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30 Easy Vietnamese Recipes – Best Dishes (Including Desserts and Drinks)

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Are you craving for some southeast Asian cuisine – specifically Vietnamese cuisines to serve to your family or friends? Vietnamese recipes are especially perfect for a big feast!

If you are on a healthy eating lifestyle, then it is good to know that Vietnamese cuisine is rich in delicious flavors and fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables and leafy greens, herbs, and fruits, making it one of the healthiest cuisines on the planet.

Vietnamese Recipes

And sure, ordering Vietnamese takeout at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant is the most convenient way to try out the country’s traditional cuisine. However, if you want a more authentic and the best experience, then I suggest you try making your own Vietnamese meals yourself! And no, Vietnamese cooking is no rocket science! You can completely follow each recipe in no time.

And that is what I’ll provide to you in this post. All the best Vietnamese dishes and good food are right here, from the popular food found in the streets of Vietnam such as banh mi sandwiches to the nutrient-dense spring rolls!

That being said, here are 21 traditional Vietnamese food and delicious recipes that you can make at home. Buckle up and prepare to travel to Vietnam with your taste buds!

30. Vietnamese Pork Chops

These Vietnamese pork chops are surprisingly easy to make and prepare. So no worries if you are new to Vietnamese cuisine! To make the chops incredibly flavorful and maintain their moisture when cooked, the marinade is jam-packed with aromatics like lemongrass, garlic, and shallots. The chops also are soaked in soy sauce and fish sauce.

This traditional Vietnamese dish will keep you coming back for more thanks to the caramelized pork from the grilling.

29. Bánh cam (Fried sesame balls)

Banh cam or fried sesame balls is a Vietnamese sweet snack that is made of glutinous rice flour, which is then covered in white sesame seeds and wrapped in mung bean paste. The filling is what distinguishes Vietnamese Banh Cam from other sesame balls.

28. Che Ba Mau (Three Color Dessert)

Want something delicious, refreshing, and Instagram-worthy dessert? Then you should try this Vietnamese dessert called Che Ba Mau or Three Color Dessert! Tt has layers of red beans, mung beans, pandan jelly, and coconut sauce. To keep you cool and refreshed during the summer heat, ice is then added to the mixture.

27. Bánh cuốn (Rolled rice sheets with pork & mushroom)

Banh Cuon literally translates to “rolled cakes” because the batter for these delectable little treats is primarily made of rice flour, and the traditional filling is made of pork, onion, jicama, and mushrooms. Each flavor of the ingredients balances and complements each other perfectly.


These pork-filled Vietnamese egg rolls are nicely complemented by vegetables, mung bean thread, and mushrooms. When used with the proper wrappers, they come out crispy and beautifully golden brown. These Vietnamese egg rolls are typically eaten wrapped in green leaf lettuce, herbs, and, of course, fish dipping sauce!

25. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

For the coffee lovers out there, you will be delighted to know that Vietnam has a unique way of preparing and brewing their well-known coffee! This Vietnamese egg coffee is thick, strong, and dark and is topped with a sweet, light, and airy foam of egg yolk and condensed milk. Preparation time takes only 15 minutes!

24. Com Tam

Also known as “broken rice” this meal is considered to be Saigon’s signature dish which typically consists of rice with grilled pork chops and fish sauce. According to legend, the dish originated when farmers started cooking with the “broken rice” they were unable to sell. Due to the popularity of this dish today, broken rice can sometimes be purchased for more money than regular rice!

23. Vietnamese Caramel Trout

This infamous Vietnamese Caramel Trout recipe is an Asian-inspired one-pan fish dish that consists of a caramel base that balances out the hot and salty ingredients. The cooking and preparation process will only take you around 15-20 minutes!

22. Bun Cha

This Vietnamese breakfast known as Bun Cha is made up of thin broth-like dipping sauce with pickled carrot, meatballs made of pork, and slices of marinated pork that are chargrilled over coals. It’s completely easy to prepare and uses ingredients that can easily be found in your pantry.

21. Vietnamese Fried Tofu

Looking for a new dish to add to your weekly menu? This could be the recipe you’re looking for!

Vietnamese fried tofu is filling, satisfying, and can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. All you have to do is fry the tofu pieces until crispy while keeping the inside soft.

Dip them in a flavorful scallion-fish sauce mixture, then serve with rice or eat them on their own. Basically takes no effort at all!

20. Prawn and Sweet Potato Fritters

Prawn and sweet potato fritters are another quick, delicious, and crispy snack that’s well-loved in Vietnam.

This dish, known as street food in the northern part of Vietnam, is the perfect snack to crunch and munch on. Making the best result of these fritters requires perfecting the batter. But don’t worry, you only need a few ingredients to make this.

It is ideal for the batter to have the consistency of pancake batter — not too thick but firm enough to hold the prawn and sweet potato sticks together. And for the finishing touch, wrap the fritter in lettuce and fresh herbs for a complete meal, then drizzle with fish sauce.

19. Vietnamese Shrimp Tacos

It’s time for you to get a taste of a healthy taco! With marinated shrimp, Asian salsa, fresh herbs, and vegetables, these tacos are sure to keep you in line with your healthy living. They’ll definitely make Taco Tuesdays extra special!

Lime juice, coconut sugar, and traditional Vietnamese spices flavor the shrimp. On the other hand, the salsa and pickled vegetables will give that spicy and tangy flavors that will excite your taste buds.

18. Vietnamese Fish Sauce

Vietnam is known for its diverse sauces, but fish sauce reigns supreme due to its inclusion in many Vietnamese recipes. Fish sauce adds a savory flavor to everything from rice noodles to fresh spring rolls to Vietnamese crepes.

To make this recipe, simply combine pure fish sauce, sugar, water, and lemonade to make the dipping sauce.

17. Purple Yam Soup

Vietnamese purple yam soup is unlike any other. It’s picture-worthy, creamy, and absolutely delicious. And if you are wondering, it has the perfect purple color for you purple lovers out there!

But aside from that, this soup is also loaded with delicious prawns and fish slices.

The soup’s base is made from chicken stock, which adds another layer of flavor. Fresh spices and herbs are used to create a completely satisfying and aromatic dish.

16. Pandan Waffles

Pandan waffles will not only provide you with a delicious sweet treat but also with a lovely aroma in your kitchen. The chewy center of these waffles will be an experience you will always remember. Yes, it’s that good!

The soft interior and crispy exterior make a lovely contrast with each other. The inclusion of coconut cream gives each bite a taste of coconut as well.

15. Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings

These exquisitely tender dumplings with mung bean filling are a welcome change from crunchy snacks. Salt, pepper, and onions are used to flavor the mung bean, which is both savory and sweet.

Mung bean dumplings typically contain shrimp or pork, but you can not include them to make the dish vegan friendly.

14. Vietnamese Papaya Salad

Papaya, raw vegetables, peanuts, and fried onions make a refreshing salad that is both tasty and healthy. The salad’s slight sweetness is provided by orange papaya, which is combined with a mildly spiced lime dressing to add zest and freshness.

13. Vietnamese Boiled Cabbage

A quick and simple side dish that is present on almost every Vietnamese dining table is boiled cabbage. The cabbage in this dish is boiled until tender making it a filling and comforting meal.

The dipping sauce is what gives this dish its special appeal. Lime juice, fish sauce, and chili peppers are used to flavor the mashed hard-boiled egg.

12. Peanut Sticky Rice

Have you ever thought of combining peanuts and sticky rice? No? Then you should start now! This rice dish is exceptional in every way. Due to the use of glutinous rice, the dish has a sticky consistency.

The subtle salty and sweet flavors are mouthwatering. It makes a delicious breakfast or snack combination.

Chopped roasted peanuts and sesame seeds are added as toppings, along with sugar and salt for flavor – a truly tasty meal!

11. Vietnamese Garlic Butter Noodles

This 20-minute garlicky and buttery Vietnamese noodle dish is a comforting meal for hectic weeknights because it’s very easy to prepare.

The garlic-butter sauce, which also contains a small amount of fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and oyster sauce, is combined with the al dente egg noodles.

While it isn’t customary, adding parmesan cheese as a garnish elevates the dish.

10. Pok Pok Wings

These fish sauce-marinated chicken wings are deep-fried to a perfect crispness and then drizzled with fish sauce. You’ll immediately become addicted for sure!

The wings have a rich, complex flavor that is neither overly sweet nor overly salty. These wings have fried garlic, cilantro, and mint on top, which gives them a nice crunch and a fragrant aroma.

9. Vietnamese Caramel Shrimp

Are you unsure of how to use that mouthwatering caramel sauce? You’ll need this shrimp recipe, then! The way this dish is cook is that aromatics and caramel sauce are fried together, then thickened with the shrimp.

For added flavor, scallions, fish sauce, and black pepper are used. I will assure you that this is one of the tastiest yet simplest shrimp dishes you can make!

8. Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

Nuoc mau, also known as caramel sauce, is a thin, dark liquid that is frequently used as a general seasoning for Vietnamese food.

The sauce is frequently used for savory dishes, giving the flavor a nice touch of smoky and sweet flavor. Cane sugar, vinegar, and water are the only ingredients needed for this recipe.

The latter is used to thin out the sauce made from the heated sugar and vinegar.

7. Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

Another delicious and healthy dish from Vietnam is this salad made with classic rice noodles. It includes crunchy raw vegetables and herbs, tender rice noodles, and tender chicken thighs.

The uncooked ingredients are combined with nuoc cham which is a traditional Vietnamese condiment. It serves as a salad dressing with almost all essential flavors you need, including sweet, spicy, sour, and salty.

The simplicity of this recipe makes it a wonderful dish to prepare even in the summer because it requires little to no stovetop time.

6. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are a colorful example of how delicious and satisfying healthy food can be! In rice paper wrappers, you can combine vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

These include shrimp, avocados, carrots, cucumbers, and a ton more! They are made to be folded in half, rolled like a burrito, and served with a straightforward but flavorful peanut dipping sauce.

These fresh rolls make wonderful appetizers or a quick meal especially if you want to go meatless on a special day!

5. Vietnamese Mango Salad

You don’t come across a mango salad with an equal balance of sweet and sour flavors every day. However, you can now thanks to this recipe! Additionally, making this Hanoi street food specialy is incredibly simple.

The Vietnamese Mango salad contains cilantro, shallots, and peanuts in addition to ripe mangoes. A fish sauce-based dressing with citrus undertones from lime juice and rice wine vinegar is used to toss and complement everything together.

4. Lemongrass Chicken

One of the best chicken dishes in the world is Vietnam’s lemongrass chicken! Lemongrass, fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, and red curry paste are just a few of the ingredients in the marinade.

But let’s not forget the chicken meat as well! You’ll become obsessed because it’s so juicy! I highly recommend pairing them with jasmine rice flavored with coconut for an entire Asian-inspired meal.

3. Vietnamese Crepes

The north, south, and central parts of the country are very fond of Vietnamese crepes. These crunchy crepes are bursting with flavor and crunchy goodness because they are filled with ground pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts.

Serve these savory fried pancakes with a fish sauce-lime juice dipping sauce for a unique and unforgettable meal experience!

2. Pho

Vietnamese soup known as pho can be found virtually everywhere in Vietnam, including in restaurants, streets, and homes. For those of you who are unfamiliar, pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup made with beef broth, ginger, fish sauce, onion, and a few flavorful spices.

The onion and ginger should be charred, and the spices should be toasty. You will be able to taste real pho if you do this.

Making your own pho broth from scratch is the secret to the best broth. Even though it make take some time for the beef and bones simmer, but the result is a mouthwatering, meaty flavor!

1. Banh Mi

One of the most popular street foods in Vietnam is banh mi. It has meat, pickled vegetable, herb, and a seasoning-filled soft, airy baguette. Tofu that has been marinated replaces the chicken or pork in this recipe to make it vegetarian-friendly. Sriracha and mayo are added for additional richness and heat.

There are now countless variations of this dish thanks to the different ways of cooking of banh mi shops in Vietnam and other nations.

What is a typical Vietnamese meal?

Vietnamese meals in households vary from lifestyles or the food served in restaurants or stalls. But one thing is for sure: Vietnamese cuisine will keep you coming back for more because of its fresh and healthy ingredients that are prepared in various ways to make each dish taste and look unique!

A Vietnamese meal must typically have two requirements: it must taste good and be healthy. As a result, fresh, wholesome ingredients like fruits and vegetables are frequently used as the main ingredients. As a result, a lot of traditional Vietnamese dishes are extremely low in fat which is perfect if you are on a weight loss journey!

But if you are looking for a little more specific, pho is definitely a famous Vietnamese dish. It’s nearly impossible to walk the streets of Vietnam without coming across a group of hungry customers slurping down on noodles at a near pho stand.

For breakfast and / or lunch time, Bun Cha is definitely the top choice. And you already know how Asians love their rice. Here are some well-loved Món mặn or main dishes to eat with rice:

  • Fish/seafood
  • meat
  • tofu (grilled, boiled, steamed, stewed, or stir-fried with vegetables)

Vietnam cuisine also value its side dishes or relishes which includes salted eggplant, pickled white cabbage, pickled papaya, pickled garlic, or pickled bean sprouts.

Vietnamese Recipes

30 Easy Vietnamese Recipes Collection

Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

When it comes to food, Vietnamese cuisine is as varied and unique as the country itself. From the popular street food, banh mi to the nutrient-dense spring rolls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re looking for Vietnamese recipes to create a feast for the family, look no further!


  • Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings
  • Vietnamese Papaya Salad
  • Vietnamese Boiled Cabbage
  • Peanut Sticky Rice
  • Vietnamese Garlic Butter Noodles
  • Pok Pok Wings
  • Vietnamese Caramel Shrimp
  • Vietnamese Caramel Sauce
  • Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Vietnamese Mango Salad
  • Lemongrass Chicken
  • Vietnamese Crepes
  • Vietnamese Pho
  • Banh Mi


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