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25 Best Side Dishes That Go With Tacos | Healthy Side Dish Ideas

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If you’re throwing a large party or gathering, or even just a simple afternoon snack, tacos are the way to go! Even if you can eat tacos by itself, it is still preferable to have a side dish or two. And with that said, here are 25 simple and healthy side dishes for tacos that you’ll enjoy!

sides for tacos

25. Cauliflower Mexican Rice – Best Taco Side Dish!

Craving a Mexican meal but need a health-conscious accompaniment? Dive into the world of Mexican Cauliflower Rice – a swift, low-carb, and delightful side dish to complement your main course. This keto-friendly version of traditional Mexican rice is ready in a flash, just around 10 minutes. It offers the taste of classic Mexican rice but in a wholesome, veggie-packed variant.

While it might not mimic the exact taste of rice, its unique flavors make it a worthy alternative. Brimming with nutrients and the essence of traditional Mexican rice, this dish is bound to elevate your Taco Tuesday, making it both more nutritious and delectable!

24. Guacamole – Side Dish Recipe for Taco Nights

In a mere 5 minutes, you can whip up this guacamole made from several nutritious ingredients. It’s our top pick for a starter, especially during taco evenings. Dive into the video tutorial to master this guac recipe!

For me, tacos are just a vehicle for guacamole.

Crafted from a select few wholesome ingredients, it’s both swift and straightforward, making it a staple for our taco-themed nights.

23. Mexican Corn Salad with Sweet corn, Red Onion, Jalapenos, Garlic, and Cotija Cheese

Here’s a fresh take on the classic Mexican street corn salad, which can be whipped up using either fresh or frozen corn. This revamped dish is not only creamy and delightful but also a summer barbecue essential.

Ever tasted the renowned Mexican street corn, also known as elote? My first tryst with it was at Rancho La Puerta, and trust me, once you’ve tried it, regular corn on the cob might seem mundane. The rich blend of flavors in elote is simply irresistible, particularly when the season’s best sweet corn is at its peak.

Introducing the esquites: essentially elote, but without the cob. Traditionally, elote is grilled sweet corn smothered in a fusion of mayo, chili powder, and cotija cheese.

In crafting esquites, you grill the corn just the same but then shear the kernels off the cob. These are then blended with those classic toppings, resulting in a versatile salad or side dish that’s a hit at gatherings.

Aiming for a healthier twist on the beloved Mexican street corn salad, I’ve swapped out a portion of the mayo for protein-rich Greek yogurt. Not only does it retain the authentic taste, but the yogurt also introduces a delightful zesty hint.

22. Mexican Black Beans

This 15-minute recipe for Mexican-style black beans is a delightful addition to various dishes, offering a restaurant-grade flavor that’s bound to be a household hit.

Pair these beans with slow-cooked chicken wraps, golden corn patties, or sizzled steak bites from the air fryer.

These Mexican black beans are not only simple to prepare but also pack a flavor reminiscent of the traditional charro beans, making them an ideal companion for numerous Mexican-inspired delicacies.

Serve these beans as a flavorful side or even as the main star of your meal. If you prefer a mashed texture, a simple press with a potato masher while they’re in the pan does the trick.

Considering using dried black beans? Certainly! While dried beans demand a bit more time, the process is straightforward. Immerse the beans in water overnight for pre-soaking.

After draining, incorporate them into your desired recipe. Introducing roughly 1/4 cup of veggie or chicken broth might be necessary for added moisture.

21. Mexican Coleslaw

Simple Southwestern Slaw recipe – the ideal complement for barbecues, gatherings, or outdoor meals. Featuring a mix of traditional coleslaw, bell peppers, mixed tomatoes with green chilies, black beans, corn, spicy jalapeños, and fresh cilantro in a tangy lime-infused dressing. Prepare it swiftly and relish its burst of flavors! It’s delightful atop tacos or alongside pulled pork sandwiches. Try it out soon!

This Southwestern Slaw is our favorite for outdoor events and get-togethers. Created in minutes, it offers a delightful medley of tastes. The combination of coleslaw, bell peppers, tomatoes with chilies, black beans, corn, jalapeños, and cilantro in a zesty dressing was the star during our recent taco night. It’s tempting enough to be a standalone dish. Don’t hesitate to introduce it at your next gathering; it promises to impress!

Making this slaw is a breeze. In a sizable bowl, blend mayo, sour cream, fresh lime juice, spice mix, salt, and pepper. Incorporate coleslaw, diced red pepper, mixed tomatoes with chilies, black beans, corn bits, sliced jalapeños, and cilantro. Ensure everything is well-coated with the dressing. Chill for about half an hour before indulging.

20. Pico De Gallo to Serve on Taco Tuesday

Fresh Pico de Gallo is a straightforward and vibrant addition to dishes. Few ingredients come together for this timeless concoction.

It’s an excellent accompaniment to elevate any dish, from roasted chicken slices to morning omelets. While it’s carb-conscious, pairing it with a crispy chip is undeniably delightful.

Salsa and Pico de Gallo differ mainly in consistency and how fresh they are. Although they share many ingredients, Pico de Gallo stands out for its chunky texture and lesser liquid content.

For a personalized touch, consider integrating varied elements to this uncomplicated Pico de Gallo mix.

19. Easy Mexican Sweet Potatoes

Spice up your usual sweet potatoes with this tangy and zesty Mexican twist! A simple side dish to complement your favorite Mexican meals. Crafted from readily available sweet potatoes, seasoned with select spices, swiftly roasted, and finished with a touch of golden honey. It’s not only tasty but also gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian!

These zesty honey-drizzled sweet potatoes are now a go-to for our taco evenings.

They’re so delightful that you might want to roast a bigger batch to incorporate into breakfasts, salads, or even taco fillings throughout the week. Keeping extra roasted veggies on hand is a cherished kitchen hack of mine! It’s such a timesaver, especially when you’re piecing together a nutritious meal on the fly.

While I adore classic roasted sweet potatoes, occasionally it’s refreshing to jazz them up with some unique spices and delightful additions, like a honey drizzle.

18. Refried Beans Goes with Tacos

Elevate your canned refried beans to gourmet standards with just a few additional ingredients. This quick method enhances your canned beans into a delightful side or dip.

Get that authentic Mexican restaurant taste in no time. Achieve that velvety texture paired with a tantalizing taste, and you’ll be amazed at how effortless this enhanced refried beans dish is.

Whenever I dine at Mexican eateries, I eagerly anticipate the accompanying Mexican rice and refried beans. While charro beans and black beans have their charm, there’s an irresistible allure to the rich, creamy texture of refried beans.

The convenience of using canned beans accelerates the preparation.

After preparation, these beans can be refrigerated in a sealed container for up to 4 days. Warm them on the stovetop on medium or microwave briefly for a quick reheat.

17. Kale Guacamole – Best Side for Tacos

This revitalized guacamole recipe, with a punch of kale, retains the traditional guacamole’s tangy burst and velvety consistency but adds a fresh twist by integrating steamed kale, making it vibrantly verdant and an added boost to health.

I came across a unique kale-infused guacamole variation at Whole Foods some time ago, and yes, I occasionally indulge in store-bought delights when in a rush. This innovative store find nudged me to recreate it in my kitchen. The beauty of this recipe is that it leverages kale’s health benefits, enriches the volume, and retains all the flavor nuances. Plus, it intensifies the guacamole’s green hue – a delightful sight, right?

The preparation process is straightforward. Start with steaming the kale. For enhanced freshness, quickly chill it before combining with other elements. I often toss it in the freezer for rapid cooling, but a quick blanch works too – just ensure it’s devoid of moisture before blending. Mix, crush, and stir until you achieve a consistency that’s chunky yet perfect for dipping.

16. Tomatillo Salsa Verde to Serve with Tacos

Whipped up with charred tomatillos, this handcrafted green salsa is vibrant, fiery, and invigorating. It’s leagues ahead of what you’d find pre-made. Ready your nacho chips!

Once you dive into this artisanal green salsa blend, those off-the-shelf versions won’t hold a candle. Crafted from a succinct set of wholesome components: tomatillos, fiery serrano peppers, garlic, onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime, it bursts with an exhilarating fusion of tang and heat, prompting chip after chip indulgence. Moreover, what elevates this green sauce is its creamy consistency, ensuring a generous coating on each chip dip — forget about those thin, runny alternatives!

This concoction is a nod to the diverse salsa varieties I savored during my time in Austin. Experiencing them ignited my passion for authentic salsa and led me down the path of crafting my own. I believe this recipe will stir a similar sentiment in you. Dive into the world of homemade green salsa, and there’s no turning back!

15. Slow Cooker Borracho Beans

This easy recipe for crockpot Borracho Beans yields a pot full of creamy, spicy, and delicious pinto beans. While I could eat a whole bowlful all on their own, they also make an excellent side for any gathering.

14. 7 Layer Dip with Black Beans

A delicious 7 layer dip with black beans is made with the classic Mexican Flavors and served with tortilla chips. This easy, make a head bean dip will become your favorite appetizer for any kind of gathering.

13. Mexican Cauliflower Rice with Traditional Flavors

An easy and Whole 30 low carb Mexican side dish. This keto Mexican cauliflower rice can be made with fresh or frozen riced cauliflower.

12. Easy Coconut Cauliflower Rice – Keto & Whole30

This delicious coconut cauliflower rice is made with just five ingredients. It’s super versatile and easy to make, cooked in a skillet and toasted to perfection with TONS of flavor! Best of all, it’s Whole30, Keto, Vegan, and Gluten Free friendly!

11. 3 Bean Salad Recipe – Mexican Side Dish

3 Bean Salad Recipe – Mexican Side Dish: An easy, no-cook, side dish recipe that can be made for a weeknight dinner, or for a potluck dinner at an event!

10. Black Bean And Corn Salsa

Black bean and corn salsa is one of my favorite appetizers/snacks and it’s always a crowd favorite! It has such a deliciously fresh and vibrant flavor with just a perfect blend of ingredients. It is the perfect refreshing dip or topping.

9. Chipotle Sauce

Once you try this homemade chipotle sauce recipe you’ll never go back to the store-bought one. Quick and easy to make, we love to serve this with any type of tacos or as a dipping sauce for burritos, chips, fries, or drizzle over the nachos, salads.

8. Instant Pot Pinto Beans (No Soak!)

Cooking Pinto Beans from scratch in the Instant Pot couldn’t be easier! With this simple no-soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans Recipe, you can make the perfect, creamy, comforting dish that can be used as a main protein or side.

7. Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice – Chipotle Copycat

This easy Chipotle Copycat Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice recipe is a great all purpose rice dish that will be loved by your whole family. It makes a great side to serve with Mexican, Asian, and takeout dishes, use as a base for bowls, and as filling for burritos and tacos.

6. Pineapple Salsa Recipe

This zesty pineapple salsa is so easy to make with a few everyday ingredients. Enjoy it with chips, or serve it with chicken, fish, or your favorite Mexican dishes. Easy and delicious side to serve with tacos!

5. 10 Minute Homemade Refried Black Beans

Homemade Refried Black Beans ready in 10 minutes! The perfect addition to your family taco nights! Vegan, gluten-free & oil free! Quick and easy to prepare side dish for favorite taco recipes!

4. Easy Guacamole Recipe 

This quick & easy guacamole recipe is made with a handful of healthy ingredients and is ready in 5 minutes! This simple guacamole dip is our favorite appetizer and we always make it on tacos nights! Watch the video to learn how to make this guacamole recipe!

Delicious side dish that is perfect and super easy to make!

3. Homemade Adobo Guacamole – Easy Side for Fish Tacos!

Best side dish for taco night! This recipe is easy to make at home for taco dinner!

2. Quick and Easy Instant Pot Pinto Beans (No Soak and Soaked Beans)

Instant Pot pinto beans are the perfect southwestern bean for just about any Mexican or Southwestern inspired recipe. Serve these beans on the side, add them to a dip, burritos, or bowls.

Pinto beans, like other beans, are packed full of fiber, protein, and other nutrients. They are most similar to Navy beans, great northern beans, pinquito beans, or borlotti beans. In a pinch, you could use any of these in a recipe that calls for pinto beans.

Pinto beans are also commonly used in refried beans, Mexican or Southwestern dishes, and soups

Great side dish for tacos! 

1. Esquites | Creamy Mexican Street Corn Salad

The boys were really excited to eat the salad, just as I expected, but were very upset that I did not make enough to eat for snack that afternoon. Favorite side dish for next taco night!


taco side dishes recipes


sides for tacos

25 Quick And Healthy Side Dishes That Go With Tacos

As much as you can eat tacos in itself, it is still better to have a side dish or two. Here are 25 quick and healthy taco side dishes you will love!


  • Borracho Beans
  • 7 layer dip with black beans
  • Mexican cauliflower rice
  • coconut cauliflower rice
  • 3 Bean Salad


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