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Are you looking for some beach iPhone Wallpapers HD quality? I have a collection of the best beach backgrounds for free download!

Have a look at these beautiful iPhone wallpapers any time you are dreaming to be on a beach but still too far from vacations. You can download any of these wallpapers in amazing HD quality to your iPhone and think of a relaxing time on the beach.

Choose any image from our selection of stunning beach backgrounds for iPhone and download them to use on your screen. 

Get these free high-quality beach iPhone wallpapers to remind you of the beautiful sunsets on the beach. Save them to your iPhone Wallpapers board on Pinterest or send to your friends.


1. Tropical Beach Wallpaper

Nothing is more relaxing and beautiful to look at than a nice photo of the beach, the sand, and the tropical palm trees (and maybe some people swimming as well. Get some of these preppy wallpapers to your phone or use them as your desktop background!

2. Sand And Coconut

If you want a reminder of how it truly feels to live on a tropical island, then a single coconut (ready to drink) on the beachside may perfectly remind you. One of my favorite iPhone beach wallpapers in the tropical beach wallpapers collection, sometimes I also use it as my home screen.

3. Grainy Sand Wallpaper

If you want something minimalist yet beautiful for aesthetic wallpapers, then here is a photo of pure white sand and a clear sky to look at. Great free image to use it as your iPhone background or any other mobile device.

4. Tropical Beach Resort Background

Here is a very bright and vivid photo of the beach with all the aspects that make it tropical – the coconut trees, the ocean, boats, umbrellas, and clear white sand.

5. Aesthetic Ocean Waves Wallpaper

Here is an aesthetic photo of the ocean wave along the shore with pastel colors that make it relaxing and calming to look at. 

6. Eagle’s Eye View Of The Beach 

Here is an overhead view of the beach which mainly focuses on the contrasting colors of the depth of the ocean – from clear, to slightly green, to dark blue.

7. Overhead Beach Photo Wallpaper

An aesthetic bird’s eye view of the beach, the trees, the ocean, and beach cottages to remind you that summer is finally here! 

8. Through Tinted Glasses

If you want something creative as your wallpaper, then here is a view of the beach through tinted glasses! The purple hue of the photo makes it very fun to look at.

9. Bird’s Eye View Of The Shore

Look at the strong blue color of the ocean. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? Pair it with the contrasting light color of the shore and this photo makes a perfect wallpaper for your phone.

10. Beautiful Beach Background Wallpaper

Is there anything more relaxing than remembering the time you were at the beach? Here is an overhead view of the beach and the ocean waves to remind you!

11. Sunset Beach Photo

Sunsets are truly a breathtaking work of art. Here is a photo of the orange sunset illuminating the ocean and everything in between. 

12. Vibrant Ocean Wave Background Wallpaper HD

Do you miss hearing the relaxing sound of ocean waves while you are at the beach? Then this photo may help you remember those days when you were living your best life. 

13. Pastel Sky Beach Wallpaper

Pastel colors make a great phone wallpaper. And if you are a beach lover, then you just hit a jackpot with this photo. Pastel skies + the beach = perfect combination.

14. Calming Sunset Beach Wallpaper

Here is a photo of the complete package. The purple hues of the sunset, the ocean waves, the sand, and a little port bridge to hang out in. Reminds you of the good days, doesn’t it?

15. 4K HD Beach Background Wallpaper

Beautiful grainy sand, the little peeking of the leaves, and a very clear and sharp view of the ocean. What is more beautiful to look at than this photo right here?

16. Mountainside Beach Photo

If you are one who loves to go to the beach after a little trek to the mountainside, then this photo may help you relive your experience! 

17. Clear Ocean Wallpaper

What’s one thing that reminds you of the beach and summertime? The clear blue ocean of course! Here’s a really detailed and beautiful shot of the ocean that will calm you each time you look at it.

18. Aesthetic Beach Wallpaper HD 

Here is a sunset beach photo that has a lot of details to look at. The ocean waves, the beautiful colors of the sky, and the little port with people living their best lives on it. 

19. Romantic Beachside Photo Wallpaper

Was your honeymoon by the beach? Or maybe your partner brought you on a romantic date to the beach! Here is a photo to remind you of that fairytale-like moment.

20. Wild Barefoot + Free Wallpaper

A beautiful underwater shot with a text overlay to remind you that there is nothing wrong to go barefoot and be free! 

21. Tropical Beach and Boat Wallpaper

What is a more tropical wallpaper than this photo right here? The lush leaves, the cloudy sky, the clear water, and these man-made boats will immediately transport you to your dream destination!

22. Aloha Aesthetic Background Wallpaper

One word: Aloha. A Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, and compassion. Partner that up with a background photo of the tropical trees and clear sky and you have yourself a summer wallpaper.

23. Beach Scenery HD Wallpaper

A vibrant blue wallpaper that focuses on the clear blue sky, the calm ocean, and a boat to bring you back to your favorite summer vacation. 

24. Breathtaking Ocean View Wallpaper

Ever saw something so magical you can’t take your eyes off of it? Here is the perfect photo for you. I mean, just look at that glittering ocean and the beautiful cloud formations!

25. Surfing iPhone Beach Wallpaper Background

If surfing is your favorite summer beach activity, then here is a great photo to make as your wallpaper to remind you of that thrill-seeking feeling while in the ocean!

26. Beautiful Beachside Town Photo Wallpaper

If you are one who loves to go to crowded beaches with a lot of activities on them, then here is a perfect photo for you. The Ferris wheel is just a special bonus!

27. Calming Seashore Wallpaper 

There is something captivating and calming about the seashore that we can’t just put into words so I hope this photo makes up for it.

28. Detailed Sunset Beach Wallpaper

If you are one who goes for strong colors and details as your wallpaper, then this photo is the perfect match for you! 

29. Rocky Sand Beach Wallpaper

Bring the beach to you with this photo of the calm light turquoise-colored ocean, the rocky sand, and deep blue sky.  

30. Summertime Vacation iPhone Wallpaper

Are you stuck at home during the summer but you still want to feel like you are at the beach? Then make this photo as your wallpaper to remind you how it feels like to be at your favorite summertime destination! 

31. Eyecatching Pink Sand HD Wallpaper

What is more mesmerizing to look at than this unique pink sand with the contrasting details of the white ocean waves? A great phone wallpaper if you ask me!

32. Bird’s Eye View of The Ocean And A Wrecked Ship

Want something unique as your wallpaper? Then here is a photo with the mountainside encompassing a little shore with a wrecked ship in it! And let’s not forget the hypnotizing vast blue ocean!

33. Clear Underwater Ocean Photo Wallpaper

Having trouble finding a clear and aesthetic underwater shot for your wallpaper? Then here is a beautiful underwater photo which shows the sand and the glimmering reflection of the ocean waves from the sun! 

34. Beautiful Town Beach Wallpaper HD 

If you ever miss your summer vacation where you met a lot of good people and made a lot of beautiful memories, then here is a photo to remind you of it! 

35. Tropical Coconut Trees Summer Wallpaper

A perfect summer staple for your phone wallpaper is a beautiful shot of the coconut trees! And here is the perfect photo for it 😉

36. Windy Summer By The Beach

Ever miss that warm wind blowing across your face while you are lounging at the beach? Then this photo of the coconut trees swaying by the wind may help you relive those moments!

37. Clear Sky With Coconut Trees By The Beach Wallpaper 

A gorgeous bright blue sky may always put a grin on your face, no matter how nervous, agitated, or annoyed you are. So every time you see this wallpaper, look up and grin.

38. Aesthetic White Ocean Scenery Wallpaper 

This enchanting photo of the ocean may just help relieve your stress and worries away! The simple white aesthetic of it can also make for a great wallpaper for your phone!

39. Footsteps By The Sand iPhone Wallpaper

What is a more relaxing and fulfilling feeling than walking on the sand while barefoot? This photo here may just help you go back in time to where you are at your favorite moment! 

40. Rocky Sand And Ocean Waves HD Wallpaper 

Here is a charismatic wallpaper that features different shapes and colors of seashore rocks as well as a detailed photo of the ocean crashing onto it. Look at those bubbles!

41. Lifeguard Summer Wallpaper

Let’s say you miss your summer job being a lifeguard. I mean, who wouldn’t since you basically get to be on the beach the whole day! Here is a perfect shot of the lifeguard house to make as your wallpaper!

42. Detailed Grainy Sand Aesthetic Wallpaper

If you ever miss the feeling of walking in the sand while you are barefoot, then here is a photo that may help you remember the feeling! 

43. Pineapple By The Beach Summer Wallpaper

Bring back the summer vacation to your phone with this beautiful photo of your favorite summer fruit sitting by the shore! 

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