21 Easy Meal Ideas For Camping | Best Camping Recipes

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Are you looking for a quick and easy meal to make during your camping trip? You may want to think of a meal that does not require that much preparation or ingredients. Aside from this, these meals must also be prepared in single cookware (pot or skillet). Sounds hard? Don’t worry, because I have here 21 easy meal ideas perfect for camping outdoors! 

21. Cajun Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Flavor-packed Cajun Shrimp Foil Packets are a mess-free meal that can be cooked on the grill, in the oven, or in the campfire!

Check it here.

20. Easy Weeknight Salmon in Foil with Veggies

We LOVE salmon in the Rodriguez house and eat it for dinner at least once a week. My husband is the chef of the family and has developed an awesome method to cook perfect salmon on the stovetop. However, this week he decided to try something new and bake salmon in foil.

Check it here.

19. Roasted Vegetable and Sausage Kabobs

It doesn’t get much easier than this my friends, Vegetable Kabobs with my favorite chicken sausage and sides for a winning dinner. I’m all about quick and easy meals with big flavor and these sausage kabobs are just that. Plus it’s so fun to eat kabobs, makes me feel like it’s summer and I’m lounging by the pool … now that’s the dream.

Check it here.

18. Rainbow Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

These crisp, crunchy, and colorful Rainbow Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps make the most perfect lunch. They’re full of delicious fruits, veggies, and flavor, and are great for meal prep!

Check it here.

17. Rosemary Chicken Fillets (Pan Fried)

These rosemary chicken fillets with turmeric are full of the flavour of herbs and spice, yet are a very easy dinner recipe. Perfect for a busy weeknight meal served with salads, grains or rice dishes, the chicken breast fillets are pan fried and have minimal ‘hands on’ cook time.

Check it here.

16. Cheese, Bacon and Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe

This Cheese, Bacon and Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe is an easy way to feed your family or a whole crowd for breakfast or brunch.

Check it here.

15. Campfire Pizza Sandwiches

Does your pizza-loving family like to camp? Create these Campfire Pizza Sandwiches over the fire on your next trip.

Check it here.

14. Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

Enjoy one of America’s favorite foods while camping with this Campfire Mac and Cheese recipe. I have had a few people ask me if we have a recipe for mac & cheese. Surprisingly, there are not many camping macaroni and cheese recipes out there on the web.

Check it here.

13. Easy Healthy Pasta Salad with Veggies

Friends, Healthy Pasta Salad exists! Loaded with whole grain pasta and bite sized veggies, this easy recipe is dressed in the same bowl with a flavorful dressing. It’s the perfect summer side dish!

Check it here.

12. Southwest Quinoa Salad

Superfood Southwest Quinoa Salad that is perfect for dinner, meal prep, lunch, cookout side. It is healthy, bright and tasty. Make ahead as Southwest quinoa salad tastes even better when cold.

Check it here.

11. Roasted Skillet Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers & Onions (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo)

A down home country classic! The best Roasted Skillet Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers & Onions! An easy recipe that’s gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and top 8 allergy-free. These rustic cast iron spuds can be a side dish or filling at any meal!

Check it here.

10. Grilled Mexican Pizza With Chorizo

This Grilled Mexican Pizza with Chorizo is going to change the way you think about grilling! A unique recipe that’s perfect for the outdoors!

Check it here.

9. Chicken Kebabs

Not only are these chicken kebabs healthy, but they’re also so easy to prepare and take only a few minutes to cook. Just like all of my favorite recipes, you can customize this to use your favorite veggies and marinades until you find one your family absolutely loves.

Check it here.

8. Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake

Here is a camping recipe for Dutch Oven Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake. This easy chocolate dump cake will turn everyone into cherry fans!

Check it here.

7. Burger Hobo Packets

These delicious and easy to make campfire foil packet dinners are the perfect weeknight family meal. Make Burger Hobo Packets in the oven, over a campfire, on the grill or in a smoker. The best part is that clean up is a breeze!

Check it here.

6. Homemade Salty Oil-Free Almond Flavored Granola

I swear granola is the one of those dishes that can be used as a topping, cereal or a snack. So when I decided to make this lighted salted version I was thinking of all of those things. I tried it on a salad and it worked really good with a nice tahini dressing. I also made it with yoghurt and bananas for breakfast ( see the picture below) and drizzled it with additional syrup and man o man was it so flavorful. Lastly, I packed it as a snack on a hike and it really was a good pick me up after a sunny two and a half miles.

Check it here.

5. Walking Tacos

Mix all your favorite taco toppings with crushed chips and you have yourself an easy but tasty walking taco! Perfect for parties or summer gatherings.

Check it here.

4. Juicy Pineapple Grilled Chicken Kabobs

Grilled chicken kabobs with pineapple, onions, and peppers are packed with flavor and so easy to prepare. This light and flavorful meal is perfect for summer grilling, camping, and backyard parties.

Check it here.

3. Honey Dijon Chicken Foil Packets

Cooked in the oven or on the grill, these amazing Honey Dijon Chicken Foil Packets are a quick and easy 30-minute meal filled with fresh and colorful seasonal vegetables, juicy chicken breasts, and a delicious sweet and tangy honey dijon sauce.

Check it  here.

2. Thick & Healthy Turkey Chili (with Kidney Beans)

Thick & Healthy Turkey Chili is a healthy, hearty chili made with lean turkey, red kidney beans, corn, and bell pepper. It’s loaded with protein and fiber without sacrificing any flavor. This heart-healthy dinner can be made on a weeknight in under 45 minutes and yields plenty of leftovers.

Check it here.

1. Gluten-Free Southern Tomato Sandwich (Vegan, Allergy-Free)

The classic summer sandwich! This is how to build a perfect Gluten-Free Southern Tomato Sandwich that’s also vegan, allergy-free, and so simple, quick, and easy to make! Soft gluten-free white bread, creamy egg-free mayo, and thick, ripe, juicy, tomato slices with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!

Check it here.

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