Bathroom cleaning tips, bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you lots of time! Bathroom cleaning shower, bathroom cleaning bathtab, bathroom cleaning DIY, bathroom cleaning mold, bathroom cleaning toilet, etc.

7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Hacks that will save you lots of time!

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Who likes cleaning bathrooms? No one likes, yet it’s the place that requires the utmost attention to hygiene and neatness. Since there is no way to escape bathroom cleaning routine, I try to make it easier and faster for myself by checking out bathroom cleaning tips and hacks. I hope you will also find them useful and save lots of your precious time for other things that are much more fun than cleaning 🙂

Bathroom cleaning tips, bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you lots of time! Bathroom cleaning shower, bathroom cleaning bathtab, bathroom cleaning DIY, bathroom cleaning mold, bathroom cleaning toilet, etc.

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1. Use Lemon to clean chrome appliances

To remove water stains from chrome appliances and hardware, use half a lemon and rub it onto the surface! Now, look how shiny it is!

Cleaning tips and hacks for bathroom - remove water stains from chrome appliances with lemon

2. Clean a clogged shower head with vinegar and a plastic bag

An original and easy way to clean a clogged showerhead is to fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead. Let it sit for a few hours and then remove the bag. Check the results, isn’t it like a new showerhead?

Cleaning Hacks for Bathroom

3. Cleaning Hack for Keeping your Glass Shower Door Clean

This cleaning tip is actually an after cleaning hack for your glass shower door. The problem is that the shower door gets water stains as soon as you open the water, no matter how properly you clean and wipe it. To keep it clean longer and prevent water stains on the glass shower door, use Rain-X or other water repelling product. Yes, it’s that basic and affordable spray that is usually used for cars against the rain. But glass and water is still glass and water, right? So why don’t you help yourself to keep the bathroom clean while working less time on it? By the way, if your bathroom mirrors get water stains as well, use the same trick with Rain-X, it works for any glass surface.

cleaning tip is actully an after cleaning hack for your glass shower door

4. Easily clean your shower curtain in the washing machine with vinegar

If you don’t have a shower door and instead you use a shower curtain liner, cleaning it can be another problem. But not with our cleaning tips! Just throw it in the washing machine with a bit of vinegar! It’s so much easier than scrubbing the curtain by hand! By the way, I really like this shower curtain below, if you were wondering where to get it – check on Amazon Turquoise Shower Curtain Decor by Ambesonne. They have so many cool designs, it’s amazing actually how a shower curtain can become the center of the environmental design and create so different mood with mind-blowing prints. Seriously, these curtains are great, if I had no shower glass, I would definitely go for one of these, moreover, they are machine washable, so our new cleaning trick works fine!

How to clean shower curtain - bathroom cleaning tips

5. How to clean bathroom mirrors fast

When you clean mirrors, use a microfiber cloth. It should be wet but not drippy. I know that most of us use a microfiber cloth for cleaning screens or when cleaning cars, but why cleaning mirrors should be any different? Microfiber towels are excellent at picking up all the dirt and even absorbing oils.

Microfiber towels for cleaning bathroom

6. Remove black mold from bathroom sealant!

The silicone sealant in our bathrooms or showers is a surface that keeps moisture, which creates an ideal environment for black mold. You have to clean bathroom mold not only because it looks better but also because of your family’s health!

To kill black mold, you can use a mix of natural products – add 2/3 white vinegar in a spray bottle and together with 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Spray the silicone mold with this mixture and leave it for about an hour. This will kill the mold spores and will prevent them from growing and spreading.

After killing the spores, it’s time to clean the shower from the mold, an old toothbrush, and an old towel will help you in this. Rinse with hot water (it will kill the rest of the spores if any of them still remained on the silicone).

Bathroom cleaning mold

7. Clean stains in the toilet bowl

Well, this is the area which apparently contains the largest amount of bacteria, which in combination with hard water leave stains that are tough to clean. Difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With proper cleaning tips and hacks, your toilet bowl will look like a new one!

  1. A) First, try Vinegar to clean toilet bowl

Vinegar is a natural solution that doesn’t scratch the surface of your toilet bowls to clean it. Poor 750 ml of vinegar in the toilet bowl and keep it for about 30 minutes, then brush and scrub the stains. It will be much easier to clean the toilet once the vinegar has softened the layer of debris.

  1. B) Clean toilets with Bleach

To clean incredibly stubborn stains in the toilet, add 125 g of powdered bleach to the toilet bowl and leave it for a few hours. As soon as you see that the stains have faded away, just flush and remove the bleach.

I hope after you apply this collection of cleaning tips and hacks to your bathroom, all the areas that were difficult to reach will turn tidy and hygienic, all the stubborn stains will be gone, and everything in your bathroom will start shining!

If you found these tips useful, just save THIS PIN or the image below to your Pinterest Cleaning Hacks board – and get back to check them again!

Bathroom cleaning tips, bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you lots of time! Bathroom cleaning shower, bathroom cleaning bathtub, bathroom cleaning DIY, bathroom cleaning mold, bathroom cleaning toilet, etc.

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