Best Home Canning Recipes – What Foods and Fruits are Best for Canning?

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Is home canning really worth it?

If you are unfamiliar with the term “home canning,” it is the practice of preserving goods, especially fruits, vegetables, and meats, by packing them into glass jars and then heating them to kill the organisms that cause rotting. Yes, it is a simple procedure that can save you a significant amount of money and time.

Another reason why home canning is worth the try is because you will know what exactly is in that can as opposed to buying commercially produced food. Since you will be the one doing the canning process, you will have the opportunity to put only natural and fresh ingredients in the can. Another reason to try home canning is that you will know exactly what is in the can, unlike when you buy commercially manufactured food. Because you will be performing the canning yourself, you will be able to use only natural and fresh components in the can. Furthermore, if you have a garden or a number of harvests that may rot over time, you should preserve them.

And since you already have ingredients that can last you for more than a week, you will save yourself from going to the grocery store.

What foods are best for canning?

Because canning is such a simple and practical method, you may believe that you should preserve any food you have on hand. There are, however, some items that are not suggested for canning and others that are best preserved by canning.

So what foods are best for canning? There are several fruits and vegetables as well as poultry that can be stored for long periods of time but here are some of the most recommended foods for canning:

  • Beans
  • Corn (See more canned corn recipes)
  • Fruits
  • Leafy greens
  • Red meats
  • Seafood
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots 

What fruits can be canned?

Fruits are definitely the type of foods that you can safely can. What you just need to do is chop them into bite-sized pieces that would fit in your jar and cover them with water. But if you want to be more specific, here are the kind of fruits that are most recommended and commonly used in the process of canning:

  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Pears
  • Apricots
  • Guava
  • Pineapple
  • Apple

How To Make Jam

Jams, specifically fruit jams, is a quick and easy way to transform your fruits into something that can be consumed in a long period of time. All you need are just some few ingredients such as:

  • Preferred fruits
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Fresh lemon juice


  • Cut your fruits into bite-sized pieces and stir in together with sugar and salt in a pot. Bring to a boil while stirring until sugar is dissolved. Mash fruit with a potato masher. Add lemon juice and continue to boil while stirring frequently for about 10-12 minutes until bubbles slow and chunks of fruits start to float.
  • To see if your jam is set, remove a spoon from the freezer and get a few drops of jam onto the spoon. Run your finger through the jam, and if it leaves a distinct track, it is already well cooked.
  • Scoop the jam into clean containers and jars while leaving about ¾ inch of headroom and let it cool completely before refrigerating.

15. Make your own Delicious Mulberry Jam

Filled with Vitamin C and iron, mulberries are little powerhouses of nutrients. Harness their goodness with this simple and delicious homemade mulberry jam recipe.

Check it here.

14. Dill Pickled Carrots

Quick and easy dill pickled carrots recipe with tender-crisp carrot texture, strong garlic and dill flavours, mouth-watering vinegar and optional spice. This dilled carrots canning recipe can be made in a water bath canner!

Check it here.

13. Chai Tea Jelly

This Chai Tea Jelly is the warm spice of fall in spreadable form. It is absolutely divine on my vanilla biscotti. This recipe yields approximately 4 half pint or 250ml jars.

Check it here.

12. Homemade Peach Jam Recipe {3 Ways}

Have you ever opened your eyes in the morning and had a thought float past your consciousness that put you on an unexpected path?

Check it here.

11. Easy Refrigerator Pickles 

Make these easy refrigerator pickles in no time! This recipe is delicious and makes super crisp pickles that are full of flavor (and even a little heat if you like them that way!) and after you make them and see how easy it is, you’ll never buy store bought pickles again!

Check it here.

10. Canned Tomatoes

These homemade canned tomatoes are the best way to keep your garden tomatoes fresh and ready to eat and cook with all year long!

Check it here.

9. Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

These easy quick pickled cherry tomatoes are a great way to use fresh tomatoes, keep them in the refrigerator, and serve at will.

Check it here.

8. World’s Best Homemade Strawberry Jam

Make homemade delicious strawberry freezer jam with only three ingredients! This recipe for homemade strawberry jam is made without pectin, and there is an optional sugar substitution!  You can choose the ingredients to make it organic. This is the yummiest homemade strawberry jam you will ever eat!

Check it here.

7. How to Can Chicken Broth or Beef Broth

Looking in my pantry at canned broth, vegetables, jams, etc makes me feel so good!  I feel prepared but also linked to a time long ago that we are so far removed from today.  When I look at them, I know we have healthy food ready to eat.  That just makes me happy!  Now I would love to show you how to can chicken broth.

Check it here.

6. How to Can Peaches with a Boiling Water Canner

Sometimes the thought of canning is overwhelming; scary even. It does take time but oh, it is time so well spent! I am so happy I learned how to can peaches with a boiling water canner.

Check it here.

5. Canned Bloody Mary Pickles

As Summer comes to an end the garden is finally producing plentiful veggies and I like to pick one thing a year to can to preserve. This year I decided to make these Canned Bloody Mary Pickles. Making use of cucumbers, jalapenos, and green beans. These pickles and vegetables have some heat to them, so what better way to enjoy them then in a Bloody Mary Cocktail??

Check it here.

4. How to Can Homemade Pizza Sauce (+ Recipe)

This Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe is full of flavor and super easy to make! It will make your homemade pizzas taste so much better than store bought.  And as a bonus, I’m sharing my tried and true instructions for how to can pizza sauce.

Check it here.

3. Quick and Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe with no pectin

Who’s ready to make an easy Strawberry Jam with all those sweet delicious strawberries that are in season right now? This simple No Pectin Strawberry Jam Recipe is made with only strawberries, sugar and a bit of lemon!

Check it here.

2. Low Carb Raspberry Jelly (Raspberry Jelly without Pectin)

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1. Easy Homemade Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles Recipe

These homemade garlic dill pickles produce an epic crunch!  Just pour boiling salted water over the cucumbers, garlic and dill and the pickles are ready for crunching the next day!

Check it here.

Best Home Canning Recipes - What Foods and Fruits are Best for Canning?

Best Home Canning Recipes - What Foods and Fruits are Best for Canning?

Since you will be the one doing the canning process, you will have the opportunity to put only natural and fresh ingredients in the can.


  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Fruits
  • Leafy greens
  • Red meats


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