13 Mouthwatering Vegan Eggplant Recipes

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Eggplants are a late-summer vegetable that can certainly add that needed extra flavor to your meals. Aside from this, eggplants are so versatile and absorb other flavors easily which makes them a perfect addition to your recipes. Eggplants also make a perfect meal for vegans and those who are on a weight loss diet as it’s packed with fiber, manganese, potassium, and several Vitamins. So, if you are wondering on what to do with the batches of eggplants you have at home, then I have here 13 mouthwatering vegan eggplant recipes you can easily prepare! 

13. Easy Eggplant Penne | Easy Dinner Recipe

It’s always a good time for pasta! Right? This Eggplant Penne recipe will become one of your favorites. It’s simple, healthy and so tasty! Let’s get to it.

Check it here.

12. Sheet Pan Baingan Bharta (Spicy Eggplant)

This sheet pan baingan bharta (mashed Indian spiced eggplant) is one of my all time favorite Indian preparations of eggplant (if not THE most favorite!). By making it on a sheet pan, it also becomes one of the easiest!!

Check it here.

11. Vegan Eggplant Rollatini

This Vegan Eggplant Rollatini is the perfect weeknight dinner. Easy and quick to make, this healthy dish will have your family scrambling for leftovers!

Check it here.

10. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Pan Fried Vegan Eggplant Parmesan encrusted in Italian Herbs with Breading, Layered inside Focaccia Bread with Almond Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Basil, with Thick Tomato Sauce.

Check it here.

9. Instant Pot Aloo Baingan (Potato & Eggplant Curry)

Aloo Baingan Masala is an easy one-pot curry made with potatoes, eggplants, and aromatic spices in instant pot or stovetop. A vegan and gluten-free Potato & Eggplant Curry that is a perfect side with roti, naan or parathas.

Check it here.

8. Lazy Slow Cooker Baba Ghanoush

Slow cooker baba ghanoush is a super easy way to make a delicious homemade version of this Middle Eastern specialty. A healthy and wonderful dip made from fresh eggplant.

Check it here.

7. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

This vegan eggplant parmesan recipe is light, wholesome, and baked to perfection! Stack roasted eggplant slices with tomato and dairy free cheese for a fun twist on the classic dish.

Check it here.

6. Chinese Eggplant In Garlic Sauce

Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce – a very easy and tasty Asian-style eggplant dish that is enjoyed by even those who don’t like this vegetable. The combination of stir-fried eggplants in a flavorful garlic sauce is something every Asian food lover must try.

Check it here.

5. Eggplant Pasta

Roasted eggplant pasta or Aubergine pasta also known as Pasta alla norma is a very tasty Sicilian pasta dish. The combination of roasted eggplant, pasta, and a simple tomato sauce is very comforting and filling.

Check it here.

4. Ensaladang Talong – Filipino Eggplant Salad

If you want a new way to serve eggplant, try ensaladang talong. It’s a Filipino eggplant salad that’s often served with beef soup or grilled dishes.

Check it here.

3. Japanese Miso Glazed Aubergine (Nasu Dengaku)

This Miso Glazed Aubergine is one of my all time favourite dishes that I learnt from one of my old Japanese flatmates. This is called Nasu Dengaku in Japan, and once I learnt how to make it I’ve made it again and again!

Check it here.

2. Mediterranean Style Eggplant Pasta – an Easy Instant Pot Recipe

Here is a delicious meal featuring eggplant that you can easily make in an Instant Pot. It is like ratatouille but with whole grain spaghetti included to make it a full meal. It’s rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber, plus very low in saturated fat. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, you can cook the vegetables and sauce on the stovetop for longer until the vegetables are done to your liking, then stir in cooked whole grain linguini or your favorite pasta.

Check it here.

1. Sheet Pan Aubergine (Eggplant) & Chickpea Bake

I love a savoury tray or sheet pan bake like this aubergine and chickpea bake. If you know me well you’ll know I like dinner to be easy and stress-free. This is exactly that!

Check it here.

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