The Pinterest Watch Tab Announced – New Feature for Pinterest Creators

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Pinterest is and has always been a great social media platform for promoting your online business and services for free. And if you are a creator on Pinterest, you know how often Pinterest puts out features that help you more in promoting your content in different ways.

First, there were Idea pins, then the Carousel pins, and now, Pinterest announced a new feature called the Watch Tab.

What is the New Watch Tab Feature?

As the platform develops to become the home for the upcoming generation of creators, Pinterest announced an all-new watch experience. The Pinterest watch tab is a new way for Pinterest users to find new pins and creators.

This means that Pinterest redesigned its home feed to offer Pinners the option to “browse” or “watch” when looking for inspiration and ideas. The new ‘WATCH’ tab or ‘WATCH’ feed is a full-screen feed of Idea Pins that users can scroll through and engage with fresh content from creators.

The Pinterest watch tab - new feature announced for short video creators

The watch feed mainly contains the best and most relevant Idea pins for users based on their tastes, preferences and the users they follow.

Think of this feed as something like the TikTok app or Instagram reels where you can scroll down and you will keep seeing new short videos to watch. And because of its vertical feed, vertical videos will do best with this feature to increase engagement.

On the other hand, there is also the ‘BROWSE’ feed where you can see the upgraded version of the platform’s traditional home feed where you can see the usual original content such as pin images, and more.

Benefits For Content Creators And Business Owners

Since Idea pins have been such a great help in boosting content and creator monetization for Pinterest creators, Pinterest has upped its game in adding new features that will encourage users to create content more creatively and in various ways.

The new Watch Tab will be especially great for business owners and content creators since this feature allows creators to introduce their products and services in tiktok-like video form which is a great success and can help achieve engagement-based goals.

Another thing about this feature is that Pinterest is also able to incorporate saving and pinning these pins directly from the Watch Tab. And compared with other social media sites, Idea Pins in the Watch Tab can have multiple pages or slides of content.

For creators and business owners, this can be a good marketing way of introducing themselves or their products in the form of content series. Creators will be able to gain a bunch of new followers with this new feature as well because this gives more chances of visibility and reach to their target audience.

Creating idea pins or video pins also has a higher chance of users responding to your call to action with you outright saying it in the video instead of just writing it via a text overlay.

How To Get Your Pins In The Watch Tab

Users and creators have to take note that the Watch feed contains Idea pins. So, if you want your content to get into the new feature, you will have to create fresh and creative Idea Pins for people on the platform to see.

After you have created your pin, Pinterest will then share it with your target audience. This means that implementing relevant keywords to the topic of your pins is important so that you can help Pinterest determine what your pins are about and who to show them to.

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Where to Access the Watch Tab

As of now, users can access the new Watch Tab feature through the Pinterest mobile app, and is only available in certain countries.

To access the Watch tab, go to your mobile app’s home page by clicking the Home icon at the bottom of your screen. Once you are in the home feed, you will see two sections: the Browse feed and the Watch feed.

You can download the Pinterest app on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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