our Instant Pot Keto Orange Chicken Recipe is such a quick, easy, and healthy dinner idea! This homemade take on Panda Express is family-friendly! It’s low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and ready in under 30 minutes!

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Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods - 15 Best Paleo Recipes

Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods - 15 Best Paleo Recipes

If you are craving for some delicious comfort food but you don't want to count calories, then here are quick and easy paleo comfort food recipes you will love!




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