Best Weight Watchers Cinnamon Rolls – No Sugar or Refined Flour!

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These homemade Weight Watchers cinnamon rolls are perfectly healthy – they don’t require ANY refined flour or sugar! You will need just 1 tablespoon of butter for 12 cinnamon rolls!

The full step by step instruction is provided in the recipe below, but before you start cooking them, here are the most important notes based on my experience making these rolls many times. I will tell you about the little details which can strongly affect your final result.

First, you will need to use whole wheat flour and I found that with Gold Medal whole wheat flour my rolls grow the best. As for the yeast, I used Red Star Yeast and can recommend it as it works well with the wheat flour I mentioned above.

For the dough, you will need to use warm milk, salt and a bit of melted butter. An important note here: don’t warm up the milk too much. Hot milk will not help the yeast do it’s job, it will actually kill the yeast. The milk should be warm, but not hot!

The next step would be kneading the dough, and I recommend doing it by hand. After you rolled the dough out, you will need to brush it with a bit of melted butter and use coconut sugar (this one is good) or Stevia and cinnamon to sprinkle the rolls.  

To make this recipe easier, you only need to let the dough rise once, right after you’ve placed your cinnamon rolls in the pan. Based on my experience, I can tell you that the second rise is not necessary for this recipe.

Keep an eye on your cinnamon rolls. They should get bigger, about twice the size they were when you left them to rise.

You can use any milk for this recipe, but I recommend sticking with nonfat milk since we want to keep the total Points as low as possible.

Another note about the pan to use. If you have a springform pan like this, I highly recommend using it for this recipe instead of the regular cake pan. Since this one is taller, it allows your rolls to rise properly without touching the towel.

If you want to accompany this recipe with cream cheese drizzle, like the one I have on the photo,
these are the ingredients you need to mix to make it:

Best Weight Watchers Cinnamon Rolls - No Sugar or Refined Flour

Best Weight Watchers Cinnamon Rolls - No Sugar or Refined Flour

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


  • For the dough
  • o ¾ cup (180mL) warm milk (100-110°F)
  • o ½ tbsp (7g) unsalted butter, melted
  • o 2 tbsp (24g) coconut sugar
  • o ½ tsp salt
  • o 2 ¼ tsp (7g or one ¼-oz package) dry yeast
  • o 2 – 2 ½ cups (240-300g) whole wheat flour
  • For the filling
  • o 6 tbsp (72g) coconut sugar
  • o 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • o ½ tbsp (7g) unsalted butter, melted


    1.    Lightly coat a 9”-round pan with nonstick cooking spray.

    2.     Use a large bowl to mix together the butter, milk, butter, stevia and salt. The yeast should be sprinkled on top. In about 15 min your mixture should turn frothy. If not yet, wait a little longer. Add 1 ½ cups of flour to the bowl and keep
    mixing the dough manually. It might still look a little wet, in that case, keep
    adding flour but not more than 1-2 tablespoons at a time. You need to achieve
    the thickness when the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl.

    3.     Make ready a floured surface to knead the dough for about 5 minutes. To know when it’s enough kneading, you can make this little test: press the dough gently with your index finger. When it’s ready, it will spring back most of the way.

    4.    To prepare the filling, stir together the coconut sugar and cinnamon in a small

    5.     Roll the dough out into a 16x10” rectangle and brush it with the melted butter.  Brush with the melted butter, leaving a 1” border on the two longer sides. Sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar. Keep in mind that you need to leave a 1” border on the two longer sides again. Then you will roll the dough into a log, do it slowly and then pinch the ends. If the it's hard to stick the dough together, brush the second longer edge with water and pitch again.

    6.     Then you need to slice the log into 12 pieces. You can do it with a sharp serrated knife or even better use dental floss. After placing the rolls into the pan, cover it with a clean towel. Leave the pan in a warm dark place for 30-45 minutes. By that time, the dough should double in size. If it didn’t, you might want to
    wait a bit longer.

    7.     Bake the cinnamon rolls in an over at 350°F for about 20 minutes (don’t forget to preheat it!).

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