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How to Budget Your Money | 11 Budgeting Tips and Hacks 2022

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So you love shopping, buying gifts, eating out, renovating your home, and just splurging. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Just as they say: “No one can tell you what you want to do with your money”.  But when you have mouths to feed or a business to manage, then you may want to keep track of your spending and set a limit for yourself. This is …

9 Profitable Small Business Ideas from Home to Start in 2022

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Here is my top list of profitable small business ideas from home that you can start in 2022. So you have finally taken a big leap and decided to quit corporate life and focus more on your own growth. Or maybe the last couple of years when the pandemic changed our lives so much, something clicked for you and you realized that you want to start your …

10 Powerful Ways To Develop Your Mindset For Success

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I’m never the lucky one! In everything I do, I have to work twice as hard as the others and I’m never rewarded as much as I deserve it. Life is so unfair. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon like that guy on a Ferrari, he is not smarter than me he was just lucky. Nothing good will ever happen to me no matter how hard …

10 Best Work From Home Jobs With No Experience In 2022

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In the last couple of years, I am sure many of us have made the choice to work from home. Maybe you have been laid off, or you are trying to find new options for your career growth. Or you are just tired of the commute to your office and back. Either way, there are tons of benefits of working from home, it’s the new norm and …

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28 Best Paid Surveys Sites – Get Paid to Take Surveys in 2022!

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Taking paid surveys online is a legitimate way to make extra money while doing relatively easy work, which doesn’t require any special skills or experience. I must be honest, you will not make millions with online survey sites, but you can easily make extra $350-1000 per month for completing surveys (the total income depends on how many survey sites you subscribe for!). It’s not bad at all …

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10 Ideas How to Make Money from Home. Start Earning Today!

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  We are so lucky to live in these days when we have access to the Internet – an endless source of ideas about how to make money from home and for the opportunities to find jobs for everyone! Life is so diverse, and situations, when you need to make money from home, are from being a stay-at-home parent to being a physically challenged person. Some people …

Work from Home Jobs paying $20 an hour!

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Work from home jobs are flexible and good to make some extra cash, to make money part-time, but they never pay more than a minimum wage. You’ve got to be joking about $20 an hour! I bet you had this exact thought in your mind while reading the title of my post, right? It might be surprising, but these jobs not only exist, many of them also …

22 Ways to make money at home for stay at home moms in 2018. Creative ways to make money for extra cash or even as a full-time income with online jobs. Learn how to make money fast, make money from home and on the side while raising your kids or working part-time. Ways to make money online. Learn how to make money on Pinterest and make money blogging, and many other ways.

20+ Easy Ways to Make Money at Home in 2022

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So many millennials are delaying the decision to have kids forever and ever because most of us want to be responsible parents and we have that fear of being not able to provide for our kids. Will you be able to live on one income while the child is too small and requires 100% of your time? Plus, all those sad but true scenarios when moms have …

12 Online Jobs That Pay $15 An Hour – Legitimate Work from Home

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Online jobs are a nice way to make some extra cash, to make money part-time, but they never pay $15/hour. Is that what you are thinking reading the title of this post, right? What you will find quite surprising, it’s that not only jobs that pay $15 an hour exist, but they also don’t require you to be a highly talented or experienced worker. I found several …