Is Pinterest Still Relevant in 2023? Should You Still Use Pinterest?

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With all the new trending online marketing strategies on different social media platforms, can Pinterest still catch up? Is Pinterest still relevant considering today’s trends and time?

If those are the few questions that you have been asking and stopping you from fully committing to using Pinterest and improving your Pinterest marketing strategy, then read on because in this post, I will tell you whether Pinterest is still relevant in today’s time.

Is Pinterest still relevant?

As you may already know, Pinterest is pretty much like Google which is a search engine. Pinterest is a visual search engine that is the perfect place to go to if you need to look for inspiration, answers, marketing initiatives, and more.

Now, Google is still pretty much relevant because people still go on there to search for things, right? The same goes for Pinterest. Pinterest will always be relevant as long as there are people looking for nice photos as their wallpaper, home decor inspiration, fashion and style inspiration, and more.

So to answer your question: Yes, Pinterest is still and will be relevant for more years to come.

Is Traffic from Pinterest Useful as Much as Google Traffic?

Pinterest marketing is a great way to diversify your organic (free) traffic sources. People often think that Google is a more reliable traffic source but you should know that SEO traffic is not guaranteed because Google also makes several major updates per year. Websites can get penalties and lose 50% and sometimes even 90% of traffic overnight.
Google doesn’t have a support email that would reply to you in case your site gets any kind of penalty, so you are on your own with your problem. For most website owners being hit with a new Google update means a revenue drop and a lot of work, many months of guesswork to recover the traffic.
For that reason, I think that Pinterest can work as a secondary or backup traffic source. And you shouldn’t look at it as just one of the social media sites although that’s where Google Analytics puts your Pinterest traffic. In GA4 it’s under the Organic Social traffic report.
It’s also a search engine and you can have pretty consistent traffic from Pinterest when your account is established. Most of the large accounts keep getting traffic for years from their old popular posts and pins and take very long breaks of a month or even a year before their traffic from Pinterest starts really taking a dive. 
I’ve seen this with many of my clients who’ve neglected their Pinterest accounts for over a year and still kept getting traffic from it until they again were ready to invest time and effort into it. 
Even with Google SEO, you should know that it’s not 100% passive, you always have to keep adding new content to the site, updating old content and maintaining the technical side of your website in order to keep high rankings and traffic. 
The second very important reason why I consider Pinterest traffic very valuable is the demographics. You get a mostly US-based audience, and that means higher RPM (revenue per thousand of visitors) for your ad income and higher purchasing power of your audience in general. 
As you can see in my Mediavine dashboard (that’s the ad management I use for display ads on my site), Pinterest is responsible for about 68% of my ad income and the RPM on average is very close to the RPM that I get with Google SEO traffic.
See the screenshot below.

How many people use Pinterest as of Now (2023)

So, now that you know how incorporating a Pinterest strategy will benefit your business, let us now talk about Pinterest statistics – particularly how many monthly active users there are on the platform as of the moment I am writing this post (2023).

According to Socialpilot, Pinterest has 445 million users active worldwide. With 86 million MAUs, the United States has the highest demographics of Pinterest users.

Along with this, Pinterest has over 1.0 billion total visits a month according to Similarweb.

Furthermore, according to Hootsuite, Pinterest is considered to be the 14th largest social network in the world! I do not know what you think, but based on those Pinterest stats, the platform is not dying anytime soon.

And in terms of demographics, Pinterest’s users consist of 53.68% female users and 46.32% male users with the top age group ranging from 25 to 34 years old.

How Pinterest Works for Businesses?

When it comes to a business owner, advertiser, or a marketer looking for a platform to promote their products and services, then Pinterest would be the best place to go. The Pinterest platform is different from other social media sites or social channels.

First and foremost, once you use the platform and be consistent with it, you will notice that you can easily reach your target audience within a few hours – for free!

Pinterest also gives businesses a more creative approach when it comes to engaging their potential customers through images, colorful infographics, videos, and other visual media in the form of Pinterest pins.

Other than promoting your online business or blog, you can also sell products or do affiliate marketing on Pinterest by linking your pins directly to the products. With their newest feature, you can now tag your products directly on the pin itself! This type of pin is what you call a Product pin.

What’s working on Pinterest right now?

Just like any other social platform, the Pinterest algorithm changes, and new features come out. As users on the platform, we have to be updated with these changes so that we stay on top of the virality chain.

Now, the question is: how do you a become successful Pinterest content creator? What are the things that are working on Pinterest right now?

Personally, I think that Pinterest gives a bonus boost to users and creators that make use of the new features released on the platform. But here are some things and strategies that you should definitely consider when posting on Pinterest:

Take Advantage of Idea Pins

With the positive results of videos on Pinterest (and on other social media platforms in general), Pinterest released Idea Pins which are basically multi-page or a carousel of video pins.  Idea Pins give people more ways to share inspiration with up to 20 pages of videos, images, and text!

You can use the slider to view the series or carousel of photos and videos. The benefit you can get from Idea pins for boosting your content is that this type of pin is good for user engagement since users’ attention will be caught the moment they see your idea pins on their home feed.

We know how social media users nowadays love short but catchy videos, right?

Idea Pin creation now includes:

  • Video recording and editing for up to 20 pages of content
  • Voice-over recording so creators can add their own personal voice
  • Music selection by Epidemic Sound
  • Transitions and effects
  • Detail pages for instructions or ingredients
  • Interactive elements like people tagging and stickers
  • Multi-draft save so Creators can publish more ideas
  • Export options to share content to other social media platforms
  • And many more.

Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

One easy way to make traffic from Pinterest, get leads, and reach your target audience is by optimizing your pins, Pinterest profile, and Pinterest boards with relevant keywords.

This helps Pinterest determine which kind of audience they need to show their pins to. Aside from this, when users search something on Pinterest and they type in the keyword that your pin has, then your pins will show up in the search results as easily as that!

Keyword and SEO optimization might seem overwhelming at first but it definitely is doable even for beginners and new users on the platform. If you need some guidance, you can check out my course Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets where I tell you the basics of Pinterest all the way to how to do SEO and keyword optimization.

Upload consistently on the best times

Another tip or strategy that is very important to do if you want to be successful on the platform is to upload consistently during the best times when the user base or your target audience is mostly online.

You may have to do a few trials and experimentations to know what time works best for you but generally, Pinterest users are most likely to go to the website and engage with content posted on the platform between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM according to  CoSchedule.

With that said, if you target an audience in the Philippines, you should post or schedule pins around 8-9 PM GMT+8.

If you target an audience in the United States, you should post on Pinterest around 8-9 PM EST, or if you target an audience specifically in California, then you should schedule in the PST time zone.

When it comes to the frequency of your pins, if you can’t do at least one pin per day, try to aim for at least 2-3 pins per week if you do not have much content to start with yet.

Just do it consistently and show Pinterest that you are serious about their platform.

Create high-quality pins

I will say it outright: Your Pinterest account will not become successful if you do not have pretty and eye-catching images or video pins. You have to remember that Pinterest is home to millions of high-quality images used for wallpapers, inspiration, and more.

With that in mind,  Pinterest says that for the best-performing pins, the platform recommends an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1000 x 1500 pixels. This is because pins with an aspect ratio greater than 2:3 might get cut off in people’s feeds.

And you also have to keep in mind to use high-quality and bright images. If you are planning to use text overlays, make sure that they are bold and can be easily read.

If you do not have much experience with graphic design or you are struggling in creating new pin templates, you can check out my collection of Pinterest templates you can use on Canva that I personally use and have seen positive results with!

Make use of Pinterest ads if needed

If you are a Pinterest marketer or advertiser and you want to reach a specific set of audience much quicker, then you should definitely try out Pinterest ads. And no, it will not cost you your limb or your whole bank account.

Doing ads on Pinterest is actually pretty cheap compared to other social platforms. If you are looking for boosting your pin engagement, you can pay as low as $0.10 to $1.50 per engagement!

Know that Pinterest ads are not a requirement to succeed on Pinterest. But if you want quick and sure results, then this is definitely something you can consider.

Final Thoughts: Should your brand or business be on Pinterest?

As a business owner, content creator, or marketer, you should definitely not ignore Pinterest when it comes to your online marketing strategies.

If you are looking for free and easy ways to boost your website traffic, get leads and sales, or get brand awareness, then Pinterest is the hidden gem of successful businesses and creators alike.

Pinterest isn’t and will not be dying anytime soon. In fact, with the platform’s constant updating and adding of new features, the power of Pinterest is just becoming stronger and the platform is becoming more fun to use by the day!

If you find this post useful or want to get back to it later, just save this PIN to your Pinterest blogging board.

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