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Each of us has a favorite comfort dish that we eat religiously. A grilled cheese sandwich is one of those delectable dishes. So, if all you want to do is curl up on the couch and eat your favorite comfort food, then here are 15 quick and easy grilled cheese sandwich recipes you’ll enjoy!

15. Five Ingredient Grilled Cheese & Tomato Naan with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Just five simple ingredients, but these naan grilled cheese sandwiches are out of this world! This easy Meatless Monday recipe can be on your table in under 30 minutes, too.

Check it here.

14. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

Gooey, messy, cheesy. Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month with Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese made with two types of cheeses.

Check it here.

13. Veggie Melt Sandwich

Inspired by my all-time favorite sandwich from the local Whole Foods Co-op, the “California Melt,” this veggie melt sandwich is my homemade version.

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12. Grilled Cream Cheese Sandwich (With Mix Veggies)

The veg cream cheese sandwich recipe shared here is how we like these sandwiches at home. I even add steamed corn kernels in these at times. I have here used multi grain seeded bread. You can use any type of bread like white bread or brown bread or whole wheat bread.

Check it here.

11. Brie Grilled Cheese

This easy Brie grilled cheese sandwich is filled with sliced Brie and sweet jam, and makes a perfect companion for a bowl of tomato soup.

Check it here.

10. Stinky Cheese Recipe: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This Stinky Cheese Recipe features a stinky grilled cheese sandwich for the food adventurer! This tasty grilled cheese uses a washed rind “stinky cheese,” avocado, and tomato in dark pumpernickel bread for a flavor explosion!

Check it here.

9. Caramelized Fennel, Onion & Kale Toasted Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Caramelized Fennel, Onion & Kale Toasted Cheese Sandwich Recipe – Grilled and toasted cheese sandwiches are something we all grew up with. For those of us with kids, this iconic American entrée has followed us well into adulthood. It only seems fitting then that we mixed things up just a bit, to create this Caramelized Fennel, Onion & Kale Toasted Cheese Sandwich Recipe.

Check it here.

8. Bacon & Jalapeño Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Personally, I prefer something a little more adventurous, so I went with a Bacon And Jalapeño Pimento Grilled Cheese.

Check it here.

7. Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Apple Butter

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches combine the made-for-each-other flavors of wine, cheese, and bread, in a somewhat sophisticated sandwich. And, if you like, you can add a sweet note by spreading those sandwiches with some slow-simmered apple butter.

Check it here.

6. Cinnamon Sugar Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese

For the ultimate simple fall comfort food, make this Cinnamon Sugar Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese. With layers of melty brie and apples sandwiched between toasty cinnamon sugar bread, this is the kind of comfort food you crave in the fall.

Check it here.

5. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

Two of life’s most delicious foods are combined into one perfect sandwich with this Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. With a creamy blue cheese spread and plenty of spicy chicken and sharp cheddar cheese, you’ll be craving this sandwich for both lunch and dinner!

Check it here.

4. Pesto Grilled Cheese

Sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich with Gouda, Parmesan, pesto and tomatoes! This delicious gourmet sandwich is perfect for lunch or a light dinner.

Check it here.

3. BBQ Pulled Pork and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

BBQ Pulled Pork and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese – Tangy BBQ pulled pork with smoked Gouda, spicy pickled onions, and crunchy pickles, makes for the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich ever!

Check it here.

2. Blueberry Grilled Cheese Strangewich

Fall is on it’s way and that means it’s time to start thinking up some berry-filled recipes. Today I want to share this Blueberry Grilled Cheese Strangewich. It’s a strangewich because it’s strange but trust me, entirely delicious! I sure hope you’ll give it a try!

Check it here.

1. Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich is a twist on the traditional grilled cheese. It’s a simple sandwich that everyone loves, and that the kids always devour!

Check it here.

15 Easy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

15 Easy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

If you are someone who just wants to curl up on the sofa and munch on your favorite food, then here are 15 quick and easy grilled cheese sandwich recipes you will love!


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