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24 Savory Sweet Easy Mini Tart Recipes | Healthy Desserts

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Are you in need of some tasty desserts to munch on? Or maybe you are having a party and you want to serve some finger food appetizers/desserts for your guests. If that is the case, why not try making some tasty mini baked tarts?

mini tarts recipes

If you want some pre-proportioned food that does not need slicing and just has enough ratio for everyone, then here are 24 savory sweet mini tart recipes you (or your guests) will love! 

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mini tart desserts

24. Cream Cheese Tarts Topped with Fruit

This incredibly easy-to-make dessert of Fruit-topped Cream Cheese Tartlets is what I’d classify as an ideal treat for the summer season.

Not long ago, we relished a delightful meal at my spouse’s parents’ home during our Easter celebration. The meal was accompanied by an amazing dessert, Fruit-topped Cream Cheese Tartlets.

I now regard this as the ultimate treat for warm weather. It’s refreshing, airy, and perfectly portioned for a single bite!

23. Mini Almond Tarts

In search of a treat that’s both decadent and surprisingly simple to prepare? These petite almond tartlets are your answer! Encased in delightful pastry filled with sweet, crisp almonds, these mini delights are perfectly portioned for indulgence without overloading on calories. The best part? With just four ingredients, this recipe couldn’t be easier or more straightforward! So, whether you have a brief interlude between virtual meetings or are planning a brunch party, these delicious mini desserts are an excellent choice to delight your palate!

22. Mini Fruit Tarts with Pastry Cream Filling

These Petite French Fruit Tarts, filled with Crème Pâtissière, serve as ideal bite-sized treats for a social gathering or an afternoon tea session. The handcrafted shells, offering a perfect balance of buttery and crunchy textures, are brimming with a delightful vanilla cream and crowned with fresh fruits.

Nothing exudes sophistication like Mini Fruit Tartlets for a special event or get-together! The combination of Homemade Tartlet Shells, lush Crème Pâtissière, and seasonal fruits brings together a harmonious blend of crispness, creaminess, sweetness, and freshness.

These mini delicacies offer extensive customization options with your choice of beloved fruits. Consider a medley of berries in the summer or opt for poached pears or apples during the winter months! The custard filling can be substituted with Lemon Curd, a cream cheese filling, Chocolate Cremeux, or Chocolate Crème Pâtissière.

The tartlet shells and cream filling can both be prepared a few days in advance. You’ll simply need to assemble the tartlets on the day of your gathering!

21. Fruit tartlets

Stroll past any bakery, and you’ll spot charming little fruit tartlets along with an assortment of other delightful snacks and afternoon tea biscuits such as fluffy meringues, the traditional Piedmontese baci di dama cookies, and the unparalleled Neapolitan cartucce. These striking mini tart shells, brimming with silky custard and adorned with fresh seasonal fruit, present an appealing and colorful dessert that’s always well-received! There’s a broad spectrum of fruits available to top your tarts, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are catered to. Furthermore, these fruit tartlets are timeless in their appeal and provide a splendid canvas to unleash your creative flair. It’s no surprise that this quintessential mini pastry maintains its popularity! You might even experiment with a vegan adaptation of these tartlets, served in individual portions!

20. Mini Blueberry Tarts in a Muffin Tin

This summer, we’ve been engaging in a lot of blueberry activities, including a recent excursion to the east of Seattle for a day of picking our own blueberries! It was an activity we’d earmarked for this summer and the entire family thoroughly enjoyed it. With a price as low as $1.50 per pound, we spent an hour delightfully hand-picking these tiny blue gems!

After amassing a large bucket of blueberries, we started brainstorming various ways to utilize them. I was in the mood for a scrumptious dessert, and conveniently, I had a package of puff pastry in my freezer just waiting to be coupled with the freshly harvested blueberries. Thus, our bite-sized Blueberry Tartlets came into existence. As I have a penchant for creating miniature versions of everything and using a muffin tin for baking… these tiny tartlets were not an exception. They turned out beautifully and tasted divine. They’re perfect for kids to assist with in the kitchen, too!

19. Easy Lemon Cheesecake (No Bake)

Simple No-Bake Citrus Cheesecake – A scrumptious citrus cheesecake with a crumbly biscuit foundation that’s fully loaded with flavor, thanks to the zest and juice of fresh lemons. It’s irresistibly appetizing!

This citrus cheesecake wasn’t initially on my list to share here. The main reason being that until a short while ago, I didn’t consider myself a fan of either cheesecakes or lemon-based sweets (let alone a fusion of the two).

This bias roots back to my childhood when I wasn’t too fond of these flavors. Like a stubborn kid, I resolutely declined to give them another shot until recently. However, as you may have deduced from the continuous flow of lemon-flavored desserts and cheesecakes making their appearance here recently, I’ve had a complete change of heart.

18. Mini Apple Pies

These Petite Apple Pies are a breeze to whip up and come filled with a straightforward homemade apple pie filling. They’re the ideal mini autumn dessert!

This recipe was inspired by a suggestion from an amazing reader named Stephanie, who shared her idea after trying my petite pecan pies. I was charmed by the concept of creating a recipe for petite apple pies, so I saved it until the autumn season was on the horizon. I must admit, it was worth the wait as these pies turned out to be irresistibly delicious.

While I appreciate a good traditional pie, there’s something about these petite versions that make them even more delightful. Perhaps it’s the convenience of having them already portioned out, or the fact they’re a hassle-free dessert that you can simply grab and savor. Or, it could be the guilt-free indulgence of enjoying two without any remorse.

And, let’s face it, bite-sized desserts hold a certain charm that regular-sized ones can’t match. Right?

17. Mini Fruit Tarts Recipe with Pastry Whipped Cream and the Best Shortbread Crust

These petite fruit tarts come with a filling of vanilla pastry cream, nestled inside a homemade shortbread shell and crowned with fresh fruit. They’re an absolute crowd-pleaser.

There’s a unique freshness and flavor to the shortbread crusts when they’re made from scratch. In my early days of tart-making, I had my fair share of less-than-perfect results. But, my boys were always ready to devour them. And yes, I must admit, I enjoyed them too.

The pastry cream is conveniently whipped up in a microwave, even if you’re working with an older or smaller model. Top off each tart with your preferred fresh fruit. For that extra dazzle, add a hint of glaze (perhaps currant jelly).

16. Tartlet Shells (Easy Mini Tart Shells)

These effortless tartlet shells are mini versions of traditional tart shells, comprising just 5 ingredients and eliminating the need for blind baking!

Tartlets are essentially pint-sized tarts. They are prepared almost identically to their larger counterparts, only in a more petite and admittedly, more adorable form.

Their compact size and individual servings make them perfect for transporting, and they’re fantastic for gatherings or events like weddings, showers, holidays, or birthday celebrations.

The preparation method for this tartlet dough mirrors that of a regular tart.

This particular dough is known as pate sablee, a robust and sturdy type of dough compared to pate sucree.

Therefore, this dough is ideal for mini tarts, and as a bonus, you don’t need to blind bake the tart crust! Blind baking involves filling the tart shells with pie weights to prevent the crust from puffing up excessively.

But these tartlet shells are quite robust, so hooray, that’s one fewer step for these mini tarts!

15. Pizzette Mini Italian Pizza Bites

These pizzette, mini Italian pizza bites, are classic Italian street food you find at Cafes and Bakeries to buy and eat on the go. They are also very popular to serve at children’s parties and informal buffets. See more traditional Italian appetizers.

Check it here.

14. Ham & Gruyere Tarts

These ham and cheese puff pastry tarts with apples are absolutely delicious! They’re savory, flavorful, and easy to pull together. They take a few minutes to bake but there’s minimal hands-on time. Try this recipe and enjoy!

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13. Zucchini Tartlets

These zucchini tartlets with microgreens and goat cheese are a delicious appetizer or a great addition to a brunch menu. Try this mega mini muffin!

Check it here.

12. Spicy Sausage Tarts Recipe

Hey friends! I love this appetizer recipe that I am sharing with y’all today. It is so creamy and delicious with a touch of spiciness. I love the crunch of the mini phyllo cups too.

Check it here.

11. Ricotta Spinach Tarts

Ricotta Spinach Tarts a fast and easy appetizer. Pre-made pastry makes these filled to the brim Ricotta and Spinach filling the best.

Check it here.

10. Bacon Asparagus Tarts Recipe – Perfect for Spring!

These pretty Bacon Asparagus Tarts are easy-to-make starting with pre-made tart shells. The creamy egg filling shows off asparagus chunks with the salty bacon coming in to make it a winner!

Check it here.

9. Mashed Potato Pie with Bacon Potato Roses

One bite of this Mashed Potato Pie with Potato Bacon Roses is all it takes to be hooked. Kids love these little pies and make the perfect side dish for any party!

Check it here.

8. Mini Tomato Pies

This year, our tomatoes are growing really well. I’m really happy with them because the last two years, we haven’t really had any tomatoes. And the ones we did grow ended up eaten by tomato caterpillars. This year, though, I’ve been really taking care of our crop and it’s been helping. There are only so many times I can pick tomatoes to chop for salad without getting bored. So the other day, I made Mini Tomato Pies.

Check it here.

7. Crab Puffs – Miniature Tarts for Your Family!

An appetizer so elegant, no one will believe it’s homemade! With just a handful of everyday ingredients, these Crab Puffs are sure to win everyone over.

Check it here.

6. Phyllo Cup Appetizers (Apple, Bacon + Cheese)

There’s a few things that I like to keep on hand for quick entertaining snacks that seem fancy, but are so easy.

Check it here.

5. The Best Spinach Artichoke Cups

These easy spinach artichoke cups will quickly become a party food staple! Perfect for holidays, baby showers, and even just a quick late-night snack – everyone will absolutely love these crunchy and creamy spinach dip cups!

Check it here.

4. Homemade Phyllo Cups with Hummus (3 ways!)

Bite-size, crispy, and delicious, these hummus-filled homemade phyllo bites are the perfect party appetizer! Easy to make and perfect for entertaining, fill your phyllo shells with creamy Boar’s Head hummus and top with fruit, veggies, nuts, or cheese!

Check it here.

3. Mediterranean Red Pepper Little Tarts

These Mediterranean Red Pepper Tarts make for a flavourful party starter that are quick and easy to make.

Check it here.

2. Mushroom Brie Puff Pastry Appetizers – Mini Muffin for Dessert Buffet

These Mushroom Brie Puff Pastry Appetizers are so good, I promise they will be gone before they cool.

Check it here.

1. Eat Seasonal: Zucchini Pizzette

This recipe comes from the stunningly beautiful book, A Table in Venice, by Skye McAlpine. These tiny pizzas are one of the author’s favourite cicheti or small bites to serve during the afternoon aperitivo, and it’s not hard to see why as they are completely addicting.

Check it here.


Mini Tart Recipes

Mini Tart Recipes

24 Best Mini Tart Healthy Desserts

Discover 24 savory-sweet creamy filling mini tart recipes for healthy desserts that are easy to make!


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  • Ham & Gruyere Tarts
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