Back to School Breakfast

27 Back to School Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Returning to school means hurrying in the mornings! However, you must not allow your children to miss breakfast. Here are some simple back-to-school favorite breakfast dishes that your kids will love!

Back to School Breakfast

27. Easy Breakfast Quesadillas

Need easy kid-friendly delicious breakfast idea? Try these Simple Morning Quesadillas. Inside two golden-brown tortillas, you’ll find light scrambled eggs, bell peppers, crispy bacon, and melted cheddar. Ideal for those rush-hour mornings!

Within these Golden Dawn Quesadillas, there’s a delightful mix of light-as-air scrambled eggs, bell peppers, crunchy bacon, and oozy cheddar. A go-to for hectic AM starts!

26. Breakfast Sundaes

Here’s a great breakfast idea: waffle cone bowls filled with juicy fruits, Cheerios™, and creamy yogurt, topped with a variety of delightful garnishes. It’s a fun way to elevate your morning meal!

Swift and fun to make simple breakfast always capture my heart. Among my top choices are oven-baked oatmeal bites, morning wraps, and these charming breakfast delights in a cone.

25. Breakfast Bagel Bites with Chipotle Salsa

The beginning of a fresh academic year brings both enthusiasm and chaos. Mornings, in particular, can be quite a whirlwind! From organizing lunches, reviewing assignments, endorsing planners, to preparing the day’s first meal, it often seems like I’ve gone through an entire workday by the time my kids head to school.

With all the morning commotion, breakfast often ends up being routine. That’s why I’ve brainstormed four quick breakfast options for children that are nutritious, loved by youngsters, and can be put together in under five minutes! With such straightforward morning meals, there might just be a few moments left over before the school bell rings.

24. Instant Pot Egg Bites

Whip up a quick morning treat with these Pressure Cooker Egg Delights. Taking inspiration from Starbucks, these egg delights made in a pressure cooker are soft and airy, need no blending, have a single primary ingredient, and can be tailored with your preferred additions!

While I’ve been somewhat hesitant about pressure cooker egg delights given my minimalistic approach to kitchen tools, I can’t deny my love for eggs. Equipped with some silicone molds I found online, I’ve started making batches of these delights every Sunday!

While Starbucks’ version of these egg bites are scrumptious, they can be a tad pricey for daily indulgence. I crafted a homemade variant using my pressure cooker. The humid heat from the device replicates the sous vide approach quite well, allowing you to relish them as-is or with your favorite stuffing.

23. Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Wholesome Blueberry Muffins are guiding me away from my knack for making things intricate. This straightforward recipe yields tender muffins made from whole wheat, nutritious oats, and they’re brimming with blueberries. Essentially, they represent the essence of what an oat-blueberry muffin should embody.

I first posted this blueberry muffin recipe in 2015, and it’s been a hit ever since. Grown-ups appreciate its healthful nature and whole grain ingredients. Meanwhile, youngsters, from tiny tots to teens, are fans of its soft, rich taste, and the abundance of blueberries within.

22. Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Wholesome morning oatmeal cookies can be the star of your breakfast rotation! Think bananas, crunchy almonds, and juicy berries to delight the younger palates.

Ever imagined giving your kids the green light for cookies at breakfast?

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, the dream’s becoming a reality today!

Banana-based oatmeal morning treats are an excellent prep-in-advance delight for everyone at home.

Let’s get candid. Our young ones, particularly the tinier tots, often exhibit a “wander-and-munch” eating style.

Expecting them to pause and savor a meal amidst an exciting day can be a tall order.

This is precisely where these oat-rich banana morning delights fit the bill. Prep them in advance, and they’re set for those on-the-move mornings!

21. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Preparing breakfast burritos in advance and storing them in the freezer is a perfect solution for hosting gatherings or ensuring a quick breakfast on hectic school days. It’s a nutritious morning option that even the youngsters can warm up independently.

My children have a unanimous vote for Taco Tuesdays, ranking it top on their meal wish list.

Given their passion for Mexican flavors, I was confident these prep-ahead morning wraps would be a crowd-pleaser. Packed with fluffy eggs, delightful sausage, and crunchy potato bites, I might be their biggest fan, even more so than my kiddos!

This savory recipe is quick and easy breakfast for kids and adults!

20. Healthy Yogurt Parfait

A parfait may come off as an indulgent treat, but with minor adjustments, it can transition into a wholesome breakfast or a post-school delight. Dive in to discover the ins and outs, plus top ingredients to craft the ultimate yogurt parfait.

Parfait holds mysteries. First and foremost, this exquisite French creation can be assembled in mere minutes. (In fact, you might invest more time hunting down a transparent cup than actually prepping it.)

Another revelation is its adaptability. Transform this rich delicacy into a health-boosting snack using nutrient-packed, probiotic-enriched greek yogurt, fibrous granola, and vibrant fruits. This ensures you’re nourishing your kids right. Imagine their delight when this treat graces the breakfast table on an ordinary Wednesday morning. 

19. Bacon Breakfast Pizza

This Sizzling Bacon Morning Flatbread boasts a cheesy layer, crowned with eggs, crispy bacon, and other beloved breakfast items. It’s straightforward, swift, and can be tailored to fit your preferred toppings.

On certain mornings, I fancy a swift and light first meal, but occasionally, I crave something warm, rich, and hearty. This morning flatbread caters to those hankerings. We also whip up breakfast wraps and morning tacos with a similar flair!

I’ve mentioned several times our penchant for breakfast dishes. They’re our top picks, often becoming our dinner choice given the hectic nature of our mornings. The recipe spotlighted today is our newly adored Sizzling Bacon Morning Flatbread – so effortless that it’s graced our table thrice in recent weeks.

18. Cannoli French Toast Roll-ups – savory breakfast for Kids 

The Cannoli-inspired French Toast Spirals are packed with a delightful ricotta blend, spiraled, and skillet-cooked to perfection. They’re an ideal morning or mid-morning treat!

When the usual French toast feels too mundane, switch it up with this cannoli-inspired version. The luscious stuffing and hints of chocolate are bound to impress.

These spirals are our go-to for relaxed weekend meals, and they shine especially when we have guests, particularly during spring festivities or special days like Mother’s Day. Garnish with a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar, a drizzle of syrup, and some vibrant berries to make them truly irresistible.

17. Cake Mix Waffles – Fun Breakfast Kids Love

Cake mix isn’t just for cakes anymore; think cake mix cookie treats, banana loaves, or even fudgy delights.

Morning waffles from cake mix have become our family’s cherished treat! Mildly sugary and crafted from 4 simple components, with the flexibility to tweak as desired.

From cookie-inspired bars to banana loaves or fudgy treats, cake mixes offer vast culinary options.

A plate showcasing waffles garnished with butter and drizzled syrup.

Weekends at our home often mean waffle-time. A spread of butter and a drizzle of syrup is standard, with the younger ones getting creative with toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, or freshly chopped fruits.

My partner, our usual waffle chef, introduced me to the cake mix variation. On one occasion, our regular waffle batter was finished, prompting him to experiment with the cake mix we had. The result? A delightfully crispy exterior, a soft center, and just the right touch of sweetness.

16. Super EASY Egg Bake Breakfast Casserole

Hunting for a straightforward Egg Bake dish? This egg ensemble is incredibly simple yet packed with flavor! It’s become our preferred morning meal for guests, brunches, and special days like Christmas and Easter. With just a trio of basic components – eggs, milk, and crescent dough, you can create a breakfast masterpiece seemingly crafted with great effort!

We all dream of dishing out meals that draw admiration from our loved ones. But with the hustle and bustle of life, we often don’t have the luxury of time. Plus, who has hours to spend on a complex morning dish? Fear not, this Egg Bake is a breeze, taking under 10 minutes to assemble. Keep it refrigerated overnight or even longer and then simply bake when needed. It gives the impression of having invested hours, even though you didn’t. It’s not just easy, but also an efficient way to utilize eggs for larger gatherings. Trust me, it’s a crowd-pleaser!

15. Kid-Friendly Busy Morning Egg Muffin Cups – Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Busy mornings? You are going to want to have a bunch of these delicious Egg Muffin Cups on-hand so you can send everyone off with a healthy breakfast.

14. Almond Milk Porridge – Easy Back-to-school Breakfast

Celebrate World Porridge Day with this excellent almond milk porridge recipe. It has all the key flavours you should be looking for in your morning porridge. With the extra nutty flavour from the almond milk, this almond milk porridge is definitely one of my favourites.

13. Avocado Toast with Burrata and Egg for Kid Breakfast

This avocado toast with burrata and egg is a decadently delicious, protein packed breakfast or lunch. It’s even marvelous as a light dinner!

12. Cool and Creamy, 5-Minute, No-Cook Blueberry-Almond Oatmeal (With Make-Ahead, Overnight Oats Option, Too!)

These blueberry-almond instant (or overnight!) oats are the perfect summer breakfast! Loaded with keep-you-full fiber and protein, they’re incredibly nutritious, decadently delicious!

11. No-Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Breakfast Bars

Healthy no-bake peanut butter oatmeal protein bars are packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. Using less than ten clean ingredients, the pickiest of eaters won’t even realize these protein bars are healthy!

10. Banana Overnight Oats – Quick Breakfast for Kids of all Ages 

This Banana Overnight Oats recipe is a healthy breakfast that you can make ahead of time for busy mornings. It is a flexible recipe that can easily be customised to suit dietary and flavour preferences.

9. Raspberry Coconut Breakfast Balls – Kid-friendly Breakfast Recipe

Raspberry Coconut Breakfast Balls – rolled oats, ground almonds, coconut and raspberries mixed together to make a great, hand held, breakfast or snack.

8. Vegan Breakfast Parfait – Toddler Breakfast Idea

This vegan breakfast parfait is super quick to make, healthy, and full of probiotics! It has a crunchy raw vegan granola, fresh berries, and yummy layers of vanilla and strawberry oat milk yogurt.

7. Orange-Blueberry Smoothie – Breakfast Recipe for Kids

Creamy, naturally sweet, and exploding with vitamin C and antioxidants. This Orange-Blueberry Smoothie is a perfect breakfast option.

6. Dutch Baby Pancake – Easy Breakfast Idea for Kids

You know what’s great about the Dutch Baby Pancake? Everything. It’s quick, easy to make, and delicious; with a custardy-almost-flan-like centre and a crisp exterior.

5. Fruity Bagel Pizzas – Best Breakfast Idea for Kids

Who says you can’t have fun with your food? These fruity bagel pizzas are a fun way to start the day! We used kiwi, strawberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges to make a fun summer design, but you can use whatever your kids like to make breakfast extra special.

4. Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal Recipe – Healthy Breakfast for Kids

If you think you don’t like oatmeal, please give this recipe a try. I have a feeling you’ll change your mind! The banana is the key – as is using milk instead of water, which makes it much creamier and more delicious.

3. Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes – Best Breakfast with Kids

This Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe is full of amazing fall flavor! Just the thing for easy weekday breakfasts, lazy Sunday brunches, and as breakfast for dinner.

2. Instant Pot Oatmeal with Chocolate + Tutorial {Vegan, Gluten-Free}

This easy Instant Pot Oatmeal with Chocolate recipe will produce glorious, chocolate-y oatmeal that is perfect for breakfast all year round. Don’t like chocolate? Not a problem – omit the cocoa powder and flavour it however you’d like!

1. Bagel Toad in a Hole – Easy Breakfast for Kids!

This Bagel Toad in a Hole breakfast or brunch is a healthy, easy recipe kids can make for Mom on Mother’s Day or for themselves on any day, either using the stove or microwave.


Back to School Kid-friendly Breakfast Recipes

Back to School Breakfast

27 Easy Back to School Breakfasts to Make with Kids

Prepare your kids for school with these 27 healthy and easy breakfast ideas. Back to school mornings made nutritious and delicious!


  • Egg Muffin Cups
  • Almond Milk Porridge
  • Avocado Toast
  • Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars
  • Banana Overnight Oats


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