9 Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes – Freestyle WW Pancakes with Smartpoints

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Looking for the best Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes? I have a great collection of Freestyle WW Pancakes with Smartpoints.

My family and I just can’t get enough of pancakes. That’s why the previous weekend, I decided to work on some new Weight Watchers Pancake recipes.

Weight Watchers Buttermilk Pancakes

My husband once brought some buttermilk pancakes to surprise me one morning. They instantly became one of my favorite pancakes of all time. 

I wanted to eat more of it but I had to fight the temptation. These buttermilk pancakes weren’t really made for Weight Watchers. I searched long and hard on the internet looking for Weight Watchers Buttermilk Pancakes to no avail. Who would have known that I would get what I was looking for from a friend? Stell was into Weight Watchers recipes herself. Just not quite the same as what we do here. She makes her own Weight Watchers recipes for herself and I was able to get her to make some Weight Watchers Buttermilk Pancakes. Again – best thing I ever tasted!

Weight Watchers Points In Pancakes

Most people trying to lose weight watch their calorie intake. But as for Weight Watchers, we prefer to look at WW points. 

There are usually 2 Weight Watchers Points in pancakes and we want to keep it that way, especially since we are looking to learn new recipes on pancakes. 

What can you add to your pancakes to add more flavor to them without having to drastically impact the Weight Watchers Points in pancakes? Here are some ideas:

  • Hashbrowns
  • Eggs
  • Maple sausage links
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Ham Steak
  • Honeydew
  • Watermelon
  • Spam
  • Milk

But are these the only ingredients you can add to your Weight Watchers pancakes to maintain low WW points? Certainly not! The key is to select ingredients that are low in WW points. 

Weight Watchers 2 Ingredient Pancakes

I love making pancakes at home. I know that a lot of you reading this blog are the same. Don’t you just wish that you could bring your love for pancakes to school, work, or any other place you regularly go to? 

This Weight Watchers 2 Ingredient Pancakes lets you bring your pancakes on the go. It’s a relatively simple recipe. 

The two ingredients you will be using here are bananas and eggs. I know. The first time I heard about this recipe, I thought I would never appreciate whatever this pancake is going to taste like. I was wrong apparently. 

If you ask me, I still prefer Weight Watchers Buttermilk pancakes over this one. But this Weight Watchers 2 Ingredient Pancakes isn’t bad either. 

Even though it is technically a two-ingredient recipe, you can still add other flavors to it like blueberries (which are my favorite) and some yogurt. 

This will only take about 15 minutes to prepare. I used to travel a lot for work before this whole pandemic started. So, you can imagine that I really do bring 2-ingredient pancakes with me almost every morning. I barely had time to eat breakfast at home. So, most of the time I prefer to eat my pancakes while riding the bus. 

Weight Watchers Banana Egg Pancakes 

As you can see, this one is hugely similar to the two-ingredient pancakes that we just talked about. 

But the ones that we just talked about are only an ordinary type of breakfast. Weight Watchers Banana Egg Pancakes, on the other hand, are made for protein. I love eating these pancakes right after a workout. 

If most people have protein shakes then here at Weight Watchers, we have protein pancakes. Sounds pretty cool, huh? 

We’re always too hungry right after a workout and without the right discipline, your hunger could just destroy your entire weight regimen. 

I was having the same problem until Cherry, a friend back in College, introduced me to these protein pancakes. 

These pancakes are delicious. You won’t get tired of eating them. At the same time, since it is rich in protein, you feel full faster. With that, you will not be tempted to eat more food after the workout. 

It’s far better than having to eat some low-calorie food after your workout that you don’t like very much. At some point, you get tired of eating them and then off you go with unhealthy foods thereafter. 

Weight Watchers Pancakes Without Banana

I know some people who love pancakes but dreads eating bananas. If you are one of these types, you will definitely appreciate these pancakes since they come without bananas. 

There is more than one way to cook pancakes without bananas but let me tell you a bit about a recipe that I know.  

Since we want pancakes that will fit Weight Watchers well, we are not going to use the pancake boxes available in the grocery stores. We are going to cook our own pancakes using yogurt. 

Have you ever heard of Greek yogurt pancakes? 

It is absolutely delicious. All you need is a cup of Greek yogurt. Any kind will do. And then two eggs. In my opinion, whole eggs are the best but if you want, you could use just the egg whites. 

Just mix up the yogurt with the eggs until the texture becomes even. And then that’s it. This is the mixture that you will be using in your frying pan. 

Since I absolutely love fruits, I always put some blueberries in my pancakes but that part isn’t necessary. 

When is the best time to make Greek yogurt pancakes? For me, Weight Watchers buttermilk pancakes are the best. I make them almost every day. 

As for Greek yogurt pancakes, I usually serve them as a treat to my friends or other home guests. 

Yogurt just has a bit of fun taste to it. It makes it seem like a perfect snack during sleepovers or mini-parties. 

It would be fun to try and ask people what they think is different from the pancakes. I served this to my best friend once and she couldn’t tell that it was a homemade yogurt pancake. 

Well, those were some of my favorite Weight Watchers Pancakes recipes. But we haven’t quite gone into the new recipes that we cooked up just for you. 

9. Zero Point Flourless Weight Watchers Banana Pancakes | 0 Smartpoints Each!

They are very fast to cook and the result is fluffy delicious Weight Watchers pancakes. When you eat them, it’s hard to believe they don’t take any sugar nor flour at all! The preparation time is less than 5 minutes, literally, all you need to do is blend together all the ingredients and start cooking them!

Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes

Check the full recipe here

8. Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes

This recipe reminds me of an oatmeal raisin cookie, but with pancake consistency.

Get the recipe here

7. Biggest-Loser Blueberry Pancakes

WW PointsPlus+ = 3

WW SmartPoints = 3

Get the recipe here

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6. Old Fashioned Pancakes

Get the recipe here

5. Weight Watchers Strawberry Pancake Bites 

These amazing Weight Watchers Strawberry Pancake Bites are so easy to make! And only 1 point per bite! They are great for a healthy breakfast, dessert, snack or a treat.  

Get the recipe here

4. Zero Point Banana Pancakes

Light and fluffy, these pancakes are great on their own. However, sliced bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, and chopped nuts also pair well with the pancakes.

Get the recipe here

3. Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes

Get the recipe here

2. Skinny One Point Weight Watchers Pancakes

These skinny pancakes are perfectly fluffy and delicious and you would never know that they are just one Weight Watcher Smart Point each!

Get the recipe here

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1. Flourless Banana Pancakes

Get the recipe here

Best Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes - Freestyle WW Pancakes with Smartpoints

Best Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes - Freestyle WW Pancakes with Smartpoints

Looking for best Weight Watchers Pancakes Recipes? I have a great collection of Freestyle WW Pancakes with Smartpoints.


  • Banana
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Chopped nuts


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