Vegan Burger Recipes – Best Plant-Based Burger Ideas

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What are vegan burgers made of?

So maybe you are someone who loves burgers. But due to health or diet issues, you will have to need to follow a plant-based diet plan. This might sound saddening for a burger lover, but you do not need to worry because vegan burgers exist and they taste as good as your regular ones (sometimes, even better!). To put it simply, a vegan or veggie burger is a burger patty that does not contain meat. Instead, these burgers are made from healthy and plant-based ingredients which are rich in fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Beans – the most commonly used are soybeans, black beans, or lentils which are packed with protein.
  • Nuts – another great source of protein and healthy fats.
  • Grains and Tofu – Although tofu is not as popular as grains in veggie burgers, it still provides a good amount of nutrition to the body. For grains, the popular ones used for vegan burgers are quinoa and rice. 

Of course, a veggie or vegan burger will not be complete without your own fair share of vegetables including carrots, zucchini, lettuce, mushrooms, and more. 

How do you make vegan burgers from scratch?

You might think that vegan burgers are hard to make so you might get tempted to buying veggie burgers from your nearest supermarket. However, you should know that these store-bought veggie burgers can have a high amount of calories per serving. Another thing is that it can have a long list of ingredients and preservatives that may not help your diet at all. 

When it comes to vegan burgers, the safest and healthiest way for you is to make it on your own. Through this, you can control which ingredients are being used on your burger. And no, it does not take a scientist to make a veggie burger. 

With that said, here is a simple recipe on how you can make vegan burgers from scratch:


1 can of black beans 

Tomato paste or ketchup 

Cooked diced vegetables of choice 

Garlic powder or cloves 

Onion powder 

Cooking oil 

Flour of choice 


Spices of choice


To make a veggie burger, you must wash your beans and mash them either by hand or a food processor. Stir in all the other ingredients and mold or form your mixture into patties. You can then pan fry (about 3 to 4 minutes per side) or bake your patties at 350 F for 10 minutes on both sides until the desired texture. Let it cool and add your veggie toppings and burger buns. 

Veggie Burger Recipes

Your veggie burger does not have to be the same base ingredients for your patty every time. If you want to tone your burgers up a notch and use other base ingredients aside from beans, then here is a list of healthy and delicious veggie burger recipes that includes a chickpea veggie burger, a mushroom veggie burger, and more! 


15. The Ultimate Bean & Mushroom Burger (Vegan + GF)

This Ultimate Bean & Mushroom Burger passes the test! It won’t fall apart and it’s hearty, satisfying, smoky & bursting with rich umami flavor!

Check it here.

14. 15-Minute Chickpea Burgers Recipe (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

If you are looking for an easy chickpea burgers recipe, you have come to the right place! A chickpea veggie burger is such a versatile patty to make and great if you are new to making your own burgers!

Check it here.

13. Best-Ever Vegan Portobello Mushroom Burger Recipe

Making a vegan portobello mushroom burger does NOT have to be hard or complex! I personally hate when I see a dish that looks good but the recipe is as long as my arm! Ain’t nobody got time for that, at least this nobody doesn’t!

Check it here.

12. Air Fryer Veggie Burgers (Vegan, GF)

Want to make a delicious veggie burger air fryer style?! It is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

Check it here.

11. Thai Lentil Burger Recipe

Thai lentil burger is another much loved baked lentil and veggie burger in my family. While I make the other lentil veggie burger with pickled veggie often, this was an experimental lentil burger that ended up being very palatable for each one of us.

Check it here.

10. One-Bowl Vegan Hummus Chickpea Burgers

These One-Bowl Vegan Hummus Chickpea Burgers are so meta. At least, I think they are – I am pretty much the antithesis of hip, so perhaps I’m completely wrong about what “meta” means.

Check it here.

9. Best Vegan Mushroom Burgers

These really are the Best Vegan Mushroom Burgers – super flavorful patties that work with all kinds of burger toppings. gluten free!

Check it here.

8. Easy Bean Burger with Mustard Mayo (Vegan in 15)

This super-quick vegan bean burger is packed with flavour and soooo easy to make – within 15 minutes! From ‘Vegan in 15’ cookbook by Kate Ford + cookbook review.

Check it here.

7. Spinach and Pea Burgers

These green vegan pea spinach burgers are super quick to make, healthy and taste delicious. It’s a tasty veggie burger recipe that’s packed with goodness and comes together quickly. Vegan and easily gluten free.

Check it here.

6. Bulgur Cilantro Veggie Burgers

Veggie burger day has finallyarrived after much anticipation. These bulgur quinoa burgers have bulgur, quinoa, walnuts, and cilantro and are topped with a creamy cumin yogurt.

Check it here.

5. Vegetarian Quinoa Burger

Best Vegetarian burger made with quinoa and black beans! Burgers are baked in the oven to make more healthy. This easy recipe results in a juicy quinoa burger that even meat eaters will love!

Check it here.

4. Vegan Walnut Lentil Burgers

Homemade veggie burgers are so much better than store-bought! Pile your vegan Walnut Lentil Burgers high with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, or whatever your favorite burger fixin’s are! This lentil burger recipe is easy to make, and the patties freeze easily. They’re vegan and gluten-free.

Check it here.

3. Baked Vegan Falafel Burgers

Baked Vegan Falafel Burgers are the ultimate summertime meal! Topped with tahini dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes, and your favorite fixings, this easy falafel recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner!

Check it here.

2. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

Sweet potato veggie burgers made with roasted sweet potato, cooked brown rice, and oat flour – a simple recipe, perfect for whipping up any night of the week.

Check it here.

1. Beet and Black Bean Burgers with Carrot Slaw

Easy beet and black bean burgers with a zesty carrot slaw make for a nutrient-dense vegan meal to enjoy on meatless Monday. These veggie burgers only take 30 minutes to prepare and can easily be made ahead of time and frozen!

Check it here.

Vegan Burger Recipes - Best Plant-Based Burger Ideas

Vegan Burger Recipes - Best Plant-Based Burger Ideas

Here is a list of healthy and delicious veggie burger recipes that includes a chickpea veggie burger, a mushroom veggie burger, and more! 


  • black beans
  • Tomato paste or ketchup
  • Cooked diced vegetables of choice
  • Garlic powder or cloves
  • Onion powder


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