15 Healthy and Easy Back to School Breakfasts to Make with Kids

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Returning to school means hurrying in the mornings! However, you must not allow your children to miss breakfast. Here are some simple back-to-school breakfast dishes that your children will love!

15. Kid-Friendly Busy Morning Egg Muffin Cups

Busy mornings? You are going to want to have a bunch of these delicious Egg Muffin Cups on-hand so you can send everyone off with a healthy breakfast.

Check it here.

14. Almond Milk Porridge

Celebrate World Porridge Day with this excellent almond milk porridge recipe. It has all the key flavours you should be looking for in your morning porridge. With the extra nutty flavour from the almond milk, this almond milk porridge is definitely one of my favourites.

Check it here.

13. Avocado Toast with Burrata and Egg

This avocado toast with burrata and egg is a decadently delicious, protein packed breakfast or lunch. It’s even marvelous as a light dinner!

Check it here.

12. Cool and Creamy, 5-Minute, No-Cook Blueberry-Almond Oatmeal (With Make-Ahead, Overnight Oats Option, Too!)

These blueberry-almond instant (or overnight!) oats are the perfect summer breakfast! Loaded with keep-you-full fiber and protein, they’re incredibly nutritious, decadently delicious!

Check it here.

11. Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars

Healthy no-bake peanut butter oatmeal protein bars are packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. Using less than ten clean ingredients, the pickiest of eaters won’t even realize these protein bars are healthy!

Check it here.

10. Banana Overnight Oats 

This Banana Overnight Oats recipe is a healthy breakfast that you can make ahead of time for busy mornings. It is a flexible recipe that can easily be customised to suit dietary and flavour preferences.

Check it here.

9. Raspberry Coconut Breakfast Balls 

Raspberry Coconut Breakfast Balls – Oats, ground almonds, coconut and raspberries mixed together to make a great, hand held, breakfast or snack.

Check it here.

8. Vegan Breakfast Parfait

This vegan breakfast parfait is super quick to make, healthy, and full of probiotics! It has a crunchy raw vegan granola, fresh berries, and yummy layers of vanilla and strawberry oat milk yogurt.

Check it here.

7. Orange-Blueberry Smoothie

Creamy, naturally sweet, and exploding with vitamin C and antioxidants. This Orange-Blueberry Smoothie is a perfect breakfast option.

Check it here.

6. Dutch Baby Pancake

You know what’s great about the Dutch Baby Pancake? Everything. It’s quick, easy to make, and delicious; with a custardy-almost-flan-like centre and a crisp exterior.

Check it here.

5. Fruity Bagel Pizzas

Who says you can’t have fun with your food? These fruity bagel pizzas are a fun way to start the day! We used kiwi, strawberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges to make a fun summer design, but you can use whatever your kids like to make breakfast extra special.

Check it here.

4. Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal Recipe

If you think you don’t like oatmeal, please give this recipe a try. I have a feeling you’ll change your mind! The banana is the key – as is using milk instead of water, which makes it much creamier and more delicious.

Check it here.

3. Easy Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

This Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe is full of amazing fall flavor! Just the thing for easy weekday breakfasts, lazy Sunday brunches, and as breakfast for dinner.

Check it here.

2. Instant Pot Oatmeal with Chocolate + Tutorial {Vegan, Gluten-Free}

This easy Instant Pot Oatmeal with Chocolate recipe will produce glorious, chocolate-y oatmeal that is perfect for breakfast all year round. Don’t like chocolate? Not a problem – omit the cocoa powder and flavour it however you’d like!

Check it here.

1. Bagel Toad in a Hole – A breakfast kids can make!

This Bagel Toad in a Hole breakfast or brunch is a healthy, easy recipe kids can make for Mom on Mother’s Day or for themselves on any day, either using the stove or microwave.

Check it here.

Easy Back to School Breakfasts to Make with Kids

Easy Back to School Breakfasts to Make with Kids

Back to school means always rushing in the mornings! But it is important to not let your kids skip their breakfast. Here are easy back to school breakfast recipes your kids will enjoy!




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