15 Fun Kid’s Birthday Breakfast | Breakfast for Kids To Enjoy

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Make your child’s birthday even more memorable by greeting them with a creative and delicious breakfast the moment they wake up! It could be something as simple as a tasty milkshake or a colorful buffet of fruits and other treats. The more fun the presentation, the better! With that said, here are 15 unique and fun birthday breakfast ideas that your kids will love!

15. Creamy Cookie Peanut Butter Milkshake

This Cookie and Peanut Butter Milkshake is creamy, luxurious, and easy to make with a few everyday ingredients and is super family friendly too.

Check it here.

14. Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe (Better than Cinnabon)

This is the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe EVER! These gooey cinnamon rolls are even better than Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, and are topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting! They’re easy to make and can be prepared the day before and left to rise overnight in the refrigerator.

Check it here.

13. Pancake Board (Breakfast Charcuterie Platter)

Tips, tricks and ideas for the Ultimate Pancake Board – a Breakfast Charcuterie Platter piled with pancakes, crepes, fruit, toppings and dips.

Check it here.

12. Pancake Skewers

Silver Dollar Pancake Skewers are a fun way to serve up the breakfast classic! Because pancakes are great, but pancakes on sticks are even better.

Check it here.

11. Berry Overnight French Toast Casserole

Your morning is guaranteed to be special when it starts with this Berry Overnight French Toast Casserole! It’s soft and fluffy with golden brown crispy edges, the flavors of cinnamon and vanilla, and it’s topped with berries and streusel.

Check it here.

10. Breakfast Fruit Tarts with Granola Crust

Breakfast Fruit Tarts with Granola Crust are crunchy granola tart shells filled with yogurt, homemade lemon curd and topped with fresh fruit!

Check it here.

9. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Soft and fluffy red velvet cupcakes that are perfect for kids’ birthday breakfast! They are delicious and super easy to make!

Check it here.

8. Stuffed Croissants Breakfast Boats

Stuffed Croissant Breakfast Boats are the stuff dreams are made of! You’re going to love serving these 3-ingredient S’mores treats for breakfast or dessert.

Check it here.

7. Wise Owl Fruity Toast – Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

The BEST kids breakfast recipe EVER! If you’re looking for healthy breakfast ideas for kids then you’ll LOVE this super cute owl toast made with English toaster muffins and fruit.

Check it here.

6. Birthday Cake Batter and Ice Cream Crepes: Birthday Breakfast!

I’ll admit that I was a little horrified the first time my daughter told me that she had ice cream for breakfast.

Check it here.

5. Sheet Pan Puff Pastry Pop Tart

This giant Sheet Pan Puff Pastry Pop Tart is made with buttery flakey puff pastry, a strawberry jam filling, and an easy homemade icing. Super simple and fun to make!

Check it here.

4. Super Easy Colorful Unicorn Cake Donuts

I have been dying to share this super fun recipe with you! They are the cutest donuts I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait for you to try them out!

Check it here.

3. Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing says freedom like being able to eat your favorite sweets whenever you want! If you have a sweet tooth like me, then you are about to be very happy. These copycat Colossal patriotic Mickey Mouse shaped cinnamon rolls are to die for!

Check it here.

2. French Toast Pigtails (Roll ups): Pigs in a Blanket for Breakfast!

I still have this flash back from when I was a kid – it was of a birthday party, where there was a tray of pigs in a blanket on the table. That’s all I remember about it…. I must have been about 7 years old. And I’m really not sure why this particular memory stuck with me, but hey, I’m a foodie and therefore I have a zillion random and vague food memories burned into my psyche.

Check it here.

1. Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Waffles

Your whole family will love these fluffy, warming Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Waffles. Use up your leftover mashed sweet potatoes in these breakfast or brunch waffles and serve them up with some fruit and maple syrup.

Check it here.

15 Fun Kid's Birthday Breakfast | Breakfast Recipes For Kids

15 Fun Kid's Birthday Breakfast | Breakfast Recipes For Kids

Here are 15 unique and easy birthday breakfast ideas your kids will enjoy!


  • Cookie and Peanut Butter Milkshake
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Ultimate Pancake Board
  • Pancake Skewers
  • Overnight French Toast Casserole


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