15 Refreshing Dinner Ideas For Hot Summer Nights

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The last thing you want to do on those scorching hot summer nights is to go into the kitchen and turn on the oven. Rather than making a full-course dinner that will heat up your entire kitchen and will require you 30 minutes of your time, why not make dishes that don’t require as much heat and can be prepared in under 10 minutes? With that in mind, here are 15 refreshing and delicious dinner ideas perfect for hot summer nights.

15. Mediterranean Style Creamy Chicken Salad

Mediterranean Style Creamy Chicken Salad is the Mediterranean chicken recipe you will want to eat all summer long! Shredded chicken is mixed with classic Mediterranean ingredients like Kalamata olives and feta cheese. This simple recipe only has 7 ingredients. Four of the ingredients come straight from a jar! Mediterranean chicken salad can be made ahead of time, making it the perfect dish to make for your next summer BBQ.

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14. No Bake Banana Pudding

You’ll love this No Bake Banana Pudding that’s quick and easy to put together. It’s made with homemade whipped cream and topped with shortbread cookies, which creates an amazing southern dessert!

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13. No Bake Key Lime Pie

No Bake Key Lime Pie is a tart and tangy recipe that’s perfect for spring and summer! Cool and creamy key lime filling is topped with homemade whipped cream for an easy, no-bake dessert!

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12. The Best Blt Pasta Salad

This BLT pasta salad is the perfect easy and creamy pasta salad recipe! Perfect for lunch, family gatherings and much more. It’s creamy, full of flavor, and so easy to make. You’ll be running to it again and again!

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11. Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

This Easy Fruit Salad Recipe is made with fresh, ripe fruit and drizzled with a light orange juice dressing. Ready in under 20 minutes and made with no added sugars, learn all my tips and tricks for making the very best fruit salad and enjoy all summer long for breakfast, dinner, or dessert!

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10. Healthy Mediterranean Salsa

Super Easy Mediterranean Salsa. Light, healthy and loaded with tons of flavor! This mediterranean cucumber salad makes a great appetizer or side dish! This recipe is gluten free and vegan!

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9. Vegetarian Taco Salad

You’ll love this easy-to-make loaded vegetarian taco salad recipe. Protein-rich walnut meat with all the classic toppings of a taco tossed with crisp romaine lettuce and finished with avocado lime dressing. The perfect weeknight dinner or lunch option!

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8. How To Make Spaghetti Squash In The Microwave

Do you love spaghetti squash but want an easier way to cook it? It’s so simple to make spaghetti squash in the microwave! Only about 12 minutes and you will have soft tender vegetable pasta just the way you like it! Then drizzle with some olive oil and spices! It’s the perfect t vegan plant based dish for any meal of the day.

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7. Easy Buffalo Chickpea Sandwich

This easy buffalo chickpea sandwich is the perfect lunch for any kids or adult! Made in under 10 minutes, this sandwich is full of nutrition and plant based protein to keep you full for hours. This buffalo chickpea sandwich can be made gluten free and oil free.

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6. Delicious Grilled Lemon Garlic Shrimp

When you need something light and fresh for dinner, make this grilled lemon garlic shrimp. It’s a classic seafood recipe that you will never get tired of.

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5. Instant Pot Chicken And Rice

This Instant Pot Chicken and rice is the perfect one-pot meal for the whole family! Combine vegetables, chicken, rice, and spices, and get a delicious recipe that you can make in less than 15 minutes using your Instant Pot pressure cooker.

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4. Gazpacho – Cold Spanish Soup

My favorite thing to eat during the summer is Gazpacho, a cold Spanish soup from the South of Spain. For me, eating spoonfuls of gazpacho feels like dipping into a cool pool and the scent is like a garden of fresh vegetables. Basically, Spain is my favorite country!

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3. Simple Seasoned Salmon

This recipe is a hidden treasure in our household. Salmon isn’t part of our standard dinner rotation, but when we’re able to find it on sale, this recipe always “knocks it out of the park” with anyone sharing our table. It’s flexible — you can make it in the oven or on the grill — and is delightfully simple to prepare.

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2. Slow Cooker Root Beer Baby Back Ribs

I have no idea why I think of ribs only as a summer food. I was speaking with a friend a few weeks ago who was extoling the virtues of a new meal service she’s trying. She selects from a weekly menu, all of the components of the meals are shipped fresh to her and she assembles, cooks and serves. The recipes sounded inspired and mouthwatering.

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1. Tacos Al Pastor in the Slow Cooker

Tacos Al Pastor is a spicy, sweet taco recipe with pork and pineapple. This recipe is easy in the slow cooker any time of the year. Great recipe for making a taco bar too!

Check it here.

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