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When it comes to beef, Asian cuisines have, without a doubt, the best meal selections to choose from. Beef stew? Check. Beef drenched in a flavorful sauce? Check. Bulgogi with beef? Check. Whatever you can think of, it’s most likely already in Asian cuisine. With that in mind, here are 15 of the best and most popular Asian beef recipes for you to try!

15. Spicy Mongolian Beef

Tender, juicy pieces of flash-fried beef are coated in a sticky, spicy Mongolian sauce which is seasoned with chili for that fiery kick, ginger garlic for aroma and brown sugar to balance it all. This dish is a perfect weeknight meal because it is cooked in 20 minutes.

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14. Mapo Tofu

This spicy mapo tofu is an easy Chinese dish you can make at home in minutes. This version uses easily accessible ingredients.

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13. Beef Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl)

Beef Bibimbap is a quick and easy Korean rice bowl mixed with assorted vegetables, savoury banchan, sweet spicy beef, all topped with an egg. It’s the perfect meal for busy weeknights.

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12. Incredibly Delicious Easy Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi, pronounced ‘Buul-GOH-ghee’ is a term that encompasses many recognizable Korean BBQ dishes. Basically, it consists of meat (gogi) that is quickly cooked over a fire (bul). Sometimes the meat is marinated, sometimes it isn’t. It can be grilled as a full steak, pounded meat, on skewers, or as thin slices.

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11. Massaman Beef Coconut Curry

This Massaman style Beef Coconut Curry contains tender cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes along with melt-in-your-mouth beef. It’s made with warming spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, and star anise slowly simmered a creamy coconut base. The finished dish is a curry so satisfying, your family will think you ordered delivery. 

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10. Grilled Vietnamese Beef Vermicelli Bowl – Bún Bò Xào

Grilled Vietnamese Beef Vermicelli Bowl, or Bún Bò Xào, is everyone’s favourite Vietnamese noodle salad…at home! Perfectly marinated, then grilled Vietnamese beef is a delicious topping to fresh vegetables and vermicelli noodles.

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9. Whole30 Paleo Asian Meatloaf

This Whole30 Paleo Asian Meatloaf is packed with bold flavors. This meatloaf is made without breadcrumbs but tastes every bit as classic and traditional as meatloaf should. This Whole30 approved meal is great for lunch, dinner or healthy meal prep.

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8. Quick Asian Sesame Beef Noodle Soup (Gluten-free)

I love soup; especially easy soups with Asian flavors. I cannot go to a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant without ordering some kind of soup! And just in case you are a fan of Vietnamese recipes, I have a huge collection here.

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7. Easy Beef Salad With Asian Slaw #AD

Easy beef salad, lean slices of marinated steak served with a crunchy slaw, comprising a rainbow of crisp vegetables and an Asian inspired dressing. 

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6. Asian Steak Salad

This easy Asian steak salad is perfect for every occasion! Tangy, sweet, and crunchy salad topped with juicy steak is always a crowd-pleaser.

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5. Sri Lankan Devilled Beef (Spicy Dry Beef Curry)

Spicy, tangy and sweet, this Sri Lankan Devilled Beef (Spicy Dry Beef Curry) recipe combines Sri Lankan and Chinese cuisine with devilishly flavorful results! A staple in many Sri Lankan restaurants, and the perfect side dish to enjoy with a cold beer, this recipe can also be made with chicken, pork, lamb or mutton as well.

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4. Indonesian Beef Meatballs

Easy Indonesian Beef Meatballs with classic sweet, spicy and umami Nasi Goreng flavors, served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. These little spicy beef meatballs are packed with so much flavor and are a great appetizer for any party or gathering.

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3. Beef Stir Fry

Tender strips of sirloin steak and crisp snow peas are cooked in a quick and flavorful homemade sauce in 20 minutes for a fantastic easy dinner!

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2. Beef and Broccoli Ramen Stir Fry

The popular Chinese restaurant beef and broccoli stir fry gets a delicious twist with ramen noodles, in this fantastic easy 30 minute meal recipe.

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1. Korean Grilled Flank Steak with Asian Chimichurri

Grilled Flank Steak flavored with the tastiest sweet and savory Korean style marinade then grilled until melt-in-your-mouth perfection! Serve this juicy and tender flank steak with fresh Asian style Chimichurri for the most delicious steak dinner!

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15 Best Asian Beef Recipes | Healthy Asian Recipes

15 Best Asian Beef Recipes | Healthy Asian Recipes

Here are 15 of the best and most popular Asian beef recipes you will love!


  • Mongolian Beef
  • Mapo Tofu
  • Bibimbap
  • Bulgogi
  • Curry


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